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Air temperature and relative humidity data for B1 HOBO logger, 2012 - ongoing.

Jennifer F Morse
Climatological data were collected from a ridgetop climate station east of Niwot Ridge (B1 at 2591 m) throughout the year using a HOBO Pro V2 data logger mounted in a Stevenson screen. Parameters measured were air temperature and relative humidity.

McMurdo Dry Valleys CTD profiles in Lakes

John Priscu
As part of the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) project in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, a series of Taylor Valley lakes have been monitored for conductivity, temperature and depth. A Seabird 25 CTD (conductivity, temperature, and depth) instrument was used to record temperature profiles in perennial ice covered lakes.

McMurdo Dry Valleys Limnological pH

John Priscu
As part of the McMurdo Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) project in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, hydrogen ion concentrations were monitored in various lakes of the region. An Orion portable pH meter was used to record hydrogen ion concentrations at depth specific intervals in perennial ice-covered lakes.

Coweeta site, station Site 318, low elevation mixed oak, study of soil temperature at 50 cm depth (mean) in units of celsius on a monthly timescale

Ted Gragson, Associate Professor, Susan Steiner, Coweeta, Lloyd Swift, Emeritus, Brian Kloeppel, Assistant Research Scientist, Sharon Fouts Taylor, James Vose, EcoTrends Project & EcoTrends Project Coordinator

Hourly weather data from the Arctic LTER Moist Acidic Tussock Experimental plots from 2011 to present, Toolik Filed Station, North Slope, Alaska.

Gaius Shaver
Hourly weather data from the LTER Moist Acidic Tussock Experimental plots. The station was installed in 1990 in block 2 of the Toolik LTER experimental moist acidic tussock plots. The plots are located on a hillside near Toolik Lake (68 38' N, 149 36'W). Global solar radiation, photosynthetic active radiation, unfrozen precipitation, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and wind direction are measured at 3 meters. Additional sensors in greenhouses and shade houses plots measure...

Tide Data for Hog Island (1991-), Redbank (1992-), Oyster (2007-)

John Porter, David Krovetz, James Spitler, Thomas Williams & Kathleen Overman
Tide data from VCR/LTER tide stations. It is available as a single large comma-separated-value file (size >50MB) or as individual years. Zip files contain annually-segmented data in two forms. The file tideYY.dat contains the data for year YY in a column format. The file tideYY.csv contains the same data in a comma-delimited format. For several sites and time periods, water temperatures are also recorded.

Litterfall in Hemlock Removal Experiment at Harvard Forest since 2005

Audrey Barker Plotkin
Hemlock decline in New England is caused by direct and indirect effects of invasion of the hemlock woolly adelgid. Direct damage from the insect is causing gradual mortality of hemlock, and widespread harvesting of hemlock in advance of mortality, in contrast, causes immediate mortality and removal of biomass from the site. Although both processes affect thousands of acres of forest annually we have only a limited understanding of their effects on forest ecosystem function and...

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