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Comparison of driving cycles obtained by the Micro-trips, Markov-chains and MWD-CP methods

José Ignacio Huertas, Luis Felipe Quirama, Michael Daniel Giraldo & Jenny Diaz
This work compared the Micro-trips, Markov-chains and the MWD-CP methods in their ability of constructing driving cycles (DCs) that represent local driving patterns. For this purpose, we used a database made of 138 time series of speed obtained monitoring during two months a fleet of 15 transit buses operating on roads with different levels of service, traffic and road grades, under normal conditions of use. Then, we used 16 characteristic parameters, such as mean speed...

Energy sustainability indicators based on UN goals and Urban themes to measure energy sustainability for developing countries using SEDIInvestigating energy sustainability indicators for developing countries

Ali Armin Razmjoo
The study is an attempt to identify and apply a set of energy sustainability indicators by policymakers and energy experts as a suggestion for the developing countries. Also, this paper presents an analysis of sustainable energy development index (SEDI) between 10 developing countries. Actually, this study shows a relative situation of energy sustainability for 10 developing countries in different areas of the world. At first, will gather required data for four years and belongs to...

Teaching Business Models via Blended-Learning

René Bohnsack & Alina Margolina
The paper at hand describes the application of an online venture creation platform, the Smart Business Modeler, for teaching business model development. The tool has been applied as a part of an experiment with a blended learning approach in an educational setting. The paper presents the results of the experiment.

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The Journal of Somaesthetics, Årg. 5 Nr. 1 (2019): BODY FIRST: Somaesthetics and Popular Culture

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The Journal of Somaesthetics, Årg. 5 Nr. 1 (2019): BODY FIRST: Somaesthetics and Popular Culture


The Journal of Somaesthetics, Årg. 5 Nr. 1 (2019): BODY FIRST: Somaesthetics and Popular Culture

The impact of examination ridden system of education on democracy in education in Uganda: an implication for policy change

Stephen Odama
Uganda is a democracy, but the education system is dominated by examinations at all stages and there are variations in performance between regions of Uganda and schools in Uganda CertificatRee of Education (UCE) examinations. The purpose of this study was to comparatively examine the impact of emphasising examinations in secondary schools on democracy in education system. Data was collected using questionnaires and interviews, data from teachers, students, school leaders, and parents in secondary schools, and...

Preface to special issue: stability, democracy and rights

Jens Seeberg

A research framework for second nonverbal code acquisition

Mariel Lee Schroeder
Nonverbal communication and language are two important components of human communication, yet the relationship between the two is severely understudied. One important question – When is learning another culture’s foreign language not enough to be an effective communicator? – has special applicability to teachers and students of foreign languages. Compared to the acquisition of second languages, very little is known about the acquisition of second nonverbal codes. The extent to which different forms of nonverbal...

Erratum: Two directions of change in one corpus

Marie Møller Jensen
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 12 February 2015: Marie Møller Jensen Two directions of change in one corpus: Phonology vs morphosyntax in Tyneside English - DOI: https://doi.org/10.5278/ojs.globe.v1i0.698 References to Rowe (2009) have been added in the text and a footnote has been added noting the diverging findings of said study and the one reported in the paper at hand. Cheshire et al. (2005) argue that different levels of language do not necessarily follow the same patterns of change...

Citizenship and social security of landless Dalits in Nepal

Tilak Biswakarma
The intertwined relationship between rights and responsibilities are reciprocal between people and the State. Citizenship and land ownership are fundamental means through which people's relationship with the State is adjudged and determined. The study explores how the lack of accessibility of land ownership and citizenship certificate affects peoples' civil, political and social rights. The same is concluded through the case study of landless Dalits. To factor the relationship between landlessness, citizenship and social security; unstructured...

The impact of returning home after the twenty-year armed conflict in the Acoli sub-region in Uganda: the case of Nwoya

Charles Okumu
A number of successive coup d’états in Uganda from the Amin coup in 1971, the Okello coup in 1985, followed by Yoweri Museveni’s seize of power in 1986 marked the beginning of the twenty-year war by the remnants of the Acoli Generals, Alice Lakwena and Joseph Kony, armies against the Government army for supremacy over Acoliland. The insurgency forced some of the educated Acoli to flee into exile, while the majority was forced into the...

Metaphoric conceptualization of International Criminal Court justice and peace building in Kenya

Philip Lumwamu, Florence Ngesa Indede & Peter Maina Matu
In this paper, the metaphoric conceptualization of the International Criminal Court (ICC) indictment discourse in Kenya is examined through a data-driven analysis. Much scholarly writing on the ICC intervention in Kenya has concentrated on the functionality of the Court as a transitional justice mechanism. Little has been said though about the role of language in the advancement the ICC objectives in the transitional justice debates in Kenya. This article adopts an approach that integrates linguistic...

Virtual Round Table on Innovation for Smart and Sustainable Cities

Paola Clerici Maestosi, Peter Berkowitz, Han Brezet, Jonas Bylund & Giovanni Vetritto
A Dialogue between Paola Clerici Maestosi and Giovanni Vetritto (IT), Olga Kordas (SE), Johhanes Brezet (NL/DK) and Jonas Bylund (SE)

Tools, technologies and systems integration for the Smart and Sustainable Cities to come

Poul Alberg Østergaard & Paola Clerici Maestosi

How can Urban Manufacturing contribute to a more sustainable energy system in cities?

Tanja Tötzer, Romana Stollnberger, Roland Krebs & Mara Haas
The paper explores future opportunities as well as challenges arising from urban manufacturing (UM) regarding the design of sustainable energy systems for cities. Global trends affect the type of production (e.g. Industry 4.0) as well as the industrial structure (e.g. convergence of services and production) of UM in cities. This causes new requirements but also new options for the urban energy system. The study presented in this paper examines this area of tension and explores...

Reassessing China’s Growing Presence in the Arctic

Xiaowen Zheng
Abstract: This paper intends to provide an analytical framework to interpret China’s growing presence in the Arctic from the perspective of world-system theory. I have set up the analytical framework from the following four aspects. Firstly, China’s externalizing behavior in the Arctic region is governed by the internalized law of value of the modern world-system, i.e., the endless accumulation of capital. Secondly, China has benefited and is still benefiting from the division of labor, with...

Local Bureaucracies in rural Argentina

Ana Paula Caruso
The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies, Vol 9 No 1 (2018): Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies: A Mosaic

Volume 1: The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies

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The Existentialistic Premise of the Thermonuclear Dilemma

Andreas Aagaard Nøhr
This essay explores the thermonuclear dilemma in a timeless and universal philosophical context – a purely epistemological plain. Drawing upon ideas from Rousseau, classical realists such as Morgenthau and Niebuhr, and contemporary thinkers such as Bent Flyvbjerg, this essay first explores the theoretical possibilities of a world state; secondly, it explores the possibilities for transformation and mechanisms of change; and thirdly, it reflects upon some philosophical concerns with regard to contemporary opportunities and imminent difficulties....

The Clean Development Mechanism and Its Failure in Delivering Sustainable Development

Birthe Vichit Petersen & Kamille Bollerup
The main purpose of this paper is to critically analyse and assess the functions of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in the context of the expressed expected outcomes versus actual outcomes. The CDM as a market mechanism is argued to function to perfection, but seems to fail in terms of delivering the expected development benefits. This paper attempts to delineate why the CDM undermines its sustainable development component of its dual objective and, to some...

The Domestic Use of European Policies: European Regional Policies in Eastern Germany and Southern Italy

Joerg Baudner
Although network governance and multi-level governance approaches have had to revise some of their claims, comparative empirical research and revised conceptualisations of the impact of European regional policies are rare. This paper conceives of European regional policy as a process of policy diffusion in which the supply side of (European) policies and the demand side of the domestic arena can be linked in different ways. The paper will present, firstly, an analysis of the opportunity...

Reclaiming the Land: Third World Environmental Movements and the Global Environmental Discourse

Sarah Young, Moses Mbongo Ndiformache & Christine Nakiyingi
In recent decades, environmentalism has gained strength and importance in various arenas. The introduction of sustainable development brought the environment into mainstream development and economic thought. However, there continues to be environmental degradation around the world and poor and marginalised communities often bear the brunt of environmentally harmful production processes. A concurrent movement of environmentalism is that of environmental justice, which has been utilised and strengthened by locally-based environmental movements in the Third World. This...


The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies, Vol 7: The Interdisciplinary Journal of International Studies - 2011

Marginalization of African-Americans in the Social Sphere of US Society

Linde Riphagen
This article deals with the marginalization of African-Americans in the social sphere of US society. It will discuss some general social implications of persisting racial inequalities within the society, as well as specific institutions such as the prison system and residential segregation. Those systems, directly and indirectly uphold the marginal position of African-Americans in US society. The reality continues to persist that the US remains a highly unequal society for its different races, and this...

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