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Litterfall in Hemlock Removal Experiment at Harvard Forest since 2005

Audrey Barker Plotkin
Hemlock decline in New England is caused by direct and indirect effects of invasion of the hemlock woolly adelgid. Direct damage from the insect is causing gradual mortality of hemlock, and widespread harvesting of hemlock in advance of mortality, in contrast, causes immediate mortality and removal of biomass from the site. Although both processes affect thousands of acres of forest annually we have only a limited understanding of their effects on forest ecosystem function and...

MCR LTER: Coral Reef: Long-term Population and Community Dynamics: Fishes, ongoing since 2005

Moorea Coral Reef LTER & Andrew Brooks
These data describe the species abundance and size distributions of fishes surveyed as part of MCR LTER's annual reef fish monitoring program. This study began in 2005 and the dataset is updated annually. The abundances of all mobile taxa of fishes (Scarids, Labrids, Acanthurids, Serranids, etc.) observed on a five by fifty meter transect which extends from the bottom to the surface of the water column are recorded by a diver using SCUBA. The diver...

Saint Louis River Estuary Water Chemistry, Wisconsin, Minnesota, USA 2012 - 2013

Luke Loken, Gaston Small, Jacques Finlay, Robert Sterner, Elizabeth Runde, Sandra Brovold & Emily Stanley

Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest: Daily Precipitation Standard Rain Gage Measurements, 1956 - present

Northern Research Station USDA Forest Service
Precipitation has been measured using rain gauges located in or around each watershed since 1956. Three types of rain gauges have been used: standard, mechanical weight recording, and electronic weight recording. Between 1956 and 2014, precipitation was measured weekly at standard gages located at 24 stations in or near gaged watersheds and at the headquarters building. Weight-recording gages were located at 7 of the 24 stations and capture a continuous strip-chart record. Weekly totals were...

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