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Mænd, barselsrettigheder og brug af barsel

Lotte Bloksgaard

On the Subject of Measuring Women's (and Men's) participation in the Labour Market

Ruth Emerek

Reflections on Violence and Gender in an Era of Globalization

Kathleen B. Jones

Women's Responces to Political Changes in Southern Africa

Ann Schlyter

Economic Citizenship

Daddy Leave and Gender Equality

Anette Borchorst

Forældreorlov til far?

Lotte Bloksgaard

Key Concepts in Feminist Theory

Yvonne Hirdmann

Politiske identiteter og kønspolitiske holdninger i tre generationer

& Mette Tobiasen

Conceptualizing Gender

Signe Arnfred

Familiens rolle i og kvinders krav til de sydeuropæiske velfærdsstater

Chiara Bertone

Why not intersectionality?

Yvonne Mørck

Jenter og gutter i forandring?

Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen & Monica Rudberg

Foucault, Policy and Rule

Carol Bacchi

Senmodernt familjeliv och föräldraskap

Margareta Bäck-Wiklund

Feminist Research. Aalborg University. Report 1996-1999

Birte Siim & Susanne Thorbek

Policymaking and Gender

Emanuela Lombardo, Petra Meier & Mieke Verloo

Historicizing the \"Glass Ceiling\"

Iris Rittenhofer

Kantian grammar applied to French, English, Danish and some other languages

Hanne Korzen
Many linguists refer to Kant, but they do not really seem to take him seriously. I will try to show that a little closer look at Kant's cognitive model might yield insight into certain important aspects of the syntactic-semantic constitution of the sentence in different languages. I will also show that Hamann, Herder and their many followers are completely wrong in arguing that Kant's model was influenced by his own language without himself knowing it....

Domestication of English in Africa via proverbial expressions: A lexico-semantic study of transliteration in the English of Akɔɔse native speakers in Cameroon

Napoleon Epoge
In most countries where English functions as a second language, it is enriched by a variety of cultural and linguistic colouration. This is the case of Cameroon wherein remnants of the languages surrounding the acquisition of the English language are recurrent in the English that is spoken and written. This paper, therefore, explores the English of native speakers of Akɔɔse (an indigenous language spoken by a people known as Bakossi[1]) for proverbial expressions that denote...

Strategies for Charging Electric Vehicles in the Electricity Market

Nina Juul, Giovanni Pantuso, Jan Emil Banning Iversen & Trine Krogh Boomsma
This paper analyses different charging strategies for a fleet of electric vehicles. Along with increasing the realism of the strategies, the opportunity for acting on the regulating market is also included. We test the value of a vehicle owner that can choose when and how to charge; by presenting a model of four alternative charging strategies. We think of them as increasing in sophistication from dumb via delayed to deterministic and stochastic model-based charging. We...

Editorial - International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management Vol 6

Poul Alberg Østergaard
This editorial introduces the sixth volume of the International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management. Topics include methodology for assessing solar power and solar heat potentials using geographical information systems using Swiss cases, a similar analysis focusing on solar power in Kenya and the spatio-temporal distribution of the production, and the establishment of the correct economic framework conditions or incentives to promote changes towards renewable energy systems taking a Danish community as a case....

Electricity cost effects of expanding wind power and integrating energy sectors

Victor Maxwell, Karl Sperling & Frede Hvelplund
Recently, questions have arisen in Denmark as to how and why public funding should be allocated to wind power producers. This is, among other reasons, due to pressure from industrial electricity consumers who want their overall energy costs lowered. Utilising existing wind power subsidies across energy sectors may be an effective means of dealing with these concerns. The following article takes the case of a community owned renewable energy project as a microcosm for the...

Generational change and Language in the UAE: The desertion of the Emirati vernacular

Muna Balfaqeeh
During the Last decade, the Arabian Gulf region has been moving towards an increasing use of a ‘Pan Gulf vernacular’, “…a homogenised form of ‘Gulf’ speech not identifiable with any particular Gulf community”(Holes, 2011:130), where new words are introduced or borrowed from neighboring gulf countries and many others have disappeared from the local lexicon. In this paper we have a special interest in investigating the Emirati Vernacular in more depth to identify the words that...

Inferring cultural models from corpus data: Force-dynamic cultural models reflected in the discursive behavior of a scalar adjectival construction

Kim Ebensgaard Jensen
One of the main tasks in cognitive anthropology is the reconstruction of cultural models, which are behavior-regulating schematic cognitive models that are intersubjectively shared in a community. Given their behavior-regulatory status, cognitive anthropologists and other cognitive scientists have developed methods of inferring cultural models from observed behavior – in particular observed verbal behavior. While there are plenty of studies of the reflection of cultural models in artificially generated verbal behavior, not much research has been...

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