110 Works

The fabrication of the mathematics teacher as neoliberal subject

Alex Montecino Munoz

Radio propagation for the next generation mobile communication system

Johannes Hejselbæk

Supply chain capabilities for industrial symbiosis: Lessons from the cement industry

Ernst Johannes Prosman

Fremragende ledelse er noget, vi gør sammen: Relationel ledelse i kommunal administrativ forvaltning

Camilla Valbak Andersen

Designing for Meaningfulness in Future Smart Products

Vanessa Carpenter

Preparation and characteristics of glass foam

Martin Bonderup Østergaard

Development of next generation energy system simulation tools for district energy

Anders N. Andersen

Energy-efficient control of shopping center HVAC

Joakim Børlum Petersen

What Do Humanities Researchers Do?

Lasse Gøhler Johansson


Filip Gertz Lysdal

Sociale konsekvenser af børnekræft

Line Thoft Carlsen

Wheat Dough Characterisation at Industrial Bakeries

Anne-Sophie Schou Jødal

Qualifying Circular Economy in Building Design Practice

Leonora Charlotte Malabi Eberhardt

Yonghao Gui, Karthikeyan Nainar & Catalin-Iosif Ciontea

Yonghao Gui

Assessing gait quality and quantity using accelerometry

Patrick Joseph Crowley

Protective Mechanisms in Lower Limb to Noxious Stimuli

Fabricio Ariel Jure

Musculoskeletal modelling of manual material handling in the supermarket sector

Sebastian Laigaard Skals

Socioeconomic differences in care and outcomes after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Sidsel Gamborg Møller

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