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Experiencing a painting

Kim Malmbak Meltofte Møller
This article discusses how the relationship between the perceiving and the perceived can be outlined in terms of a current philosophical and neuroscientific understanding. The ambition is to highlight the potential relations between the processes of consciousness and interpretation, particularly regarding the experience of art as invoking an immediate feeling. The article takes a philosophical standpoint that is inspired by Edmund Husserl’s epistemological discussions regarding intentionality and tries to combine it with a discussion of...

Visiting the psychotherapy versus coaching psychology conundrum

Ole Michael Spaten
This article presents similarities and differences between psychotherapy, coaching psychology and coaching, and hence discusses boundaries between these diverse fields of practice. The article will cover prevailing arguments and descriptions in the scientific community, and major differences in relation to the application in daily practice. Similarities and differences are discussed in the light of scientific research and different theoretical perspectives, including both classic and recent scholars. Main differences are; the clinical/non-clinical perspective and educational differences....

Economic comparison of low-temperature and ultra-low-temperature district heating for new building developments with low heat demand densities in Germany

Isabelle Best
District heating risks to lose competitiveness the lower the linear heat density of a district is. The distribution network needs to be highly efficient in order to ensure economic feasibility. The heat distribution temperatures are crucial to keep distribution heat losses as low as possible. For a new development in Germany consisting mainly of single family houses, two district heating networks at different supply temperature levels are examined in terms of economic and efficiency aspects....

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