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Tales of Tourism

Karina M. Smed
Tales of Tourism - Global Changes and tourism discourse by Karina Smedpresents us with what has been the dominant discourse of tourism, i.e. a discourse which has had its roots in the West's economic and cultural hegemony and the problem of the formation of identity from the dichotomy "self" and the "others". The author discusses to which extent tourism discourse is global as the reception of it has been different depending on the context. Moreover,...

Verdensklasse eller blålys

Sune Auken
Sune Auken's contribution to this volume, World Class or Will-o'-the-Wisp, discusses a new global narrative about the universities. A narrative that has become more and more worldwide and makes itself prevalent, and whose purpose is to apply the logics of business institutions to the universities in order to measure them better and to make them more useful. Auken questions the value of competition criteria derived from business organizations (competition between organizations) for the universities that...

(Re)design of Complex Manufacturing Supply Chains

Jesper Norman Asmussen

Identification-of-self through a yoga-travel-spirit nexus

Patrick J. Holladay & Lauren M. Ponder
This article examines a heuristic paradigm of a yoga-spirit-travel nexus and its agency on the identification-of-self. In the ancient Sanskrit yoga means union or yoke. Yoga practice may act as a yoking or linking element between self-identity and spiritual development such that yoga travel may lead to the enhancement of self-identity for the yogi traveler. Conceptually, the practice of yoga acts as a catalyst for travel to partake in foreign yoga experiences. Both during travel...

Why walk when you can teleport?

Nick Webber
Travel constitutes a significant activity in the majority of Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs), whether players are pursuing quests, trading, adventuring or simply exploring. Yet not all journeys are equal, and the roles of, and responses to, various journeys demonstrate a number of interesting interpretations of travel. From one perspective, journeys in games are simply consumers of time: notably, World of Warcraft obtained the nickname “World of Walking” due to player perceptions that there...

The Travails of Sal Paradise

Bent Sørensen
The article considers one of two unresolvable paradoxes in Kerouac’s life and writing, namely his desire for constant motion while simultaneously requiring order and stability, and his desire to valorize deviance and madness positively in others, while deeply fearing it within himself. The journeys in On the Road (1957) are thus a metaphor for socially triggered psychological travails. The central observing character, Sal Paradise, is caught in a double bind. He is explicitly searching for...

Writing the Mists of Memory

Lénia Marques
Henri Michaux (Namur, 1899 – Paris, 1984) and Nicolas Bouvier (Geneva, 1929-1998) are two travellers who write about their experiences between the real and the imaginary Their narrative are the fruit of complex and dynamic processes that deal in first instance with memory. In this paper, I propose to analyse the metamorphosis motivated by some journeys of the writers, enhancing the difficulties, often the pain, inherent to the act of writing. Firstly, we will look...

The Parthians between Rome and China

Leonardo Gregoratti
Following the expansion westwards of the Chinese Han Empire at the end of the 1st century AD the Parthian kingdom entered China’s political horizon. Gan Ying, a Chinese envoy was at the head of a diplomatic mission charged with establishing direct contacts and business relationships with the Roman Empire, the final destination for most of the goods they were exporting to the West. Gan Ying was able to reach Arsacid-controlled south Mesopotamia. Although very close...

All Writings Great and Small

John S. Vassar
The world of James Herriot has expanded far beyond its British beginnings. The stories of this Yorkshire veterinarian and his work in the fictitious town of Darrowby, have reached around the globe. His works have been translated into dozens of languages and read in numerous countries. Despite (or perhaps because of) his popularity, there has been little critical examination of Herriot’s literary corpus. With a handful of exceptions, the Academy has largely turned a blind...

En verden Hinsides

Jens Lohfert Jørgensen
This article deals with the Danish author Helga Johansen’s autobiographical novel Hinsides (1900) as an example of a distinctive body of works written around the turn of the century that deal with mental disorder. The article consists of two main parts. In the first, a short reflection of the genre of the so-called pathography is followed by a longer discussion of the relationship between gender, mental disorder and writing around the turn of the century....

De kvindefokuserede dramedieserier

Mads Møller Andersen
Mads Møller Andersen’s article discusses the representation of female roles in TV dramedy shows by exploring previous dramedies such as the glamorous Sex And The City and comparing them to the more unconventional dramedies of today: HBO’s Girls and Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. The central thesis of the article is that there has been a certain trend during the latest two decades within the dramedy genre where a group of dramedies have focused...

Become Metric-Wise

Poul Melchiorsen

Cognitive Exploration Strategies and Collective Decision-Making in Entrepreneurial Business Modelling

Tassilo Henike & Katharina Hölzle
Our Business Model (BM) teaching concept helps students to understand the impact of individuals’ cognition and usefulness of BM tools in the uncertain entrepreneurial process of designing a first business logic. Didactically, it follows the ‘Experiential Learning Cycle’ including individual preparations, class discussions, and individual as well as group experiments.

Barriers and motivations for solar photovoltaic (PV) adoption in urban Nigeria

Anthony Ifeanyi Ugulu
For decades, Nigerian households have endured unreliable national electricity supply which have stifled economic growth and socio-economic development. As nations shift to green electricity adoption and a commitment to lowering their carbon footprint, opportunities arise for developing countries like Nigeria to improve supply using solar PV for power generation. At over 50% private power systems ownership, the majority of urban Nigerian households rely on self-generation using expensive petrol and diesel-powered generators. With PV generated electricity...

Insights from teaching sustainable business models using a MOOC and a Hackathons

Niels Faber & Jan Jonker
We provide two teaching approaches, developed to teach sustainable business modeling to Bachelor and Master students. First, we present a MOOC on developing "new business models" focusing on practitioners in society. Second, we describe an approach in which students develop sustainable business models using a Hackathon as the teaching format.

Developing a viable Business Model for Start-ups at the Gruendungsgarage

Christiana Mueller, Elisabeth Poandl & Martin Glinik
Developing a viable business model is crucial when founding a start-up. This paper presents how this is achieved in the Gruendungsgarage initiative for start-ups following an experience-oriented teaching approach including a blended-learning business model workshop. Insights from instructors and participants allow the proven concept to be adopted to other formats.

Explore, Understand, Share and Show How

Ian Coxon
At our engineering research centre we have been applying hermeneutic phenomenology in a broad spectrum of projects for understanding everyday human experience. Through our work, we have experimented with and explored creative ways to ‘get into’ the lives of participants within the health, pharmaceuticals, education, manufacturing and local government sectors. Some of our ideas are a little unorthodox but we are discovering that they work and can provide powerful insights into the everyday ‘natural’ worlds...

The Dispositif of Creativity & The Subjectification of the Creative Individual

Martin Mølholm
Based on the work of primarily Michel Foucault, this article explores how the late-modern human being is incited to be a creative individual; which attitudes, actions, behavior and discourses the individual is inscribed with, and governed by. With reference to contemporary research on creativity, the article’s focus will be on the discourse of creative learning, described in its contemporary appearance. Thus, the article scrutinizes the regularities of statements, which form the creative learning discourse, and...

Finding Oneself Lost in Enquiry

Mo Mandi´C
Drawing on Heidegger’s later writings on Hölderlin’s poetry, this paper explores the existential significance of being a researcher. Heidegger’s characterisation of our being-in-the-world is used as a basis for exploring Hölderlin’s poem, “Remembrance” in order to to throw light on the experience of undertaking research. The paper argues that the very phenomena of familiarity, disorientation, and illumination characterise this process of researching.

Turning Gigabytes into Gigs

Deb Verhoeven, Alwyn Davidson, Alex Gionfriddo, James Verhoeven & Peter Gravestock
Complex data is challenging to understand when it is represented as written communication even when it is structured in a table. However, choosing to represent data in creative ways can aid our understanding of complex ideas and patterns. In this regard, the creative industries have a great deal to offer data-intensive scholarly disciplines. Music, for example, is not often used to interpret data, yet the rhythmic nature of music lends itself to the representation and...

Revealing Hearts

Kristin Falck Saghaug, Georg Pattison & Peter Lindgren
Some small business owners want to balance personal values as well as economic values. “I have to follow my heart” or “it must be meaningful” some of them say. But how might they be able to know what gives meaning to the heart? The philosophical theologian Paul Tillich finds that the problem is that ‘controlling knowledge’ (e.g., technical testing) might be safe but unimportant, while ‘receiving knowledge’, that can only be verified by direct participation...

Creativity in phenomenological methodology

Pia Dreyer, Bente Martinsen, Annelise Norlyk & Anita Haahr
Nursing research is often concerned with lived experiences in human life using phenomenological and hermeneutic approaches. These empirical studies may use different creative expressions and art-forms to describe and enhance an embodied and personalised understanding of lived experiences. Drawing on the methodologies of van Manen, Dahlberg, Lindseth & Norberg, the aim of this paper is to argue that the increased focus on creativity and arts in research methodology is valuable to gain a deeper insight...

Rewarding and Promoting Creativity

Lukasz Swiatek
Awards and prizes are designed to encourage creativity. They help stimulate and promote it among professionals and members of publics-at-large. This article focuses on ex-post accolades. It argues that, although these honours promote old and new approaches to creativity, it is the old approaches that tend to dominate in the international ex-post reward system, especially in the sciences. The Nobel Prizes, and particularly the Nobel Museum, serve as the article’s case study, with an analysis...

How play enhances creativity in problem based learning

Ann Charlotte Thorsted
This article draws on 20 Danish university students’ reflections in and on a Problem-based Learning process (PBL). The study showed how a more playful approach changed how the students collaborated, communicated, and approached a given task. They felt more creative, open minded and engaged compared to some of their earlier learning experiences. They sensed a change in how they interacted with each other, a different tone arose in their social bonding, which led to the...


Tobias Raun
Tobias Rauns Skærmfødsler – en undersøgelse af det transformative potentiale i unge transkønnedes video blogs på YouTube. (Screen births – An examination of the transformative potential in the video blogs of young transgendered people on YouTube). The point of departure of the article is the rising number of video blogs (vlogs) on YouTube, where young transgendered people document and discuss their gender transformations. The article argues that these vlogs are a tool for staging the...

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