52 Works

Preparation and characteristics of glass foam

Martin Bonderup Østergaard

Designing for Meaningfulness in Future Smart Products

Vanessa Carpenter

Development of next generation energy system simulation tools for district energy

Anders N. Andersen

Supply chain capabilities for industrial symbiosis: Lessons from the cement industry

Ernst Johannes Prosman

The fabrication of the mathematics teacher as neoliberal subject

Alex Montecino Munoz

Fremragende ledelse er noget, vi gør sammen: Relationel ledelse i kommunal administrativ forvaltning

Camilla Valbak Andersen

Radio propagation for the next generation mobile communication system

Johannes Hejselbæk

Modeling and Power Quality Assessment in Shipboard Microgrids

Wenzhao Liu

The Importance of Social Relationships for Mental and Physical Health.

Linda Ejlskov Jeppesen

Network Coding for Distributed Cloud, Fog and Data Center Storage

Marton A. Sipos

Design Research Epistemologies III

Ole B. Jensen, Elias Melvin Christiansen & Andreas Victoria Hernandez Bueno

Exploring the energy-economy interplay: A Spanish case study

Emmanuel Aramendia

Børns processuelle rettigheder i tvangsanbringelsessager

Anne Mørk Pedersen

Reliability-Oriented Design and Optimization of Photovoltaic Microinverters

Yanfeng Shen

Challenges and new potential in COPD diagnosis and pulmonary function testing

Stine Hangaard

Electrical Oscillations in Wind Power Plants: Modeling, Control, and Mitigation

Esmaeil Ebrahimzadeh

Disturbance Feedback Control for Industrial Systems: Practical Design with Robustness

Fukiko Kawai

Interaction Design for Sustainable Energy Consumption in the Smart Home

Rikke Hagensby Jensen

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