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Problem Based Learning as a Shared Musical Journey – Group Dynamics, Communication and Creativity

Charlotte Lindvang & Bolette Beck
The focus of this paper is how we can facilitate problem based learning (PBL) more creatively. We take a closer look upon the connection between creative processes and social communication in the PBL group including how difficulties in the social interplay may hinder creativity. The paper draws on group dynamic theory, and points out the importance of building a reflexive milieu in the group. Musical concepts are used to illustrate the communicative and creative aspects...

Hidden realities inside PBL design processes: Is consensus design an impossible clash of interest between the individual and the collective, and is architecture its first victim?

Ole Pihl
How do architecture students experience the contradictions between the individual and the group at the Department of Architecture and Design of Aalborg University? The Problem-Based Learning model has been extensively applied to the department’s degree programs in coherence with the Integrated Design Process, but is a group-based architecture and design education better than that which is individually based? How does PBL affect space, form, and creative processes? Hans Kiib, professor and one of the founders...

2010年以来中美大国博弈态势探析 / An Analysis of the Big Game between China and the United States since 2010

Hongyu Lin & Shuai Zhang
林宏宇 张帅 【摘要】本文尝试对2010年以来中美两国在国际安全领域的大国博弈以及由此形成的中国国家安全环境负面化态势做出一个系统阐释。2010年中国GDP首次超过日本,成为仅次于美国的世界第二大经济体,中国崛起不再是国际关系学者的纸上谈兵,而是确确实实的国际关系现状,这种状况客观上打破了东亚国际安全格局的平衡,对已有的安全结构造成有力冲击。深感“权力转移”之忧的美国试图以重返亚太(又称“再平衡”)战略来缓阻中国崛起的势头。此战略客观上极大刺激了东亚地区某些国家借美抗华的念头,它们试图以制造事端来“引美入亚”,希望美国“主持公道”。美国也愿借助这些国家对华挑衅来增强其再平衡战略的效果。面对某些东亚国家对华核心国家利益的挑战,和平崛起的中国不得不严峻应对,其后果是中国落个“四处树敌”、国家安全环境负面化的态势。但中国不会就此终结和平崛起之路,美国也不会轻易放弃其国际霸权,这就意味着中美此轮安全博弈会持续相当长一段时间,可能出现一段相当长时间的安全困境。然而主客观条件决定中美不会爆发新冷战,更不会爆发世界大战。面对挑战,中国不应采取同美国针锋相对的战略,而应在美国不威胁中国核心国家利益与安全的基础上,对内继续坚持以经济建设为中心,对外继续坚持“韬光养晦”和“不结盟”,努力构建中美新型大国关系,走出安全困境。 This paper attempts to make a systematic explanation of the big game that has unfolded between China and the United States since 2010 in the field of international security and led to a deterioration of China’s national security environment. In 2010, the GDP of China surpassed the GDP of Japan for the first time, and China became the second largest economic entity in the world, surpassed only by the U.S. The rise...

JCIR - vol 3, no 1 (2015)

Entire issue

国际移民治理视角下的欧洲难民危机研究/The European Refugee Crisis from the Perspective of International Migration Governance

Xie Tingting & Huang Rihan
2015年以来涌入欧洲的难民人数大幅增加,不仅影响到欧洲社会秩序的稳定与团结,更对欧洲经济社会的发展造成一定压力。面对不断上升的难民危机,是拒绝还是接纳,欧洲面临人道主义和国家利益的两难选择。本文从国际移民的跨国流动对国家边界内的治理能力所带来的冲击和挑战切入,结合国际移民政策理论分析了国家的三类基本选择,并进一步从国际移民治理机制公共产品的角度为欧洲难民危机的解决提供全新的思考路径。当然,中国也应抓住机会成为国际移民治理机制的倡导者,参与到全球治理的规则制定之中。 The influx of refugees in Europe in 2015 has greatly increased, which not only affects the stability and unity of European society, but also exerts certain pressure on its economic development. In the face of the refugee crisis, it is a dilemma for the European countries to choose either humanitarian or national interests. Starting from the impact and challenge that international migration has had on effective governance within national boundaries, this paper uses the...

从公共外交的视角看中国国家形象宣传片效果/Assessing the Effect of China's National Publicity Films from the Perspective of Public Diplomacy

Cao Wei & Xia Yuchen
本文以2011年美国曼哈顿广场上的中国国家形象宣传片为对象,对其效果进行了实证性评估。为此,笔者给出了衡量国家形象宣传片效果的一般性标准和指标。其中,衡量标准是看其在投放后是否改善了美国民众对中国的形象认知;量化指标分别是:目标国媒体报道的数量与报道的倾向性、目标国民众的参与度与民众的态度倾向和目标国民众的行为。通过分析发现,2011年中国国家形象宣传片并没有达到预期的乐观效果。美国主流媒体报道偏少、报道颇为负面;美国民众参与度低,对国家形象宣传片和中国的好感度不高;宣传片的播放也未引发更高的来华旅游热。本文认为,今后国家形象宣传片的建设应关注两个方面:一是注重文化差异,增强话语的可读性;二是言行一致,增强话语的可信性。 This article empirically assessed the effect of China’s national publicity film launched in Times Square in Manhattan, New York. To this end, the author gave a set of general criteria and indicators to measure the effect of national publicity films. Whether the publicity film was effective depends on whether American people’s image perceptions of China were improved after it was launched. Quantitative indicators are: the number of reports in the target country and the...

Noticias y reseñas

Hugo Cancino
Sociedad y Discurso, No 1 (2002)


Hugo Cancino
Sociedad y Discurso, No 4 (2003)

Mapuche: gente de la tierra. Más allá del Nuke Mapu (Madre Tierra), el exilio

Arauco Chihuailaf
Sociedad y Discurso, No 4 (2003)


Joan Cowans
Sociedad y Discurso, No 4 (2003)

La filosofía de José Luis Borges y su celebración por los postmodernistas

H.C.F. Mansilla
Sociedad y Discurso, No 5 (2004)

Ernesto \"Che\" Guevara intelectual moderno. Para una crítica de su pensamiento político

Hugo Cancino
Sociedad y Discurso, No 5 (2004)

Mexico The Colonial Era

Alan Knight
Sociedad y Discurso, No 5 (2004)

Grænsefeltet mellem psykoterapi og coachingpsykologi

Ole Michael Spaten
This article marks boundaries between psychotherapy and coaching-psychology by discussing the prevailingarguments and definitions in the scientific community, which in different - but also comprehensive way -shows commonalities in relation to daily coaching-psychology practice. The article adds a short excursion torelated concepts such as counseling, consultation, mentoring and supervision; finally the concepts are offeredin four-sided boxes for a bid of distinctions and interfaces

Estereotipos y mitos: La representación de los \"latinos\" en el cine norteamericano

Pablo Cristoffanini
Sociedad y Discurso, No 7 (2005)


Franck Gaudichaud
Sociedad y Discurso, No 8 (2005)


Hugo Cancino
Sociedad y Discurso, No 9 (2006)


Hugo Cancino
Sociedad y Discurso, No 10 (2006)

La descolonización lingüstica en Bolivia

Rita Cancino
Sociedad y Discurso, No 12 (2007)

Configuración de redes migratorias. En torno al discurso de la interculturalidad

Laura Selene Mateos Cortés
Sociedad y Discurso, No 13 (2008)

Address to young men on the right use of Greek literature by Saint Basil: A corpus stylistic approach

Georgios Alexandropoulos
The purpose of this study is to examine the text Address to young men on the right use of Greek literature by Saint Basil using corpus stylistics. In this interdisciplinary study rhetorical analysis is combined with linguistic theories and corpus-linguistic tools. Via application of this methodological framework, we can extract secure and meaningful results as regards the style and the ideological intentionality of Saint Basil in this text.

Energy Systems Modelling Research and Analysis

Frits Møller Andersen & Poul Alberg Østergaard
This editorial introduces the seventh volume of the International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management. The volume presents part of the outcome of the project Energy Systems Modelling Research and Analysis (ENSYMORA) funded by the Danish Innovation Fund. The project carried out by 11 university and industry partners has improved the basis for decision-making within energy planning and energy scenario making by providing new and improved tools and methods for energy systems analyses.

Decision Support Tools for Electricity Retailers, Wind Power and CHP Plants Using Probabilistic Forecasts

Marco Zugno, Juan Miguel Morales & Henrik Madsen
This paper reviews a number of applications of optimization under uncertainty in energy markets resulting from the research project ENSYMORA. A general mathematical formulation applicable to problems of optimization under uncertainty in energy markets is presented. This formulation can be effortlessly adapted to describe different approaches: the deterministic one (usable within a rolling horizon scheme), stochastic programming and robust optimization. The different features of this mathematical formulation are duly interpreted with a view to the...

Kvindearbejde og kønsarbejdsdeling i tekstilindustrien i Danmark ca. 1830-1915

Marianne Rostgaard

Dilemmas of Citizenship in Denmark

Birte Siim

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