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Sustainable Energy, Water and Environmental Systems

Poul Alberg Østergaard & Neven Duic
This issue presents research results from the 8th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems – SDEWES - held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2013. Topics covered here include the energy situation in the Middle East with a focus in Cyprus and Israel, energy planning methodology with Ireland as a case and the applicability of energy scenarios modelling tools as a main focus, evaluation of energy demands in Italy and finally evaluation of...

Underground cables versus overhead lines: Do cables increase social acceptance of grid development? Results of a Contingent Valuation survey in Germany

Roland Menges & Gregor Beyer
Transmission network development plans have led to protests throughout Germany. Many studies present underground cables as a means to increase public agreement to transmission line construction. This paper investigates this thesis reporting results of a Contingent Valuation study conducted in late 2012 in four regions of Germany, which are affected by transmission line development in different ways. In an analysis of 1.003 household responses a majority of households favours underground cables (about 60%). Willingness-to-pay, however,...



Musikterapi i psykiatrien online 8(1)

Niels Hannibal, Lars Ole Bonde, Inge Nygaard Pedersen, Charlotte Dammeyer & Hillevi Torell
Musikterapi i psykiatrien online 8(1)

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Musiklytning og indre billeder

Lars Ole Bonde & Inge Nygaard Pedersen
Denne artikel er tredje og sidste del af afrapporteringen fra det kliniske pilotprojekt “Musiklytning og indre billeder”, et projekt som blev gennemført i et samarbejde mellem de to forfattere, som begge var musikterapeuter for grupperne i projektet. Første del blev præsenteret af Bonde (2011) i årsskriftet Musikterapi i psykiatrien 6 og omhandlede assessment-delen af projektet. Anden del blev rapporteret af Bonde & Pedersen (2012) i Musikterapi i Psykiatrien Online 7 og omhandlede resultaterne fra pilotprojektet...

Art therapy. Prevention against the development of depression.

Vibeke Skov
Dansk resumé.

PBL in Educational Psychology – Potentials and Challenges

Thomas Szulevicz & Mogens Jensen
This article discusses practical and theoretical aspects related to PBL. In the first section of the article, potentials related to professional training of forthcoming educational psychologists following PBL-principles are analyzed. It is argued that PBL constitutes a good platform for creating stimulating interplays between theory and practice. In the second section of the article we discuss some of the theoretical underpinnings in PBL. We discuss whether PBL is prone to a ‘form-content-dualism’, in which attention...

Transversal knowledge formations in Professional Bachelor Education employing Problem Based Learning (PBL)

Verner Larsen
This paper describes the principles underlying how various knowledge areas blend into transversal formations in two educational contexts employing PBL. Such ‘transversality’ has often been referred to as inter- cross- or trans-disciplinarity. However, these terms are ambiguous, especially in relation to Problem Based Learning. There is a growing need for stronger language to express underlying principles of knowledge formations and the constitution of such. The term transversality suggests that knowledge formations are not based on...

PBL and critical thinking disposition in Chinese medical students – A randomized cross-sectional study

XiangYun Du, Jeppe Emmersen, Egon Toft & Baozhi Sun
The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship of problem-based learning (PBL) and the development of critical thinking disposition (CT) and academic achievement in Chinese medical students using a cross-sectional randomized design. Medical students from China Medical University (CMU) were randomized to PBL or non-PBL teaching at the commencement of the study. After five years of study, CT was scored by a Chinese version of the California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (CCTDI-CV). The...

Using Problem-Based Learning to help Portuguese students make the Bologna transition

Manuel Cabral Reis, Emanuel Peres, Raul Morais & Joaquim Escola
The Bologna Declaration has opened a stage of big and deep changes in the internal university organization, external cooperation, teaching models and methods, among other., all over the European countries. Here we will present and discuss a pilot experience conducted at the Engineering Department of the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal, during the second year of that transition period. In brief, we will present a set of non-mandatory courses proposed to the students...

Dimensions of problem based learning – dialogue and online collaboration in projects

Lars Birch Andreasen & Jørgen Lerche Nielsen
The article contributes to the discussions on problem based learning and project work, building on and reflecting the experiences of the authors. Four perspectives are emphasized as central to a contemporary approach to problem- and project-based learning: the exploration of problems, projects as a method, online collaboration, and the dialogic aspect of students’ project work. A specific focus is on how the problem- and project-based learning approach developed in Denmark historically and theoretically, and how...

Using Web 2.0 Technology to Enhance, Scaffold and Assess Problem-Based Learning

Catherine Hack
Web 2.0 technologies, such as social networks, wikis, blogs, and virtual worlds provide a platform for collaborative working, facilitating sharing of resources and joint document production. They can act as a stimulus to promote active learning and provide an engaging and interactive environment for students, and as such align with the philosophy of Problem-based Learning. Furthermore, Web 2.0 technologies can provide the tutor or facilitator with an opportunity to scaffold and asses the PBL process....

Plandata i Danmark

Bent Hulegaard Jensen

På vej mod 3D/4D geografisk information

Henning Sten Hansen

Geographic Information and Virtual Systems

Patrick Ottoson

Real-Time Data Generalisation and Integration using Java

Lars Harrie & Mikael Johansson

FOT - Fælles Objekttyper mellem TOP10DK og Kommunernes tekniske kort

Inge Flensted


Henning Sten Hansen

Lokal og landsdækkende energisystemanalyse baseret på GIS

Bernd Möller

Landbrugsproduktivitet og arealanvendelse i 1600- og 1700-tallet

Peder Dam

Leder - Historiske kort

Henning Sten Hansen

Videnskabernes Selskabs kort

Peter Korsgaard

3D-bymodel over København - opbygning og anvendelse

Göran Jönsson & Niels Peter Jensen

Digital forvaltning ved planlægning af arealdrift i Skov- og Naturstyrelsen

Bent Egede Andersen, Christopher Buttenschøn, Kim Dralle, Søren Friese, Thomas Retsloff & Jørgen Skyum

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