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The functionality of personal pronouns in constructions of communities

Lotte Dam
Within recent research in identity it is a common view that communities and identities connected to these are not given by nature, but are constructed socially between human beings through acts and speech. By way of certain linguistic choices, a variety of communities with different identities are constructed or reproduced. Specific lexical and functional items are used for this purpose, consciously and unconsciously. One of them is the personal pronoun. The aim of the paper...

Small-scale combined heat and power as a balancing reserve for wind – The case of participation in the German secondary control reserve

Peter Sorknæs, Henrik Lund, Anders N Andersen & Peter Ritter
Increasing amounts of intermittent renewable energy sources (RES) are being integrated into energy systems worldwide. Due to the nature of these sources, they are found to increase the importance of mechanisms for balancing the electricity system. Small-scale combined heat and power (CHP) plants based on gas have proven their ability to participate in the electricity system balancing, and can hence be used to facilitate an integration of intermittent RES into electricity systems. Within the EU...

The multicultural challenge to the Danish Welfare state

Anette Borchorst & Birte Siim


Trosfrihet og Diskrimineringsvern

Hege Skjeie

Scandinavian gender equality

Anette Borchorst

Essence and Diversity in Gender Research

Citizen or Stakeholder?

Ruth Lister

Andenhed, hybriditet og agens

Sune Qvotrup Jensen

Kvinder laver daghøjskoler for kvinder

Mette Groes

Beyond Pessimism of the Intelligence

Anne Showstack Sassoon

Patriarkatet og det kvindelige subjekt

Karen Sjørup

A Roll in the Hay with the Director

Iris Rittenhofer

Piger og fysik i gymnasiet

Jytte Bang & Susanne Stubgaard

Feministiske bidrag til politisk teori

Birte Siim

Udfordringer til Kvinneforskningen i 1990'erne

Karin Widerberg

Køn og Urbanisering

Susanne Thorbek

Nyfeminisme og nye kønsidentiteter

Kirsten Sværke

Power, Intersectionality and the Politics of Belonging

Nira Yuval-Davis

Women against feminism: Exploring discursive measures and implications of anti-feminist discourse

Alex Phillip Lyng Christiansen & Ole Izard Høyer
The present paper studies anti-feminist discourse within the tumblr-based group Women Against Feminism, and explores how the sentiments of these anti-feminists, as expressed in a multi-modal format, may help to understand the difficulty feminism has with gathering support from its female audience. The textual corpus, gathered through the site, is analysed with methods inspired by Fairclough's 2012 version of CDA, focused on discovering social issues within feminism as it relates to a female audience. By...

Support mechanisms for renewables: How risk exposure influences investment incentives

Lena Kitzing & Christoph Weber
We analyse quantitatively how risk exposure from different support mechanisms, such as feed-in tariffs and premiums, can influence the investment incentives for private investors. We develop a net cash flow approach that takes systematic and unsystematic risks into account through cost of capital and the Capital Asset Pricing Model as well as through active liquidity management. Applying the model to a specific case, a German offshore wind park, we find that the support levels required...

A transition perspective on alternatives to coal in Chinese district heating

Jingjing Zhang & Lorenzo Di Lucia
China accounts for half of the world’s annual coal consumption. Coal is the primary energy source for heating in urban areas, particularly in northern China. This causes significant challenges for urban air quality problems in China and greenhouse gases emissions. Urban district heating (DH) systems penetration is very high in northern China. It supplies space heating to more than 80% of urban buildings in the area. Unlike the electricity and transportation sectors, the heating sector...

On social pragmatics: Its origin and early development

Jacob L. Mey
An overview of the early history of social pragmatics.

Womit identisch?

Hartmut Haberland
A discussion of the concept of 'identity'.

Comparative assessment of energy sources for attaining Sustainable Energy Security (SES): The case of India’s residential sector

Kapil Narula
Attaining ‘Sustainable Energy Security’ (SES) is a valid end goal of an energy policy. However, SES is a multidimensional concept which is difficult to evaluate. The aim of this paper is to undertake a comparative assessment of SES of various energy sources for the residential sector in India. The paper also intends to construct a SES Index and rank the energy sources by assessing their performance in different dimensions. The end goal is to identify...

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