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AlN and AlScN contour mode resonators for MEMS-based RF front ends

Andrea Lozzi
Miniaturization is a simple yet very powerful concept. Applied to devices, it opens to plethora of new applications. Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are the result of scaling down the dimensions of devices to the micron range or the nano range (NEMS). This approach, leads to objects that not only are smaller, but often perform better than their bigger counterparts. It is not then a surprise that MEMS have been object of intense research in several different...

Hydraulic-morphological habitat assessment in rivers considering residual flow, sediment replenishment and artificial flood events

Severin Stähly
Dams store water and trap sediment in their reservoirs. Downstream river segments, hence, are affected by a limited sediment dynamics. This becomes obvious by river bed incision, limited geomorphological variability and depletion of hydraulic habitats for in-stream ecological organisms. Replenishment is a measure to counteract the lack of sediment. In segments dams such a sediment replenishment can be combined with the release of an artificial flood, by activating spillways and bottom outlets. Recent laboratory studies...

Automatic L2 Regularization for Multiple Generalized Additive Models

Yousra El Bachir
Multiple generalized additive models are a class of statistical regression models wherein parameters of probability distributions incorporate information through additive smooth functions of predictors. The functions are represented by basis function expansions, whose coefficients are the regression parameters. The smoothness is induced by a quadratic roughness penalty on the functions’ curvature, which is equivalent to a weighted $L_2$ regularization controlled by smoothing parameters. Regression fitting relies on maximum penalized likelihood estimation for the regression coefficients,...

GaN Quantum Dots for Room Temperature Excitonic Physics

Sebastian Pascal Tamariz Kaufmann
Quantum dots (QDs) are the result of quantum confinement in the three spatial directions, as such they exhibit remarkable properties, of which the most important is perhaps the absence of a continuum of states. The allowed energetic levels are discrete, similarly to the energy dispersion in single atoms. As a result, for an individual QD, single photon emission can be achieved. In particular, GaN QDs display an enhanced thermal robustness in comparison to conventional III-V...

Variant selection in martensitic steels

Annick Pauline Baur
The martensitic phase transformation in steel is one of the most famous solid state transformation because of its contribution in the development of the modern industry. This transformation from a face-centered cubic (FCC) high temperature phase, called the austenite, to a metastable body-centered cubic (BCC) low temperature phase, the martensite, is crucial in the steels metallurgy, as the strength of the material relies on it. Despite numerous studies, this transformation exhibits particular features that are...

Blocking probability of large wood and resulting head increase at ogee crest spillways

Paloma Furlan
Large wood increases the hydraulic complexity of rivers, yet it may block and modify the flood discharge capacity of hydraulic structures such as bridges and spillways. When spillway blockage occurs, dangerous and hazardous situations have been observed at several dams. To assess the related risk, blocking probabilities and head increase quantifications for free surface spillways are needed. For this reason, the blocking probability of large wood and the resulting head increase is estimated, with an...

Linear Flavour-Wave Theory of SU(N) Lattice Models with Arbitrary Irreducible Representations

Francisco Hyunkyu Kim
This thesis explores various approaches of studying the long-range colour order of antiferromagnetic SU(N) Heisenberg models with the linear flavour-wave theory (LFWT). The LFWT is an extension of the well-known SU(2) spin-wave theory to SU(N), and this semi-classical method has been used to study SU(N) models with colour-ordered ground states in the fundamental irreducible representation (irrep). The aim of this thesis is to study various SU(N) Heisenberg models in different irreps and in various colour...

Architecture in the Data-driven City

Frederick Peter Ortner
In the last ten years, new sources of urban big data have made it possible for algorithms to increasingly control how the city is perceived, understood and managed by its inhabitants; this is the data-driven city. New efforts in the social sciences, like critical data studies, are beginning to describe the ways in which urban data is never completely objective and how its logics influence and shape our everyday physical world. In this thesis I...

Development of Tissue Kallikrein Inhibitors for the Treatment of Netherton Syndrome

Patrick Andreas Gonschorek
There is currently no approved treatment for Netherton syndrome, which is a severe, genetic skin disease characterized by chronic inflammation and excessive peeling of the skin. Even though the molecular disease mechanism has been assigned to the unopposed activity of the two tissue kallikrein-related peptidases 5 and 7 (KLK5 and KLK7) and has been validated in mouse models, no therapies specifically targeting these two proteases exist or are currently in clinical development. To address this,...

A Microfluidic Brain Interface for In Vivo Recording of Neurochemical Activity

Guillaume Cédric Yves Petitpierre
Neurological disorders have a strong negative impact on the quality of life of affected patients, their close relatives as well as on the health economic system. Early diagnosis associated with better treatment outcomes remain difficult to reach. Similarly, misdiagnosis is frequent and can lead to the delivery of the wrong treatment to the patient. As a matter of fact, the therapeutic strategies developed to treat Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and Parkinson's Disease (PD), two major neurodegenerative...

Long-term evolution of solid oxide fuel and electrolysis cell 3-D microstructure

Giorgio Rinaldi
Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) are highly efficient electrochemical conversion devices for the production of electricity that combine fuel flexibility with low emissions of pollutants. The reverse operation in electrolysis mode (SOEC) allows storing electrical energy into fuels, such as hydrogen and synthetic methane. The mitigation of the detrimental microstructural alterations upon long-term operation requires the understanding of the phenomena causing the changes and of the effects on the electrochemical performance. The standard electrodes fabrication...

Role of metabolism and mitochondria during glucose sensing and glucose-induced dysfunction in human pancreatic beta-cells

Isabelle Chareyron
Glucose sensing and regulation of insulin secretion are the two main functions performed by the pancreatic beta-cell. Together these processes contribute to the tight control of blood glucose in our body. Compromising the ability of the beta-cells to properly secrete insulin can lead to the development of Type 2 diabetes. Mitochondria play an important role in beta-cell function, by integrating nutrients signals and modulating insulin secretion. In this thesis, we aimed at better understanding the...

Novel therapeutic strategies targeting the B-cell receptor signaling and antigen presentation pathways in non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Elena Battistello
B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas (B-NHLs) are a heterogeneous group of tumors deriving from the malignant transformation of B cells. The two most common B-NHL subtypes are follicular lymphoma (FL) and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), which account together for 50-60% of B-NHL cases. The standard of care for advanced or transformed FL and DLBCL is a combination of chemotherapy and the anti-CD20 antibody rituximab (R-CHOP); however, this approach is curative just in a fraction of cases....

Compact laser-assisted tools for high-resolution additive manufacturing

Paul Delrot
Micro-additive manufacturing has become an enabling technology in biomedical research as it allows for instance creating functional microstructures or studying cellular interactions at the microscale. Among the various manufacturing techniques laser-actuation offers a versatile control means for microprinting applications since it both enables jetting liquids and curing photoresists to form three-dimensional microstructures. In the first part of this thesis, the potential of laser-actuation for embedded three-dimensional printing was studied. In conventional embedded three-dimensional printing, soft...

Behavior and predictability of securitized real estate returns

Camilo Serrano Moreno
Consisting of three essays, the dissertation is motivated by some existing gaps in the financial real estate literature. First, we exploit the fact that no research has used the well documented hybrid nature of real estate securities to forecast its returns. Second, we propose the first 'true' comparison of the predictability of securitized real estate and stock returns, as we argue that the previous comparisons done in the literature are biased. Third, we examine the...

Computational Design of Auxetic Shells

Mina Konakovic Lukovic
Recent advances in material science and digital fabrication provide promising opportunities for product design, mechanical and biomedical engineering, robotics, architecture, art, and science. Engineered materials and personalized fabrication are revolutionizing manufacturing culture and having a significant impact on various scientific and industrial works. As new fabrication technologies emerge, effective computational tools are needed to fully exploit the potential of digital fabrication. This thesis introduces a novel computational method for design and fabrication with auxetic materials....

Spin-Dependent Processes at Electrodes Detected by Simultaneously Performed EPR, Electrochemistry and EDMR

Felix Blumenschein
The electrically detected magnetic resonance (EDMR) results presented in this thesis demonstrate a spin dependence of the charge transfer between an electrode and an electrolyte. These results were found using simultaneous detection of continuous wave electron paramagnetic resonance (CW EPR), EDMR and cyclic voltammetry. The electrochemical cell was located inside a microwave cavity and the electrolyte was saturated withmethyl viologen radicals. Electrodes were either spin polarized using optical spin-pumping in p-GaAs or electrodes functionalized with...

L'arbitrage en droit public suisse : une comparaison avec la France, les États-Unis et l'arbitrage d'investissement

Eleanor Mcgregor
Contrairement à la situation qui prévaut en France, le recours à l'arbitrage pour la résolution de litiges relevant du droit public n'est pas en soi contraire au droit suisse. Il n'est pas non plus, comme en droit américain, expressément autorisé. Dans ce domaine, le droit suisse se caractérise par son absence de législation. La jurisprudence, incohérente et disparate, ne permet pas de combler ce vide juridique. Le besoin est pourtant là, comme l'attestent les nombreuses...

Role of pax4 in β-cell plasticity : generation of two transgenic mouse models

Kai Hui Hu He
Dans cette étude, l'objectif est de créer deux modèles-animal de surexpression du facteur de transcription Pax4 dans les cellules beta pancréatiques: 1) des souris surexprimant la forme normale Pax4 inductible pour mieux comprendre chez l'adulte les mécanismes par lesquels Pax4 régule la prolifération et la survie des cellules beta et 2) des souris surexprimant la forme mutante Pax4R129W pour mieux évaluer l'implication de cette mutation dans l'évolution du diabète. L'ensemble de nos résultats suggère la...

Collection de cas d'auto-enseignement en imagerie des glandes endocrines (thyroïde, parathyroïdes, surrénales, pancréas endocrine)

Romain Kohler
Ce travail est composé de 40 pathologies illustrées d'imagerie des glandes endocrines couvrant la thyroïde (19 pathologies), les parathyroïdes (2 pathologies), les surrénales (18 pathologies) et le pancréas endocrine (1 pathologie). Il s'adresse à la fois aux étudiants en médecine et aux médecins en formation (radialogues, endocrinologues, internistes, chirurgiens). Pour chaque glande sont traités l'aspect radioligique normal accompagé d'un rappel anatomique et embryologique, les pathologies tumorales, inflammatoires et métaboliques. Chaque pathologie est introduite par l'histoire...

Modular synthesis and applications of chiral Tunable Dyes and Fluorophores

Antoine Wallabregue
The goal of this PhD was to explore the reactivity of a novel N-aminoacridinium salt. This derivative has been used for the preparation of pH-sensitive and fluorescent diaza [4]helicene dyes thanks to particularly facile N-N bond cleavage reactions. This compound has also been used as nitrogen source for the stereospecific aziridination and sulfoximination of unfunctionalized olefins and sulfoxides under metal-free oxidative conditions respectively. The corresponding NH aziridines and sulfoximines were then obtained using mild photoreductive...

Les différents moyens d'approche diagnostique dans le Syndrome de Détresse Respiratoire Aiguë (ARDS*) : la biopsie pulmonaire en dernier recours ?

Emmanuel Charbonney
La biopsie pulmonaire chirurgicale est utile dans la prise en charge des patients avec un ARDS qui sont ventilés mécaniquement car les outils d'investigation habituels, comme le lavage broncho-alvéolaire et le CT-scan thoracique, présentent un rendement diagnostique limité. Après quelques généralités sur l'ARDS et une description des différents moyens diagnostiques disponibles, une série rétrospective de biopsies chirurgicales, effectuée entre 1993 et 2005 au lit même chez 19 patients de réanimation médicale est présentée. Un diagnostic...

High precision muon lifetime measurement with the FAST experiment

Maria Chiara Casella
The goal of the FAST experiment is the precise measurement of the muon lifetime, to the accuracy of 2 ppm. After including the theoretical and experimental errors, this results in a precise measurement of the Fermi coupling constant, to a precision that is one order of magnitude better than the present world average. FAST consists in a high granularity scintillator target, where a positive pion beam (from PSI accelerator facility) is stopped. The pions decay...

Non medical factors influencing the admission to intensive care at the end of life

Monica Escher
Non medical factors may significantly influence medical decisions in situations of great uncertainty. Triage of a seriously ill patient or a frail elderly to intensive care represents one such situation. Uncertainty as to the patient outcome, limited opportunity to involve him in the decision, time-pressured circumstances and scarcity of the health care resource make the task especially complex. Variability in the provision of life-sustaining treatments at the end of life was observed. Non medical factors...

Quantum communication : towards real-world application

Jeroen Van Houwelingen
Cette thèse s'intéresse au domaine de la communication quantique. Nous avons eu recours pour ce travail aux expériences de "quantum teleportation" et d' "entanglement swapping", qui permettent une simulation des conditions hors laboratoire. Nous sommes parvenus 1) à réaliser un "entanglement swapping" avec plusieurs kilomètres de fibre optique pour simuler la distance, 2) à créer un nouvelle type de mesure de Bell, 3) à faire une première téléportation hors laboratoire - avec une distribution d'...

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