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Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) plant seedling measurements

Jess Zimmerman
Seedlings were measured before and after treatments to determine how alterations in canopy openness and detritus affect seedling densities and life histories (growth, mortality, recruitment). It was predicted that plots experiencing canopy openness with detritus removed would have the quickest increase in seedlings (recruitment and growth), especially of early successional (light demanding) species, such as Cecropia. Seedlings in plots that received no canopy manipulation but had detritus deposited is predicted to have near-total mortality initially...

Plant phenology transect at NPP sites

Laura Huenneke
The phenological stage of all perennial plant species on the 15 NPP sites is recorded on a monthly basis. This allows us to track the influence of weather and of site differences on plant reproduction. The boundaries of the (80m x 80m) study plot are walked and each individual plant of any perennial species in a 1-m belt is examined and its phenology noted (non-reproductive, in bud, in flower, in fruit, or dormant).

Tide Data for Hog Island (1991-), Redbank (1992-), Oyster (2007-)

John Porter, David Krovetz, James Spitler, Thomas Williams & Kathleen Overman
Tide data from VCR/LTER tide stations. It is available as a single large comma-separated-value file (size >50MB) or as individual years. Zip files contain annually-segmented data in two forms. The file tideYY.dat contains the data for year YY in a column format. The file tideYY.csv contains the same data in a comma-delimited format. For several sites and time periods, water temperatures are also recorded.

Long-term Climate data from the SINERR/GCE/UGAMI weather station at Marsh Landing on Sapelo Island, Georgia, from 03-Jan-2003 to 31-Dec-2017

Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER Project & Daniela Di Iorio
Air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation, photosynthetically-available and total solar radiation, and wind speed and direction were measured using an automated Campbell Scientific Instruments climate station installed at Marsh Landing on Sapelo Island, Georgia. Observations were logged at 15 minute intervals throughout the study period. The sensors were mounted on a 10m aluminum tower, with wind sensors mounted at the top, light sensors at approximately 5m, and other sensors at 2-3m to minimize interference...

Bacterial properties in discrete water column samples collected during Palmer LTER station seasons at Palmer Station Antarctica, 2002 - 2017.

Palmer Station Antarctica LTER & Hugh Ducklow
The microbial biogeochemistry component of PAL focuses on marine bacterioplankton, and is thus a counterpart to the phytoplankton and zooplankton components, which together provide a detailed and comprehensive description of plankton ecology in PAL-LTER. Bacteria and Archaea (hereafter called "bacteria") are taxonomically and metabolically diverse. In coastal and offshore surface waters Bacteria generally predominate over Archaea, but Archaea are equal or greater in abundance in the mesopelagic layer below the euphoric zone. We focus on...

Minimum temperature at El Verde Field Station, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico since 1975

Alonso RamIrez
Daily emperature has been measured at the El Verde Field Station since 1975 (see methods). Monthly averages have been calculated. Lowest average values for minimum temperature were recorded from January to April with nearly 18 Centigrades during this period of time (see chart). During these months, the lowest average minimum temperature was recorded in 1976 ranging from 20 to 22 Centigrades (see chart). Highest minimum montly average records are shown from June to October with...

McMurdo Dry Valleys Lakes Vertical Profile of Photosynthetic Active Radiation

John Priscu
As part of the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) project in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, lakes were monitored for photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) levels. This data set exemplifies the vertical profile of underwater PAR profiles in perennial ice covered lakes and ambient PAR measured at the air-ice interface. Profile data can be used to calculate extinction coefficients for the water column and ice layer.

Fish Counts and Lengths in South Bay and Hog Island Bay, Virginia 2012-2017

Karen McGlathery
Sampling of small fish in South Bay (west of Wreck Island) and Hog Island Bay was conducted using seine nets. Individual fish were identified and their length measured. Note: after June 2015 bare sites were no longer sampled.

Long-term fish size data for Wisconsin Lakes Department of Natural Resources and North Temperate Lakes LTER 1944 - 2012 (Reformatted to ecocomDP Design Pattern)

Andrew Rypel
This data package is formatted according to the "ecocomDP", a data package design pattern for ecological community surveys, and data from studies of composition and biodiversity. For more information on the ecocomDP project, contact EDI or see https://environmentaldatainitiative.org. This Level 1 data package was derived from the Level 0 data package found here: https://portal.edirepository.org/nis/mapbrowse?scope=knb-lter-ntl&identifier=357&revision=2 The abstract below was extracted from the Level 0 data package and is included for context:

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