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Педагогіка дитинства в сучасному освітньому просторі

Олена Квас
The article deals with the research of childhood, that has its own dynamics, growing out of certain social and cultural contexts, forming more and more scientific-research directions. An interdisciplinary approach to childhood research is about an integrated methodology for examining the problems associated with the life of children and their protection, which shapes contemporary treatment of the child in context. This vision of childhood makes it possible to consider it as one of the priorities...

Якість вищої освіти: від минулого до сучасного

Ольга Біляковська
The article deals with concept of “quality of education” in its historical aspect, such a basic concept as “quality” is outlined and main approaches to interpreting this concept are highlighted. It is noted that quality of education reflects the development of the system of education and society of a certain period and changes within some time according to the demands of the society, individual and state. Key characteristics of higher education are emphasized and indicators...

Місце і роль сім’ї та родини у вихованні дітей: етнонародознавчий аспект

Романа Михайлишин
The article emphasizes that the upbringing is a systematic and purposeful influence on a child, her/his mind, soul and body, which depends not only on the social and political structure of society, its internal and external needs, state building processes, but also on the national traits, outlook and culture of the nation. The author states that learning the experience how to revive and preserve the folk traditions of the family education makes it possible to...

Значення малої Батьківщини для формування патріотичних почуттів (на прикладі творчості Василя Сухомлинського)

Надія Заячківська
Nowadays there is increased attention to patriotic education as an essential component of patriot citizen formation in Ukraine. The article reveals the importance of a homeland for the formation of patriotic feelings among pupils on the example of Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi’s creative work. A prominent Ukrainian educator believed that the basis of love for the Motherland is the nature of the native land, the mother tongue, the cult of a Mother and a Father, diligence, as...

Вплив середовища на вибір закладу освіти випускниками шкіл із мовою викладання національних меншин

Наталія Горук
The article deals with the issue of school-leavers choice of prospective higher education institutions in the territories of close proximity to borders with the EU. Living in border regions with significant influence of neighboring countries on the development of the mentality and culture of the regions, growing number of migration processes within the European Union, economical instability, and the peculiar features of the microenvironment (family, friends, local communities) are those influential factors that help graduates...

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