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EaaS: Electricity as a Service?

Yueqiang Xu, Petri Ahokangas & Emmanuelle Reuter
1 Purpose Innovative business models have been transforming and disrupting traditional industries in an unprecedented speed. The energy industry is no exception. The advent of smart grid has initiated paradigm shifts from traditional product-based business models to service provision. An essential question is that, “How can energy industry create and capture new value from service business, turning the existing product-based business model to service orientation?” 2 Research gaps This study addresses research gaps regarding 1)...

Extending the Business-to-Business (B2B) model towards a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) model for Telemonitoring Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

Andrija S. Grustam, Hubertus J.M. Vrijhoef, Vasilis Poulikidis, Ron Koymans & Johan L. Severens
Purpose: We describe and perform an initial evaluation of the extension of the Business-to-Business model to a Business-to-Consumer model for telemonitoring of patients with chronic heart failure. Design/methodology/approach: We explored the problems in implementation of telemonitoring via the B2B model by means of a root cause analysis, including the 5-whys method to help us understand the shortcomings of the B2B approach, and then the 5W1H method to explore whether the B2C is a better strategy....

Acting, interacting, enacting

Spencer Hazel
This study followed the rehearsals of a 2014 Copenhagen theatre production of Margaret Edson’s play WIT. The play depicts the palliative care provision of a woman diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer, with an important theme of the narrative centering around the dehumanizing practices that result from professional medical treatment of the body, rather than of the person. I adopt an interaction analytic approach to investigate how theatre practitioners develop representations of interaction in clinical environments....

Specialized Languages

Birthe Mousten & Anne Lise Laursen
Across different fields of research, one feature is often overlooked: the use of language for specialized purposes (LSP) as a cross-discipline. Mastering cross-disciplinarity is the precondition for communicating detailed results within any field. Researchers in specialized languages work cross-disciplinarily, because they work with both derivative and contributory approaches. Derivative, because specialized language retrieves its philosophy of science as well as methods from both the natural sciences, social sciences and humanistic sciences. Contributory because language results...

Validating Arts Research

Robin Nelson
This article reflects on the worth of the arts in an academic context partly in the light of the author’s experience of formal UK research audit as a sub-panel member (RAE 2008; REF 2014). First the article outlines the emergence and development of UK audit culture, bringing out its upsides and downsides as perceived from different points of view. It proceeds to consider the formal acceptance of practice-based arts inquiries as knowledge-producing within the academy...

Iberian Electricity Market spot and futures prices: comovement and lead-lag relationship analysis

Marta Ferreira Dias
Traditionally, the literature on energy prices relied on cointegration methods to study the long-run relation between spot and futures prices and correlation analysis or causality tests to observe lead-lag relationships between them. In this paper we examine the comovements and lead-lag relationships within the Iberian electricity market using the continuous wavelet transform which operates in the time-frequency domain. This analysis may allow to distinguish relations at given frequencies and given time horizons. Empirical evidence for...

Dolphins Who Blow Bubbles

Catherine Lord
Heinsen's article also allows us to trace a shift; a shift from the more politically oriented readings of transgression (how are boundaries established) to how these boundaries are negotiated in a diversity of cultural practices. One example of this is Catherine Lord, who in Dolphins Who Blow Bubbles shows how a documentary film may become transgressive in the practices it exposes and the ways the film forces us to engage with both cultural thresholds and...

Teaching against the Tide

Camille Alexander
In the same vein, we find transgression in what is perhaps an unlikely place; the classroom and educational practices. Two articles emphasize the need for transgression in education. The first, Camille Alexander's Teaching Against the Tide suggests that transgressing a canonical syllabus becomes a way of creating a contact zone between students and professors, thereby increasing students' learning and engagement in classes.

The Transgressive Posture

Peter Lemish
Considering this trajectory of the uses (or should one rather speak of the abuses?) of transgression, we can identify a number of clusters. Broadly speaking, there is a tendency to either use transgression in a socio-political context (identifying practices which move beyond the permissible or social norms), locating transgression in cultural practices (the ways we interact with the world) and finally in aesthetic practices (moving beyond the norms and conventions created by the fiction of...

Paglia’s Central Myth

Brian Russell Graham
This piece aims to rescue Camille Paglia from waves of unsympathetic critics. The article asks what it is that she actually stands for. Employing the religious metaphors of “fallen” and “restored”, as well as the idea of “sacraments”, it argues that what is uppermost in the work of Paglia is a concern with a fallen state connected to sex and gender alignment (disempowering for both men and women) and a risen state in which self-fulfilment...

Of Male Bondage

Steen Christiansen
Classical Hollywood melodrama, often referred to as “women’s films,” are defined through their heightened emotional intensity and their confrontation of social issues. While usually regarded as finished by the late 1950s, in the past decade melodrama has returned in the different form of the male melodrama, articulating a concern with and anxiety of male frailty. In Nicolas Winding Refn’s delirious male melodrama Only God Forgives (2013), violence takes the place of crying as the expression...

Professions, Paradoxes and Management

Alice Juel Jacobsen
Reform of the public sector has been on the agenda in Denmark, as in many other western countries, during the last two or three decades. New Public Management (NPM) has had major implications for professions and the managers who are handling the changes and creating new organizations - “the front line providers and supporters of public services”, as they are described by Farrel and Morris (2003: 136). An overlooked aspect in the literature on professions...

Den ideelle leder

Lise-Lotte Holmgreen
Den ideelle leder. How is the ideal leader constructed in the Danish corporate sector? Is it the result-oriented and dynamic analyst or the empathic and collaborative communicator who is in demand? Both types exist, but the analysis of management job ads from the Danish job databases, Stepstone and Job Index, indicates that the first type is more in demand among Danish businesses than the second one (Holmgreen, manuscript). Taking the starting point in framing (Evans...

Manners, Social Behavior and Freedom of Speech

Helle Porsdam
The article discusses the question whether freedom of speech is unlimited or not. With the point of departure in article 10 of the Euro¬pean Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) which first mentions “the right to freedom of expression,” but then immediately narrows this right, the article moves on to the American writer Henry James, who was preoccupied with this necessity to guard against hateful remarks. And one of the conclusions of the article is that...

The Community of Rights

Jonas Ross Kjærsgård
This article is about the negotiation of the limits of the community of rights in the age of the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror, and it has a special emphasis on the question of women’s rights. The relatively unknown author and political activist Olympe de Gouges is used as a case with focus on the radical and egalitarian part of her thinking. De Gouges’s challenge to a normative understanding of sexual differences and...

Exhibits from the Life of Bodies

Cam Scott
The article discusses the aesthetic practice and the philosophical implications of exhibition of human remains, so-called body exhibitions. The article discusses many cases of this practice from Medieval Dances of Death to present-day zombie-lore.

The fabrication of the mathematics teacher as neoliberal subject

Alex Montecino Munoz

A conceptual framework for the ethics of synthetic biology

Mette Ebbesen, Svend Andersen & Finn Skou Pedersen
Synthetic biology is an emerging and promising interdisciplinary field of research. Synthetic biology deals with the design of new biological units, devices to build artificial life, or the redesign of existing natural biological systems with possible applications within many diverse areas such as energy, environment, food, and medicine. In this way, synthetic biology may help solve some of the challenges the world is facing in the 21st century. However, it is of the utmost importance...

Udvikling af et klinisk blik

Malene Kjær
The article sheds light on a specific practice in the hospital wards: Student nurses developing a clinical professional vision by participating in interactions with patients in clinical settings. Through a multimodal interactional analysis of four short data excerpts the article aims to show how a professional vision is not just learned by being a participant with the patient, but how instruction beforehand and assessment after works together with the practice of participating with the patient....

Antibiotika i almen praksis

Johanna Lindell
Patient involvement and shared decision making (SDM) in treatment is increasingly on the health care agenda both nationally and internationally. Studies have shown that the benefits of actively including patients in decisions about their health care improves their health, satisfaction and agency, as well as being more cost-efficient (SUM 2014,2). SDM has been shown helpful in the primary sector in lowering the use of antibiotics (Legare et al 2012), where growing resistance due to antibiotic...

Opening up the Humanities

Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld
Despite humanistic knowledge and methods are vital in many relationships and societal contexts, humanities are struggling to get its messages out. This article addresses the development of new and engaging ways of opening up the humanities by investigating how art can serve as an experiential humanities exploratorium. The article probes how a concrete project, Camping Women, becomes a boundary object which bridges across people, art and humanities communities. The findings from the study confirm that...

The Transgressive Literacy of the Comic Maidservant in Tobias Smollett’s Humphry Clinker

Kathleen Tamayo Alves
Kathleen Alves' article The Transgressive Literacy of the Comic Maidservant in Tobias Smollett's 'Humphry Clinker' returns us to social tensions by discussing the "servant problem" in Tobias Smoellett's Humphry Clinker, where servants are revealed to not exist as external subjects but instead as attendants in the discursive formation of the modern family.

Does the Porn Star Blush?

Charlie Blake & Beth Johnson
A more philosophically-oriented discussion of transgression and the heteronormative comes in Charlie Blake and Beth Johnson's article Does the Porn Star Blush?, where they discuss ideas of post-transgression in the representation of explicit sexual acts in film, where non-pornographic modes of representation may point towards a search for authenticity in the cinematic image.

Genre transgression in interactive works

Claus A. Foss Rosenstand
A similar formalist interest governs Claus A. Foss Rosenstand'sarticle Genre Transgression in Interactive Works, where Rosenstand argues for the genre transgression of interactive works as creating what he refers to as the simulative genre, characterized by the transformation of the communicator into a simulator, thus creating a framework for analysing any interactive text.

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