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Florida Coastal Everglades site, station Duck Key, Taylor Slough/Panhandle Site 9, study of plant density of Thalassia testudinum in units of numberPerMeterSquared on a yearly timescale

Joel Trexler, Shawna Baker, Department Of Biological Sciences, Daniel Childers, Associate Professor, Florida Coastal Everglades, Joseph Boyer, Associate Director And Scientist, Stephen Estes, Department Of Biological Sciences, James Fourqurean, Associate Professor, Tim Konnert, Department Of Biological Sciences, Jade Williams, Department Of Biological Sciences, Larry Wolski, Department Of Biological Sciences, Matt Graham, Department Of Biological Sciences, Shawna Liston, Department Of Biological Sciences, Raul Urgelles, Albert Gonzalez, Department Of Biological Sciences … & EcoTrends Project Coordinator

A monthly shortwave radiative forcing kernel for surface albedo change using CERES satellite data

Ryan M. Bright & Thomas L. O'Halloran
We present a radiative kernel for surface albedo change founded on a novel, simplified parameterization of shortwave radiative transfer driven with inputs from the Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) Energy Balance and Filled (EBAF) Edition 4.0 products based on a 16-year climatology (2001-2016). Both monthly temporally-explicit and monthly climatological mean CERES albedo change kernels (CACK) are provided with their respective uncertainty layers. Octave script files for generating monthly CACK from CERES EBAF...

Harvard Forest site, station Richmond County, NY (FIPS 36085), study of population employed at farms (percent of total) in units of percent on a yearly timescale

U.S. Bureau Of The Census, Ted Gragson, Associate Professor, Michael R. Haines, Inter-University Consortium For Political And Social Research, Nichole Rosamilia, University Of Georgia Department Of Anthropology, Inter-University Consortium For Political And Social Research, Christopher Boone, School Of Human Evolution & Social Change And The Global Institute For Sustainability, Associate Professor, EcoTrends Project & EcoTrends Project Coordinator

Rainfall Stable Isotopes collected at Florida International University-MMC (FCE LTER), Miami Florida, from October 2007 to Present

Rene Price
A precipitation collector was placed on top of the roof of the HLS-1 buidling at the main campus of FIU. The collector only. opens when the sensor is activated by water and closes when it is not raining to prevent evaportation. Water samples were collected and analyzed for stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen.

Georgia Coastal Ecosystems site, station Georgia Coastal Ecosystem LTER Study Site 2, Four Mile Island, GA, study of animal density of Crassostrea virginica in units of numberPerMeterSquared on a yearly timescale

Laurel Berger-Bishop, Becky Greene, University Of Georgia, Ken Helm, Matt Ogburn, University Of Georgia, Caroline McFarlin, Graduate Student, Cristiano Salgado, University Of Houston, Georgia Coastal Ecosystems, Gayle Albers, University Of Georgia, Jacob Shalack, University Of Georgia, Thomas Dale Bishop, Post Doctoral Associate, Dean Hardy, University Of Georgia, Leigh Jenny Fenton, University Of Georgia, Andy Kretzer, Monica.M Palta, University Of Georgia, Monica H. Watkins … & EcoTrends Project Coordinator

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