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Decision Support Tools for Electricity Retailers, Wind Power and CHP Plants Using Probabilistic Forecasts

Marco Zugno, Juan Miguel Morales & Henrik Madsen
This paper reviews a number of applications of optimization under uncertainty in energy markets resulting from the research project ENSYMORA. A general mathematical formulation applicable to problems of optimization under uncertainty in energy markets is presented. This formulation can be effortlessly adapted to describe different approaches: the deterministic one (usable within a rolling horizon scheme), stochastic programming and robust optimization. The different features of this mathematical formulation are duly interpreted with a view to the...

GIS methodology and case study regarding assessment of the solar potential at territorial level: PV or thermal?

Loïc Quiquerez, Jérôme Faessler, Bernard Marie Lachal, Floriane Mermoud & Pierre Hollmuller
This paper presents a GIS-based methodology for assessing solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal potentials in urban environment. The consideration of spatial and temporal dimensions of energy resource and demand allows, for two different territories of the Geneva region, to determine the suitable building roof areas for solar installations, the solar irradiance on these areas and, finally, the electrical and/or thermal energy potentials related to the demand. Results show that the choice of combining PV...

En feministisk offentlighed

Christina Fiig

Køn i Matador og Krøniken

Gunhild Agger

Moving far beyond the Separated Fields of Patriarchal Scholarship

Lene Klitrose


Ulla Koch

Uformel økonomi og social arbejdsdeling

Ulla Koch

Kvinder i kommunalpolitik

Tina Kjær Bach

Natural resources, innovation and development

Allan Dahl Andersen, Bjørn Harold Johnson, Anabel Marín, Dave Kaplan, Lilia Stubrin, & Raphael Kaplinsky
This report reflects research efforts within the global network of scholars, Globelics. Within this network there are of course different views on all controversial topics including the role of natural resources in economic development. This report builds on and summarizes available research on natural resource, innovation and development, and concludes that natural resources are, under proper management, more of a blessing than a curse for poor countries. Although the topic of natural resources and development...

The confinements of ‘metaphor’ – Putting functionality and meaning before definition in the case of metaphor.

Katie Jane Patterson
In recent research, metaphor is increasingly confronted in terms of a cline rather than a dichotomy. Yet the decision of whether a word or phrase is metaphoric is not as straightforward as a one-level cline suggests. The notion of 'metaphoric meaning' has further reaching implications on our language understanding and use than is commonly discussed. Metaphor is often subjective and dependent on changes in language specific to time period, genre, environment of the speakers or...

The gentle art of number crunching in linguistic research

Kim Ebensgaard Jensen
Review of Sebastian M. Rasinger,Quantitative Research in Linguistics: An Introduction. (Series: Research Methods in Linguistics). London: Bloomsbury, 2013, xii + 286 pp., ISBN 978-1-4725-6697-3.

An econometric analysis of electricity demand response to price changes at the intra-day horizon: The case of manufacturing industry in West Denmark

Niels Framroze Møller & Frits Møller Andersen
The use of renewable energy implies a more variable supply of power. Market efficiency may improve if demand can absorb some of this variability by being more flexible, e.g. by responding quickly to changes in the market price of power. To learn about this, in particular, whether demand responds already within the same day, we suggest an econometric model for hourly consumption- and price time series. This allows for multi-level seasonality and that information about...

Spatial Modelling of Solar energy Potential in Kenya

Francis Omondi Oloo, Luke Olang & Josef Strobl
Solar energy is one of the readily available renewable energy resources in the developing countries within the tropical region. Kenya is one of the countries which receive an average of approximately 6.5 sunshine hours in a single day throughout the year. However, there is slow adoption of solar energy resources in the country due to limited information on the spatial variability solar energy potential. This study aims at assessing the potential of photovoltaic solar energy...

Two directions of change in one corpus: Phonology vs morphosyntax in Tyneside English

Marie Møller Jensen
ERRATUM 24 October 2018: Marie Møller Jensen, Erratum: Two directions of change in one corpus phonology vs morphosyntax in Tyneside English - DOI: https://doi.org/10.5278/ojs.globe.v7i0.2444 Cheshire et al. (2005) argue that different levels of language do not necessarily follow the same patterns of change over time. In an attempt to test this prediction, this article reports on a comparison between two quantitative corpus studies of Tyneside English which are partly based on the same data. The...

A Journey through the Stylistics of Poetry

Kim Ebensgaard Jensen
A review of Peter Verdonk: "The Stylistics of Poetry" (2013)

Handlingsreguleringer i danske lægebøger

Lasse Brunø & Susanne Annikki Kristensen
In this article we present a corpus linguistic project called Syntactic Stylistics. The goal of the project is to combine pragmatics and syntax in a stylistic description of a text. Our corpus consists of 73 texts written by doctors and other health care personnel to layman. The texts are gathered from both written books and from the Internet. The methodology is from the outset primarily quantitative, that is in the text we count the occurrences...

Ret eller pligt - konstruktion af parternes identitet i danske og tyske kontrakter

Aase Voldgaard Larsen
In this paper I investigate the construction of an aspect of the identity of contract parties in Danish and German legal contracts, more precisely in tenancy contracts. Legal contracts generally focus on establishing a legal relationship and establishing the rights and obligations of the parties towards each other in accordance with their legal relationship. If for example one party must give the other party something, this can be expressed through constructing discursively one party’s obligation...

Editorial - International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management Vol 4

Poul Alberg Østergaard
This editorial introduces the fourth volume of the International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management. Topics include mean-variance approach of energy systems design, the role of heat savings in smart energy systems, analyses of the German secondary reserve market, options for replacing lignite-fired district heating in plants in Greece with biomass-fired district heating plants based on boilers or cogeneration of heat and power. Topics also include how local Norwegian governments engage in local energy...

Paving the Way for Heat. Local Government Policies for Developing Bioenergy

Bente Johnsen Rygg
Local governments play dual roles in developing renewable energy projects. They are the targets of many goals concerning energy and climate, set by national and international actors, and they are important actors in energy planning, regulation setting, and the development of infrastructure and residential areas. In this paper, I study how local governments’ technology policies affect the actual outcome of project development based on experiences from 14 local governments. Technology policies are studied from the...

Editorial - International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management Vol 5

Poul Alberg Østergaard
This editorial introduces the fifth volume of the International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management. Topics include electricity for heating purposes based on a case study of Tirana, the Norwegian system for licensing wind power plants, analyses of energy security for the Indian residential sector and finally the link between energy sector reforms, sustainable development and energy use.

Gone with the wind? The Norwegian licencing process for wind power: does it support investments and the realisation of political goals?

Bernt Blindheim
The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MoPE) manages the licencing system for Norwegian wind power. Balancing relevant concerns in this process could be considered as Environmental Policy Integration (EPI) in practical wind power policy. Wind power investments have been limited in Norway, investors have left the market and those remaining are jittery towards making investments. This article argues that the licencing system is partially responsible for this situation; the system has, over time, introduced an...

w-IST/w-IHT Figures

Christian Schou Oxvig
An IPython Notebook showcasing reconstructions of undersampled atomic force microscopy images. The reconstructions were obtained using weighted iterative thresholding compressed sensing algorithms.

Democratisation of Denmark

Birte Siim & Christina Fiig

Feminist Research

Birte Siim, Ruth Emerek & Ulla Koch

Gender, Citizenship and Political Mobilization

Birte Siim &

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