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Breaking the Boundaries: Women's Encounter with the State in Sweden

Lilja Mósesdóttir

Redefining rights through local practices

Vanna Nordling

Contemporary Theories of Patriarchy - Like a Bird without Wings?

Hanne Marlene Dahl

Grammatische, lexikalische und stilistische Züge einer Reisebeschreibung im 16. Jahrhundert. Daniel Ecklins “Reiß zum heiligen Grab” (1575)

Larissa Naiditsch
The article deals with a 16th century book written in Early New High German and describing a trip to the Holy Land. The research is centered on grammatical, and lexical, as well as stylistic peculiarities of the text. The linguistic analysis includes the ways of moving narrative forward, the alternation of tenses, the use of pronouns, as well as lexical exotisms. Special attention is paid to the grammatical peculiarity innovative for that time and typical...

Mining for constructions in texts using N-gram and network analysis

Yoshikata Shibuya & Kim Ebensgaard Jensen
In constructionist theory, constructions are functional entities that pair form and conventionalized semantic and/or discourse-pragmatic function. One of the main tasks of the construction grammarian is thus to identify and document constructions. Seeing that it is unlikely that this can be done satisfactorily via introspection, there is a need for different ways of identifying constructions in language use. In this paper, we will explore the extent to which the N-gram information retrieval technique – which...

Insights from Actual Day-Ahead Bidding of Hydropower

Erik N Alnæs, Roger B Grøndahl, Stein-Erik Fleten & Trine K Boomsma
We analyse bidding behavior in the Nordic electricity market, where producers submit supply schedules for tomorrow's generation in a day-ahead auction. We use the two-stage stochastic mixed-integer linear program of Fleten and Kristoffersen (2007) to generate efficient bids to assist in the analysis. These bids are compared to those submitted by three Nordic reservoir hydropower producers over four two-week periods in 2011. Being price takers, the producers maximize their profits by bidding their marginal cost....

A non-linear stochastic model for an office building with air infiltration

Anders Thavlov & Henrik Madsen
This paper presents a non-linear heat dynamic model for a multi-room office building with air infiltration. Several linear and non-linear models, with and without air infiltration, are investigated and compared. The models are formulated using stochastic differential equations and the model parameters are estimated using a maximum-likelihood technique. Based on the maximum-likelihood value, the different models are statistically compared to each other using Wilk's likelihood ratio test. The model showing the best performance is finally...

The development of Environmental Productivity: the Case of Danish Energy Plants

Geraldine Henningsen, Arne Henningsen, Sascha Thorsten Schröder & Simon Bolwig
Abstract The Danish “Klima 2020” plan sets an ambitious target for the complete phasing-out of fossil fuels by 2050. The Danish energy sector currently accounts for 40% of national CO 2 emissions. Based on an extended Farrell input distance function that accounts for CO 2 as an undesirable output, we estimate the environmental productivity of individual generator units based on a panel data set for the period 1998 to 2011 that includes virtually all fuel-fired...

Energy systems scenario modelling and long term forecasting of hourly electricity demand

Poul Alberg Østergaard, Frits Møller Andersen & Pil Seok Kwon
The Danish energy system is undergoing a transition from a system based on storable fossil fuels to a system based on fluctuating renewable energy sources. At the same time, more of and more of the energy system is becoming electrified; transportation, heating and fuel usage in industry and elsewhere. This article investigates the development of the Danish energy system in a medium year 2030 situation as well as in a long-term year 2050 situation. The...

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