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Termite bait data

Walter Whitford
Data for Jornada LTERII termite bait weight loss. Toilet paper roll termite baits are placed on grids on each consumer plot. Data include initial bait weights and bait weights after baits have been retrieved from the field once each year. Weight loss is calculated as a measure of termite foraging activity.

NPP Study: Reference harvest data

Laura Huenneke
This is the reference harvest biomass data of plants near, but outside the grid of permanent NPP quadrats that was harvested for each of 15 sites. Height and cover are recorded in the field. Live biomass is weighed in the lab and all measurements are recorded as reference harvest data. The NPP sites are grids of permanent 1 square meter quadrats established in 15 sites: three sites in each of 5 community zones (grama grassland,...


Cary Institute Of Ecosystem Studies & Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne

Stressor II transect line point intercept data

Kris Havstad
The goal of this sampling effort is to describe the vegetation response to treatments. Data were collected following the line-point intercept method (Herrick et al. 2009). Although the original LPI data set was in multivariate form with separate columns for canopy layers and soil surface, this data set has been transposed into vertical form, implementing a “layer” variable, so that all species and soil surface codes appear in one column. Within each exclosure, 4837 points...

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