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Leveraging Business Model Components as Drivers of Business Model Portfolios

Wolfgang Sachsenhofer
Purpose: The paper develops a systematic overview of business model portfolios and links it to the diversification literature. It conceptualizes the firm as consisting of multiple, different business models, with the purpose of advancing the structural, organizational and strategic understanding of business models and corporations. Design: The research design is an in-depth case study focusing on a large European incumbent firm in the automotive industry, secondary data is supported with primary sources. Findings: Despite its...

Social Structures of households' Heat Consumption

Anders Rhiger Hansen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Enabling student-driven innovation through interdisciplinary initiatives within Danish vocational education

Christian Ravn Haslam
The PhD Series of the Faculty of the Humanities, Aalborg University

Teaching consumer law based on PBL principles within a workshop frame

Marie Jull Sørensen
Changing learning objectives was the beginning of rethinking the pedagogical frame of my courses within a traditional law study program. The objectives were changed in order to aim for students becoming better at reflecting on the curriculum. I chose to work within a workshop frame incorporating some of the Aalborg PBL principles. The two courses conducted within this frame are Danish Consumer Law (in Danish) and EU Consumer Law (in English). They are both electives...

Integrativ Gestalt Praksis - IGP : en ramme for forståelse af forholdet mellem terapi og coaching

Mikael Sonne
Jeg vil i denne artikel præsentere gestalttilgangens teoretiske og praktiske grundstruktur. Der vil endvidere blive redegjort for, hvordan gestalttilgangens feltteori, med inspiration fra Ken Wilber’s integrale perspektivisme (Wilber 1995; 2000; 2006), kan danne grundlag for en integrativ rammesætning for forskellige psykologiske og psykoterapeutiske tilgange, samt for en forståelse af forholdet mellem terapi og coaching.

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