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Democratic possibilities and limitations of digital co-creation

Anne Tortzen
Platform-based, virtual co-creation in cities is currently a major, global trend. In response to democratic challenges, cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Reykjavik invite citizens to co-create the city through virtual platforms. Based on research in the fields of e-participation and digital crowdsourcing and drawing on the first mover cases of Reykjavik and Barcelona, this article explores the democratic possibilities and limitations of this type of digital co-creation.

Application and the Interpretation of the CISG in Finnish Case Law 1997–2005

Sanna Tohka
The United Nations Convention for the International Sale of Goods (hereinafter the CISG or the Convention) was unanimously approved by a Diplomatic Conference of sixty-two States in Vienna, Austria on 11 April 1980. As of 15 August 2010, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) reports that 76 States have adopted the CISG, including the Nordic Countries, Russia, USA and China.1 The purpose of the CISG is to promote uniformity in the sphere...

An “Unconventional Truth”: Conflict of Laws Issues Arising under the CISG

Antonin I. Pribetic
The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, 1980 (CISG) 1 is the uniform international sales law of countries that account for two-thirds of all world trade. AfterN ten years of preparatory work by UNCITRAL, the CISG was adopted in April 1980 at the United Nations Diplomatic Conference attended by sixty-two states. It later entered into force in January 1988. From a contractual perspective, the CISG is generally regarded as the...

A theory of the Law and Policy of Intellectual Property - Building a New Framework

Yoshiyuki Tamura & Nari Lee
Two conflicting theories explain and justify the foundation of intellectual property.1 At one extreme, natural rights theory justifies the foundation of intellectual property rights to be based on the natural right that originates from the act of creation, as one owns one’s own creation. At the other end of spectrum is the theory that allowing free-riding by the second runner who imitates would give the second runner an excessive advantage and provides a disincentive to...

CISG Advisory Council: Opinion No. 8 Calculation of Damages under CISG Articles 75 and 76

John Y. Gotunda
CISG Advisory Council: Opinion No. 8 Calculation of Damages under CISG Articles 75 and 76

The WTO Perspective on Subsidies in International Trade

Gurwinder Singh
Not long after the end of the Second World War economists and policy makers started considering free trade as a method of maximizing welfare, and also as a means of finding solutions to social and political problems. After the formation of the GATT in 1947 and WTO in 1995, governmental policies of the member states have continued moving forward to a system of free trade. The majority of nations have started following liberal trade policies,...

Co-Production and Co-Creation

Ann Starbæk Bager, Lone Hersted & Ottar Ness
Over the past decade, co-production and co-creation have become central buzzwords throughout society. The terms engender a fundamental participatory ethos, entailing an increasing involvement in decision-making processes of a variety of people across diverse contexts, who should be given a voice in a wide range of practices to a higher degree than previously done. To a large extent, this participatory wave thus creates new challenges and dilemmas for employees in contemporary organizations. For instance, many...

Mapping and understanding the potentials of co-creative efforts in museum experience design processes

Kristina Maria Madsen & Mia Falch Yates
In current museum practice, policy, and literature it is indicated that to be able to live up to today’s communication standards in a museum context, different types of expertise need to come together in collaboration. However, in museum literature, collaborative projects have often been evaluated in terms of their overall perspectives and outcomes, rather than discussing how the collaborative and co-creative efforts are shaped and feed into the designs. Therefore, this paper suggests an initial...

Social research at a time of fast feedback and rapid change

Rick Iedema
This contribution offers a reflection on the shift in social science towards participative enquiry and collaborative research practices. In doing so, the paper challenges the common conception that the methodological indeterminacy that participatory research may occasion undermines its scientific credentials by rendering its processes and outcomes vulnerable to idiosyncratic events, subjective interpretations, local variability and chancy outcomes. The focus of the article is not just that participatory processes require research flexibility to enhance the pragmatic...

Hvilke posisjoner kan være vanskelige å innta i forskning for medforskere som er avhengige av hjelpeapparatet?

Ellen Syrstad & Håvard Aaslund
The article is based on two PhD studies in which marginalized co-researchers who depend on the aid apparatus contribute to co-creation of research. The first study includes parents whose children are placed in public care; the other study includes homeless people. In the article, we want to explore the co-creation process between researchers and co-researchers in research where the co-researchers have a background from marginalized groups that depend on the aid apparatus. Findings from our...

Samskaping som revitalisering av samfunnsarbeid i sosialt arbeid – mulighet eller blindspor?

Ole Petter Askheim
From being an important approach in the 1970s community work today has a weakened position in social work. Individual oriented positions dominate. The development could be seen as paradoxical since the term co-creation simultaneously has obtained a prominent position in welfare policy. However, even if both concepts share the prefix “co”, the terms have very different backgrounds. Community work has its roots in a bottom-up perspective and a left-wing ideology. The co-creation approach has its...

Frustration of Purpose, Brexit, the COVID-19 Pandemic and Commercial Contracts

Mitja Kovač & Paul Albrecht
Lawyers and commercial contracting have been stressed by extraordinary uncertainty over the past four years. Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic’s uncertain outcomes and the debate on the appropriate application of the frustration doctrine represent one of the most challenging issues for contract law scholars and practitioners. This paper contributes to the extensive scholarly debate on whether Brexit and Covid-19 constitute frustration of purpose events in contracts by exploiting the findings of the economic literature on...

E-mailhilsner: Relation, variation og akkommodation

Marianne Rathje, Tina Thode Hougaard & Eva Skafte Jensen
In this paper, we present a study of how Danish language users choose to greet each other in emails. The study is based on an online survey with 1311 anonymous respondents. The study shows that the choice of greeting forms is no trivial matter but something that prompts much consideration. Greeting forms are expressions of phatic communication, but they are also signals of how the senders assess the relation between themselves and the receiver. As...

Datamodellering af geografiske data

Jesper Høi Skovdal & Anders Friis-Christensen
Geoforum Perspektiv, Vol. 1 No. 1 (2002): Infrastruktur for Stedbestemt Information

Modelbaseret infrastruktur

Jesper Høi Skovdal, Arne Simonsen & Poul Daugbjerg
Geoforum Perspektiv, Vol. 1 No. 1 (2002): Infrastruktur for Stedbestemt Information

Geoforum Perspektiv nr. 1 - Leder

Jesper Høi Skovdal & Henning Sten Hansen
Geoforum Perspektiv, Vol. 1 No. 1 (2002): Infrastruktur for Stedbestemt Information

Vejen til forbedrede oversvømmelseskortlægninger går gennem de hydrologiske tilpasninger

Signe Barnes & Morten Revsbæk
Det hydrologiske tilpasningslag udpeger steder hvor overfladevandets strømning ikke kan ses direkte i Danmarks Højdemodel da vandet løber under broer, igennem cykeltunneller eller i rørlagte vandløb. Dette datasæt er afgørende for at opnå korrekte resultater når man analyserer vandets strømning og er dermed en essentiel del af de fleste klimatilpasnings- og naturgenopretningsprojekter. Der findes dog fejl i tilpasningslaget, som har store negative konsekvenser for de afledte analyser. I 2018 blev det hydrologiske tilpasningslag en del...

Den multi-funktionelle matrikel

Jesper Høi Skovdal & Stig Enemark
Geoforum Perspektiv, Vol. 1 No. 1 (2002): Infrastruktur for Stedbestemt Information

Book Review

Xiao Alvin Yang
Book Review: Qin, Yaqing. 2018. A Relational Theory of World Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 978-1316634257

Value Co-Creation in Knowledge-Intensive Media Businesses: Conceptualizing the Integrative Dyadic-Triadic-Network-Knowledge Shop Framework

Melanie Herfort, Reinhard Kunz & Petra Düren
Purpose: This study develops a novel framework that illustrates how to better identify, understand, and stimulate dyadic, triadic, and network value co-creation in knowledge-intensive media businesses. It improves the conceptualization of model-based value co-creation among businesses and enhances the understanding of development frameworks by combining established strategic management and marketing concepts. Methodology: This research brings together two perspectives: a provider-centric strategic management knowledge shop (business characteristics) and a service logic-based dyadic-, triadic-, or network-integrated service...

Volume 12 Issue 1 2022 Entire Issue

Ariadni Stavroula Zormpa
Volume 12 Issue 1 2022 Entire Issue

Datasæt Nordjysk Strategibarometer

Casper Gamborg Holm, Louise Brøns Kringelum, Ole Friis & Jens Holmgren
Datasæt, som den Nordjyske Strategibarometer-rapport er udarbejdet på baggrund af.

Datasæt National Strategibarometer

Casper Gamborg Holm, Louise Brøns Kringelum, Ole Friis & Jens Holmgren
Datasæt, som ligger til grund for rapporten "Strategibarometer 2022". Dataet er indsamlet for danske organisationer (offentlige, private og 3. sektor).

Data set - Domestic water at CREATE and TMV23

Martin Frandsen, Jakob Vind Madsen, Rasmus Lund Jensen & Michal Zbigniew Pomianowski

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