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Kvinder i den nye fredsbevægelse i Danmark

Dilemmas of Citizenship

Birte Siim

Key Concepts in Feminist Theory

Sylvia Walby

Dialects and linguistic identity of Italian speakers in Bozen

Chiara Meluzzi
This paper focuses on the variety of Italian spoken in Bozen (South Tyrol, Italy) by Italian L1 speakers. Due to the peculiar multilingual situation of South Tyrol, Italian speakers are concentrated in the big towns of this area (e.g. Bozen), whereas the majority of Tyrolean people speak German or German dialects. Leaving apart the interaction problems between the two speaking groups, this work focuses on Italian community settled in Bozen by emphasizing the composition of...

Identitets (re)konstruktioner hos mennesker med en erhvervet hjerneskade. Et casestudie af selv-narrativer og diskurser på hjerneskadeområdet.

Chalotte Glintborg & Lærke Krogh
Allerede i 1930 introducerede Goldstein begrebet “catastrophic reaction” for derved at beskrive de psykologiske reaktioner på kognitive og neurologiske funktionsnedsættelser (Goldstein 1934/1995). Et halvt århundrede senere observerede Prigatano (1999), at de psykologiske konsekvenser efter en erhvervet hjerneskade fortsat er ringe forstået og adresseret i rehabiliteringspraksis. Dette synes ikke at have ændret sig i det nye århundrede, og de psyko-sociale langtidsfølger efter en hjerneskade udgør fortsat den størte udfordring i hjerneskaderehabilitering (Teasdale 2007; XXX førsteforfatter). Forskningslitteratur,...

Heat Saving Strategies in Sustainable Smart Energy Systems

Henrik Lund, Jakob Zinck Thellufsen, Søren Aggerholm, Kim Bjarne Wittchen, Steffen Nielsen, Brian Vad Mathiesen & Bernd Möller
This paper investigates to which extent heat should be saved rather than produced and to which extent district heating infrastructures, rather than individual heating solutions, should be used in future sustainable smart energy systems. Based on a concrete proposal to implement the Danish governmental 2050 fossil-free vision, this paper identifies marginal heat production costs and compares these to marginal heat savings costs for two different levels of district heating. A suitable least-cost heating strategy seems...

Designing electricity generation portfolios using the mean-variance approach

Jorge Cunha & Paula Varandas Ferreira
The use of the mean-variance approach (MVA) is well demonstrated in the financial literature for the optimal design of financial assets portfolios. The electricity sector portfolios are also guided by similar objectives, namely maximizing return and minimizing risk. As such, this paper proposes two possible MVA for the design of optimal renewable electricity production portfolios. The first approach is directed to portfolio output maximization and the second one is directed to portfolio cost optimization. The...

Methodology to characterize a residential building stock using a bottom-up approach: a case study applied to Belgium

Samuel Gendebien, Emeline Georges, Stéphane Bertagnolio & Vincent Lemort
In the last ten years, the development and implementation of measures to mitigate climate change have become of major importance. In Europe, the residential sector accounts for 27% of the final energy consumption [1], and therefore contributes significantly to CO2 emissions. Roadmaps towards energy-efficient buildings have been proposed [2]. In such a context, the detailed characterization of residential building stocks in terms of age, type of construction, insulation level, energy vector, and of evolution prospects...

Low-Carbon Innovation and Development

Rasmus Lema, Bjørn Johnson, Allan Dahl Andersen, &

Evaluation of the heating share of household electricity consumption using statistical analysis: a case study of Tirana, Albania

Flamur Bidaj, Ramadan Alushaj, Luela Prifti & Anna Chittum
Albania’s residential sector represents a large share of the country’s energy consumption, especially of electric power. Other important characteristics of the sector include fast growing energy demand and a high level of energy losses, which challenge the possibility of sustainable development. A large share of the electricity demand is used for heating purposes – a demand that could potentially be met in a more energy efficient manner. However, the precise portion of electricity used to...

Energy Reforms in The Developing World: Sustainable Development Compromised?

Said Mbogo Abdallah, Hans Bressers & Joy Sheila Clancy
Energy sector reforms with an emphasis on electricity growth have been taking place extensively and rapidly worldwide Particularly, motivated chiefly by classical economics’ standpoint of efficiency and market considerations, reforms have been made in the developed North. Models of reforms in the North have in turn been replicated in developing countries. However, questions arise as to whether the models used are suitable for the mostly rural and socioeconomically disadvantaged economies in the South. It is...

Europe’s electricity regime: restoration or thorough transition

Aviel Verbruggen, Rosaria Di Nucci, Manfred Fischedick, Reinhard Haas, Frede Hvelplund, Volkmar Lauber, Arturo Lorenzoni, Lutz Mez, Lars J. Nilsson, Pablo Del Rio Gonzalez, Joachim Schleich & David Toke
Concerns about climate change, diminishing social acceptance of traditional fuels, and technological innovations have led several countries to pursue energy transition strategies, typically by massive diffusion of renewable electricity supplies. The German ‘Energiewende’ has been successful so far in terms of deploying renewable power, mainly by applying particular feed-in tariffs, and by bundling public, academic, industrial and political support. So far though, only few EU member states proceed with a similar transition. In March 2014...

Gender mainstreaming or diversity mainstreaming?

Carol Bacchi & Joan Eveline

Det kønnede demokrati

Birte Siim

Thinking about Feminism

Diana Mulinari

Individualization, Breadwinner Norms, and Familiy Obligations

Ilona Ostner

Key Concepts Employed to Understand Gender in Relation to the Labour Market

Eileen Drew

Global Context - Local Concepts

Susanne Thorbek

The Incompatability of Entrepreneurship and Femininity

Anna Aalten

Demokrati i det transnationale rum

Lise Rolandsen Agustin

At 'gøre' køn i det moderne arbejdsliv

Lotte Bloksgaard

Gender and Family Policies in Denmark in the 20th Century

& Bente Rosenbeck

Kvinder & rektorstillinger

Poul Knopp Damkjær

Urbanization, Slum Culture, Gender Struggle and Womens Identity

Susanne Thorbek

Gender Integration and the Swedish Armed Forces

Daniel Marcus Sunil Gustafsson

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