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An Approach to Geotag a Web Sized Corpus of Documents with Addresses in Randstad, Netherlands

Alexander Czech
This paper describes a cluster compute workflow about how a web sized corpus of documents (3.6 ×10^9 documents, 260 TiB of data) can be geotagged and how semantic similarities of documents geotagged to the same address could be used to verify these tags.

The ‘Urban Elements’ method for teaching parametric urban design to professionals

Katja Knecht, Aurel Von Richthofen, Reinhard König & Yufan Miao
The article proposes a method for teaching advanced urban design to working professionals in Singapore. The article aims to expand the discourse on parametric urban design education by introducing 'Urban Elements' as conceptual urban design instruments with an inherent rule- based logic, which can help to bridge gaps in teaching parametric urban design thinking. The findings are based on a course developed for and delivered to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in Singapore in 2017...

Accurate and Adaptive In situ Fabrication of an Undulated Wall using an On-Board Visual Sensing System

Norman Hack, Manuel Lussi, Jonas Buchli, Kathrin Doerfler, Fabio Gramazio, Timothy Sandy & Matthias Kohler
In this paper we present a system for the in situ fabrication of a full-scale, load-bearing, and doubly-curved steel reinforced concrete wall. Two complementary vision-based sensing systems provide the feedback necessary to build a 12 meter long steel wire mesh as part of a novel digital building process. The sensing systems provide estimates of the robot pose, referenced to the CAD model of the building site, as well as feedback on the accuracy of the...

Therapy Adherence of Obese Children in a 6-Month High-Frequency Intervention

Dirk Büchter, Katrin Heldt, Tobias Kowatsch, Chen-Hsuan Iris Shih, Florian Künzler, Dominik Rüegger, Björn Brogle, Natalie Farpour-Lambert, Filipe Barata, Pauline Gindrat, Dagmar L'Allemand, Dirk Volland, Andreas Filler & Elgar Fleisch

A critical re-examination on conduction processes in gas-insulated DC devices at low electric fields

Christian Franck & Malte Tschentscher
IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 25 (4)

Interferometric Nanoparticle Detection

Sarah Kurmulis
Nanoparticles, particles with sizes between 1 and 100 nm are omnipresent in several fields ranging from high technology industries to health care and consumer goods. Biological nanoparticles include viruses, exosomes and proteins. In many applications such as health care, it is essential to detect the presence of certain nanoparticles. Moreover, it is often of high importance to measure their sizes and concentrations. Since these particles are smaller than the wavelength of light, their label-free detection...

Urban Elements: Advanced Studies in Urban Design

Yufan Miao, Reinhard König, Stephen Cairns, Katja Knecht, Kees Christiaanse, Siew Leng Fun, Dietmar Leyk & Aurel Von Richthofen

Missing Depth Cues in Virtual Reality Decrease Performance of Three-Dimensional Reaching Movements

Peter Wolf, Johnathan Mayo, Nicolas Gerig, Kilian Baur, Frieder Wittmann & Robert Riener

Smartphone-based Biofeedback Breathing Training for Stress Management

Tobias Kowatsch, Iris Shih, Marcia K. Nißen, Elgar Fleisch, Dagmar L'Allemand, Dominique Durrer & Dirk Büchter
Applied Machine Learning Days

Models of coupled settlement and habitat networks for biodiversity conservation: Conceptual framework, implementation and potential applications

Kay W. Axhausen, Maarten J. Van Strien, Rolf Holderegger, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, Amin Khiali-Miab, Ilka Dubernet, Antoine Guisan & Damian Ortiz Rodríguez
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 6

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Measurements in Laboratory and Ambient Studies

Jun Zhou
Breathing pristine clean air, a fundamental human right ever since the world was created, is threatened now and then on the road of human society development. To create the environment that supports our life in a sustainable way, we must solve the air pollution problem and at the same time continue our technologically based civilization. Although air pollution has attracted attention for centuries, the air-cleaning task is still arduous and needs long-term efforts to be...

Per-Contact Iteration Method for Solving Contact Dynamics

Jemin Hwangbo, Joonho Lee & Marco Hutter
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 3 (2)

Microscopic charge provision at interfaces of gas-insulated (HVDC/HVAC) systems

Malte Tschentscher & Christian Franck
IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 25 (4)

Text-based Healthcare Chatbots Supporting Patient and Health Professional Teams: Preliminary Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial on Childhood Obesity

Chen-Hsuan I. Shih, Dominik Rüegger, Tobias Kowatsch, Nathalie Farpour-Lambert, Filipe Barata, Pauline Gindrat, Severin Hung, Dirk Volland, Björn Brogle, Andreas Filler, Marcia Nißen, Dirk Büchter, Katrin Heldt, Florian Künzler & Dagmar L'Allemand
Persuasive Embodied Agents for Behavior Change (PEACH2017)

Band and Correlated Insulators of Cold Fermions in a Mesoscopic Lattice

Laura Corman, Pjotrs Grišins, Dominik Husmann, Samuel Häusler, Martin Lebrat, Thierry Giamarchi, Jean-Philippe Brantut & Tilman Esslinger
Physical Review X, 8 (1)

Integrating ecosystem services into spatial planning—A spatial decision support tool

Elina A. Sirén, Bettina Weibel, Jürg Altwegg, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey & Maarten J. Van Strien

La politique de Trump au Moyen-Orient

Jack Thompson
La politique de Donald Trump au Moyen-Orient marque un tournant par rapport à celle de Barack Obama. Le président actuel cherche à soutenir Israël et l’Arabie saoudite, tout en isolant l’Iran. Cette stratégie a émergé sans cohérence ni plan d’ensemble – et peu de signes indiquent que les membres du gouvernement aient mesuré les conséquences à long terme de leur approche.

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