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Regarding negative interrogatives in American English as argumentative structures

Pauline Levillain
This article investigates the use of negative interrogatives in English and provides new support as to why they can be regarded as argumentative structures (Heritage, 2002). Questions are usually described pragmatically as enabling the speaker to seek information. However, when they are negatively formulated, they are analysed in the literature as allowing the speaker to express their point of view: “negative interrogatives are treated as accomplishing assertions of opinion rather than questioning” (Heritage, 2002). This...

Culture, creativity, and conceptual dynamics: A structural hypothesis

Per Aage Brandt
We redefine the concept of concept and focus on its role in the intersubjective processes that characterize cultures and socio-cultural communities. Conceptual density determines communitary coherence, whereas highly variable conceptual velocity determines inter-conceptual dynamics within distinct conceptual fields of activity. Conflicts opposing force of conceptual authority by knowledge value and force of conceptual authority through social power lead to states of socio-cultural consensus or dissensus. A model of socio-cultural concept structure is proposed. The creativity...

Introduction of renewable energy sources in the district heating system of Greece

Nikolaos Margaritis, Dimitrios Rakopoulos, Evangelia Mylona & Panagiotis Grammelis
The district heating (DH) system of Greece, mainly supported from lignite fired stations, is facing lately significant challenges. Stricter emission limits, decreased efficiency due to old age and increased costs are major challenges of the lignite sector and are expected to result in the decommissioning of several lignite-fired units in the coming years. As a result, managers of DH networks are currently investigating alternative scenarios for the substitution of thermal power that it is expected...

Kvindearbejde og kønsarbejdsdeling i tekstilindustrien i Danmark ca. 1830-1915

Marianne Rostgaard

Dilemmas of Citizenship in Denmark

Birte Siim

Gender Equality and Diversity at the Transnational Level

Lise Rolandsen Agustin

Nationalism, Gender and Welfare

Birte Siim & Pauline Stoltz

Equality, Difference and Gender in Twentieth Century Welfare States

Jane Lewis

Women's Participation in Slum Organisations

Susanne Thorbek

Engendering Citizenship

Ruth Lister

Køn, magt og medborgerskab i en globaliseret verden

Birte Siim

Integration, mentoring & networking

Lotte Bloksgaard

Med kønnet tilbage til den politiske historie

Bente Rosenbeck

Gender, Family and the Study of Welfare 'Regimes'

Jane Lewis

Fædre og barsels-/forældreorlov

Marie Valentin Beck

A Feminist Political Economics of Integration in the European Community

Ulla Koch

The Danish Gender Model and New Political Identities among Young Women

Køn og krænkelse

Inger Agger

Heks, hore eller heltinde?

Margrethe Holm Andersen

Feminist Activism in the Arab Region and Beyond

Valentine M. Moghadam

Jämställdhet, mångfald och medborgarskap

Pauline Stoltz

Keen to get married

Fang I-Chieh

Retten til at vælge fællesskab

Pernille Tanggard Andersen

Address to young men on the right use of Greek literature by Saint Basil: A corpus stylistic approach

Georgios Alexandropoulos
The purpose of this study is to examine the text Address to young men on the right use of Greek literature by Saint Basil using corpus stylistics. In this interdisciplinary study rhetorical analysis is combined with linguistic theories and corpus-linguistic tools. Via application of this methodological framework, we can extract secure and meaningful results as regards the style and the ideological intentionality of Saint Basil in this text.

Energy Systems Modelling Research and Analysis

Frits Møller Andersen & Poul Alberg Østergaard
This editorial introduces the seventh volume of the International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management. The volume presents part of the outcome of the project Energy Systems Modelling Research and Analysis (ENSYMORA) funded by the Danish Innovation Fund. The project carried out by 11 university and industry partners has improved the basis for decision-making within energy planning and energy scenario making by providing new and improved tools and methods for energy systems analyses.

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