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Sounds of Futures Past

Steen Ledet Christiansen
This article examines the ghost effects in Dark Night of the Soul produced by the residual media of old sonic technologies. Alfred North Whitehead’s notion of perception in the mode of causal efficacy is used to explain how materiality has agency over the listener.

Cognitive behavioural coaching

Maja Lautsten, Ulrik Daniel Frederiksen, Tanja Ryberg Jensen & Ole Michael Spaten
Even though Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one of the most evident therapeutic approaches, there are a lack of studies outlining the differences between cognitive behavioural therapy and cognitive behavioural coaching, differences that are fundamental to understand the different levels of involvement in the process. The aim of this paper is therefore to outline the distinction between cognitive behavioural therapy and cognitive behavioural coaching. The theory behind cognitive behavioural coaching will be further detailed and an...

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Journal Of China International Relations
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“人类命运共同体”理念引领中国外交创新 / The Idea of \"A Community of A Shared Future for Mankind\" Leads China's Diplomatic Innovation

Zhao Xiaochun
构建人类命运共同体理念是以习近平为核心的党中央就解决事关人类前途命运的重大问题所提出的中国方案,同时也是引领中国外交的核心理念与行动指南。在这一理念的指引下,中国外交目标、国际定位、外交理念与外交实践等诸多方面都发生了显著创新。基于对世界大势的准确把握,以及人类命运的深刻思考,中国将构建人类命运共同体确立为中国外交的新目标。为实现这一目标,中国进一步明确了自身作为“世界和平的建设者”、“全球发展的贡献者”、“国际秩序的维护者”的国际新定位;实现了外交战略思想从“韬光养晦、有所作为”到更加“奋发有为”、“积极有为”的理念更新;开展了以发挥引领新作用、开创合作新模式、承担大国新责任为主要特征的外交实践创新。 The idea of building "a community of a shared future for mankind" is put forward by the Central Committee of the CPC under the leadership of Xi Jinping. The idea is not only the Chinese plan to solve major problems related to the future and destiny of mankind, but also a guiding principle and guideline for its diplomacy. Under the guidance of this idea, significant innovations have taken place within many aspects of China's...

国际安全治理视阈下的新型国际关系:理想与现实 / A New Form of International Relations from the Perspective of International Security Governance: Ideal and Reality

Liu Dan
国际安全治理是中国学界近年推出的一种新的国际政治理念、国际政治话语。国际安全治理又与“人类命运共同体”、“新型国际关系”、“一带一路倡议”等密切关联。中国提出的国际安全治理理念与新型国际关系,较之经典国际政治与国际关系理论有四点不同,包括坚持相互尊重原则、平等原则,在重大国际事务上坚持“共商、共建、共享”,坚持摒弃传统的“弱肉强食”法则;坚持公平正义原则,反对富国剥削穷国、主张按公平公正原则解决各种全球性问题;坚持和平、合作、共赢原则,维护世界和平与可持续安全,反对冷战思维、反对扩军备战和结盟活动;坚持开放原则,在开放中实现“五通”,包括政策沟通、设施联通、贸易畅通、资金融通、民心相通等。中国之所以倡导“新型国际关系”、“人类命运共同体”理念以及倡导国际安全治理理念,是因为全球化时代产生了各种全球性问题,需要站在全球高度解决之,而西方倡导的经典国际关系理念和安全理念已不足以解决这些问题。同时,中国长期受经典国际政治与国际关系理论之害,寄望于新型国际关系理论与国际安全治理理论。 International security governance is a new international political concept and international political discourse coined by Chinese academics in recent years. This term is closely related to "a community of a shared future for mankind", "a new form of international relations", "the Belt and Road Initiative", etc. There are four different points between China's view on international security governance, its new form of international relations and the classical theories on international political and international relations....

A Time-Limit Running Wild? Article 39(2) CISG and Domestic Limitation Periods

Ulrich Schroeter
Article 39(2) of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods of 11 April 1980 (CISG) imposes a cut-off period on the buyer's remedies for the delivery of non-conforming goods, depriving the buyer of all remedies under the CISG if he has not given notice of non-conformity to the seller within two years after the goods were handed over. Despite the fact that the CISG itself contains no rules on the...

Entire Agreement Clauses: Convergence between US and Danish Contract Law?

Katerina Mitkidis & Thomas Neumann
The majority of worldwide concluded commercial contracts are nowadays written in English and based on Anglo-American contract models. This happens regardless of the governing law of the specific contract. When relying on those models, contractual parties often embrace not only the actual wording, but also the contract drafting style typical for common law countries. In this way, common law concepts and rules can be transferred to civil law jurisdictions, however, without certainty about the legal...

GIS-baseret havplanlægning i Østersøregionen

Lise Schrøder & Henning Sten Hansen
Indenfor de seneste årtier er der en langt mere omfattende udnyttelse af havets ressourcer og et særligt fokus på vækstpotentialet i den ”blå økonomi”. Samtidig er der en erkendelse af behovet for en mere helhedsorienteret håndtering og planlægning af den menneskelige aktivitet, som påvirker det marine miljø og dets økosystemer. Danmark skal senest i 2021 have sin første havplan klar. En forudsætning er i den sammenhæng, at der fi ndes egnede planlægningsværktøjer, og at der...

Rewilding som planmål i Antropocæn

Rasmus Ejrnæs, Jesper Bladt & Camilla Fløjgaard
Der er langt fra det moderne kulturlandskab med monotone marker og netværk af bebyggelser med veje og jernbaner til det vildnis, som var biodiversitetens vugge. De arter, der udgør biodiversiteten i dag, opstod i de forhistoriske økosystemer, hvor floderne gik over bredderne, stormfald og brande raserede skove og krat, og elefanter, næsehorn, heste, urokser og andre store dyr trampede og gnavede sig gennem økosystemerne. Det er netop menneskets tæmning af vildnisset, som er årsagen til...

Energy Use: Electricity System in West Africa and Climate Change Impact

Abiodun Suleiman Momodu
This article investigates a low carbon pathway, the theoretical frame for understanding the trade-offs between economic development and climate change. An already developed model - Electricity Planning-Low Carbon Development (EP-LCD) - was adapted and modified to examine the nonlinear relationship between generation adequacy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction for better targeted strategic regional intervention on climate change. Two broad scenarios - Base and LCD Option - were tested for the West African Power Pool...

Understanding the local energy transitions process: a systematic review

Sujeetha Selvakkumaran & Erik O. Ahlgren
The objective of this paper is to better understand the local energy transitions process, given the importance of local energy transitions. A systematic literature search was conducted and 18 core and 18 peripheral papers on local energy transitions were selected. The 18 core papers were assessed using the framework given by Turnheim et. al. [1]. Findings show that local energy transitions have characteristics or features which are not adequately explained by the framework used. Sources...

Travels with LCA

Anne Rønning
The PhD Series of The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Aalborg University

Tele-Rehabilitation of Upper Limb Function in Stroke Patients using Microsoft Kinect

Daniel Simonsen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University

Thiazide diuretics and hyponatremia in relation to osteoporosis

Christian Kruse
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University

Computer Vision Based Methods for Detection and Measurement of Psychophysiological Indicators

Ramin Irani
The PhD Series of The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Aalborg University


Prashant Shantaram Dhotre
The PhD Series of The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Aalborg University

Information-Theoretic Aspects of Low-Latency Communications

Kasper Fløe Trillingsgaard
The PhD Series of The Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Aalborg University

Safe Hands

Christian Uhrenholdt Madsen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

What is wrong with grammar?

Richard Madsen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of the Humanities, Aalborg University


Ahmad Sedaghat, Ammar Al Shalabi, Armin Eilaghi & M. El Haj Assad
A useful project is identified for the semester-four diploma students in their final workshop of mechanical engineering program in the school of engineering at Australian college of Kuwait (ACK). ACK is putting significant emphasis in project based learning (PBL) and is developing new courses for both diploma and degree programs according to PBL style. In the final workshop project, it is required that the students design and manufacture a foldable laptop riser during fourteen weeks...

Product modularity and its effects on the manufacturing firm

Henrike Engele Elisabeth Boer
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Essays on stochastic modeling in electricity markets

Anca Pircalabu
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University


Michael Ørsted
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Engaging the Shopping Experience

Sanne Dollerup Sørensen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of the Humanities, Aalborg University

A Case Study of Formative Assessment Using Mobile Applications and Peripherals to Encourage ‘Real-Life’ Critical Analysis in the Biosciences

Daniel J Peart, Orrin J Fairhead & Keyleigh A Stamp
This paper shares a practice of encouraging critical analysis in science students by comparing mobile applications and peripherals to traditional tools to record physiological variables such as heart rate and blood pressure. A progressive series of case studies is described with learning outcomes mapped to the benchmark statement for Bioscience from the United Kingdom's Quality Assurance Agency. A student reflection and staff commentary of the practice is also offered.

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