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St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 412 : Book of Matins from the 13th century, Abbey of St. Gall

Breviary with nightly recitations for Matins (lectiones matutinales) for the hourly prayers of the monks of St. Gall. Includes De tempore recitations (for the major holiday seasons of Christmas, Easter, and Pentacost, beginning with the first Sunday of Advent), and De sanctis recitations (for saints’ feast days).

"Plasmodium falciparum" transfection technology for the analysis of "var" gene regulation and knockout investigation

David Baker, Selina Elisabeth Ruth Bopp, Andrew Edward Hemphill & Hans-Peter Beck
Diss. Swiss Tropical Institute Phil. Nat. Univ. Basel, 2007. - Ref.: Hans-Peter Beck, David Baker, Andrew Hemphill

Sion/Sitten, Archives du Chapitre/Kapitelsarchiv, Ms. 120 : Dacheriana

This manuscript of a systematic collection of Canon Law, created in Lyon in the context of the Carolingian church reform that took place around 800. This collection is named the "Dacheriana" after its primary editor, the Frenchman Jean-Luc d'Achéry. It was written in a Carolingian minuscule during the first half of the 9th century and is the oldest manuscript held by the library of the Chapter Archive of Sion, where is has been held since...

Holographic Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy

Etienne Shaffer
This dissertation is dedicated to the application of digital holography methods to second harmonic generation microscopy, and to the development of the resulting imaging technique: holographic second harmonic generation microscopy. Second harmonic generation microscopy was originally developed alongside of incoherent nonlinear microscopy (multiphoton excitation fluorescence), and largely contributed to the emergence of coherent nonlinear microscopy (e.g. higher harmonic generation or coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering). One particularity of coherent nonlinear microscopy is that the detected signals...

Energy-Efficient Indoor Search by Swarms of Flying Robots without Global Information

Timothy Stirling
Swarms of robots can quickly search large environments through parallelisation, are robust due to redundancy, and can simplify complex tasks like navigation compared to a single robot. Flying swarms can rapidly cover rough terrain and have elevated sensing, aiding tasks such as search or surveillance. However, flying robots have severe limitations in sensing, processing and energy, which raise three open challenges to realise indoor aerial swarms. The first is goal-directed autonomous flight, which normally requires...

Advanced Model for Multiphase Generators

György Atilla Bànyai
The current development of generators and power electric drives is characterized by increased power electronic integration. This evolution concerns particularly the variable speed power units allowing both a higher performance and substantial savings on cost but nevertheless, it implies new constraints and difficulties in term of interaction between the various components: generator, converter and network. The design and optimization of such generators is no longer possible with the same approach and same tools as for...

Boosting Localized Features for Speaker and Speech Recognition

Anindya Roy
In this thesis, we propose a novel approach for speaker and speech recognition involving localized, binary, data-driven features. The proposed approach is largely inspired by similar localized approaches in the computer vision domain. The success of these existing approaches coupled with their proven advantages of robustness and computational efficiency motivated us to apply these ideas to the speech domain. Our approach is distinct from the standard cepstral features-based approach for speaker and speech recognition. The...

Distributed Dynamics on Networks and their Applications in Network Communities, Sensor Networks and EEG's

Alireza Khadivi
Coupled neural networks, the Internet, World Wide Web, social networks and interacting biological networks are few examples of systems which consist of a large number of interacting dynamical units. Collective behavior of such systems is a consequence of the network structure as well as their dynamic properties. In this thesis, we study some aspects of structural properties of complex networks. We use the term "complex networks" informally to mean large networks without regular structure. Furthermore,...

Regulatory Uncertainty and Nonmarket Capabilities:An Investigation of the Electricity Generation Sector

Bastian Wolfgang Schwark
In 2005, the Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a survey with Chief Risk Officers worldwide across all industries and asked about the biggest threat to their businesses. Interestingly, regulatory risk ranked first. It dominated all other types of risk, be it related to reputation, IT, country, market, terrorism or many other causes (Economist, 2005). Apparently, uncertainty related to regulation is difficult for firms to accommodate and significantly influences business decisions. The motivation of the thesis is...

Enabling Large-Scale Collective Systems in Outdoor Aerial Robotics

Severin Leven
For many real-life applications such as monitoring, mapping, search-and-rescue or ad-hoc communication networks, fleets of flying robots are expected to out-perform existing solutions. Robots can join forces to cover larger areas in less time, act as efficient communication relays and overcome difficult terrain more easily than ground-based robots. Compared to a single robot, the main advantages of collective systems are robustness, parallelism, flexibility, and the fact that they enable tasks that could not be solved...

Fragility Functions for Seismic Risk in Regions with Moderate Seismicity

Marcelo Rafael Oropeza Ancieta
The seismic assessment of existing buildings has been underestimated in regions with moderate seismic hazard, such as the North-West Europe. Strong earthquakes, such as the 1356 Basel earthquake, already occurred in such regions and caused severe damage. The majority of the building stocks in those regions were built before the introduction of the modern building codes. Unreinforced masonry structures are widely used, and post-earthquake surveys show that such kind of structures are vulnerable under seismic...

Software Framework for Integrated Modelling and Dimensioning of Backbone Optical Networks

Sébastien Rumley
Modelling, dimensioning and performance analysis of optical backbone networks is the main concern of this thesis. Modelling consists in representing a network under a abstract form, simpler and easier to analyse, the model. Dimensioning is achieved when network characteristics required to fulfil given requirements are fixed a priori. Performance analysis consists in identifying the criteria characterising the network performance and in verifying whether dimensioned networks do fulfil the requirements. It also aims at estimating the...

Bloch Surface Wave Biosensing:Study of Optical Elements for the Early Detection of Protein Aggregation

Vincent Paeder
The process of protein aggregation, due to an incorrect protein folding, has very important implications in medicine. An increasing number of pathologies, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, are associated unambiguously with the formation of large aggregates of misfolded proteins. Yet are the causes and conditions for which aggregates become pathogenic unclear. Increasing evidences point towards the early stages of fibril formation. Of interest are hence the early dynamic events in the aggregation process. The scope...

Expect the Unexpected:An Exploratory Study on the Conditions and Factors Driving the Resilience of Infrastructure Projects

Georgeta Geambasu
This study originates from the recognition that project management research is replete with normative theories on what need projects to be successful. However, it has performed worse with respect to assisting the understanding of how and why similar projects do not have similar performances during their life-cycles. It claims that the poor performance of major infrastructure projects, acknowledged by cost overruns and scheduling delays, is due to their lack of resilience when confronted with critical...

Search for Higgs Bosons Decaying into Long-Lived Exotic Particles in the LHCb Experiment

Neal Gauvin
The four experiments of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN have collected their first data at √s = 7 TeV, hailing an exciting era in particle physics. The LHCb detector is a single-arm forward spectrometer, dedicated to precision measurements of CP violation, as well as to the study of rare b-hadron decays. In this work the excellent capability of the detector to reconstruct decay vertices in the region close to the interaction point with...

Gestion des risques pour les laboratoires de recherche et d'enseignement:modélisation et méthodologie

Aristide Ramondgwendé Ouédraogo
The academic research and education risk problem as well as the diversification of risk types have increased concurrently with research development. Moreover, academia induces important worsening factors affecting risk such as high turnover of collaborators, students in education being not salaried and not trained to lab work and high concentration of research labs with diverse hazards. A problem that frequently faces safety personnel in research/teaching labs is to determine how serious each known hazard is?...

Construction en pierre massive en Suisse

Stefano Zerbi
«For me, to build an air terminal with stone would be a stupidity, not to say a madness. But to use dynamic structures to fit three-roomed flats with kitchen in buildings from three to ten floors, is not less aberrant.»1 Provocation of a reactionary architect or a lucid analyze of the world of the construction of his time, this assertion of Fernand Pouillon still preserves, forty years after, its value of interrogation on the use...

Information Processing and Structure of Dynamical Networks

Ali Ajdari Rad
Networks are everywhere and we are confronted with many networks in our daily life. Networks such as Internet, World Wide Web, social, biological and economical networks have been subject to extensive studies in the last decade. The volume of publications and investments are sharply increasing and the applications are spreading widely over various disciplines. One of the most important problems in this context, which is the subject of interest of this thesis, is how the...

Recent Architectural Competitions for Collective Housing in Switzerland:Impact of this Framework on Architectural Conception and Innovation

Antigoni Katsakou
Architectural competitions have a long tradition in Switzerland that is usually cited as one of the European countries with the largest numbers of competition procedures per year, along with Germany and some Northern countries – Finland, Denmark and Sweden. During the last fifteen years this tradition, concerning till recently, primarily projects of public character – such as schools, museums and other institutional buildings – is reactivated in the housing sector of the construction market. A...

Response of an Embedded Block Impacted by High-Velocity Jets

Matteo Paolo Elia Antonio Federspiel
High-velocity plunging jets, issuing from ood release structures of dams, may result in scouring of the rocky riverbed and even endanger the foundation of the dams. Assessment of the scour extent is essential to ensure the safety of the dam and appurtenant structures as well as to guarantee the stability of its abutments. The existing near-prototype scaled experimental facility developed at the Laboratory of Hydraulic Constructions (LCH) of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)...

Role of Bcl9 and Bcl9l in Homeostasis, Regeneration and Tumorigenesis of the Gastrointestinal Epithelium

Norbert Wiedemann
Wnt signaling is essential for embryogenesis and adult tissue homeostasis and contributes to cancer development, especially in the colon. A new essential pathway component, legless, was identified in Drosophila melanogaster. Mice with Cre/loxP-mediated conditional ablation of the legless homologues Bcl9 and Bcl9l in the intestinal epithelium were generated to assess the contribution of the genes to Wnt signaling and their potential suitability as therapeutic drug targets. Initial analysis had revealed that both genes were not...

Managing Electricity Sourcing in Europe's Energy Intensive Industry:A Methodology to Develop an Electricity Sourcing Strategy

Luis Treviño Villarreal
Several regulatory changes in Europe's electricity sector have stimulated competition in the market. National power companies, with monopolistic structures, have evolved into competitive entities, creating increased choices for consumers. Electricity prices have also been very much affected by these new regulations and have been particularly influenced by climate change policy that was introduced in 2005. Electricity prices are now affected by both the volatility of the fossil fuel market and the prices of CO2. We...

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