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Werner Friedli
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Numerical computation of extrusion and draw-extrusion cable-coating flows with polymer melts

Editor Applied Rheology, Editors@Appliedrheology.Org & Martin Kroger
Peer-reviewed journal article

A Rational Informatics-enabled approach to Standardised Nomenclature of Contours and Volumes in Radiation Oncology Planning

Alexis Andrew Miller
The standardising of nomenclature in the radiotherapy planning process has deep implications for the abilityof the profession to examine the adequacy of construction of radiotherapy plans in outcomes research, particularly in relation to disease control and toxicity generation. This paper proposes an interim standardisednomenclature which can be used by any institution as a template for a mappable local standard.The nomenclature is systematically constructed using the Foundational Model of Anatomy, ICRU Report 50 and ICRU report...

Ergative diagnostics: temptatio redux

Werner Abraham
In the past 20 years, a new class of verbs has seen the light of existence: 'unaccusative' or 'ergative' verbs. These verbs are intransitive, but different from the traditional notion of intransitive to the extent that their subject valency behaves like a direct object distributionally. Ever since the introduction of this new grammatical notion in (typologically non-ergative, i.e., accusative) languages like English a vast bulk of literature on this topic has come forth. The present...

Le détachement en position initiale: rôle phrastique ou discursif/textuel? Exemple du syntagme à propos de X

Sylvie Porhiel
The syntagm à propos de X can syntactically function two ways: on a cline from left to right, one goes from no integration (with the indexation of à propos de X; it has a thematic reading and is a marker of thematization) towards a maximum integration (when the syntagm depends on another morphosyntactic element; it has an 'about', a causal or a temporal reading and is not a marker of thematization). This integrative scale allows...

Semantic Categories in the Domain of Motion Verbs by Adult Speakers of Danish, German, and Turkish

Moiken Jessen
Languages differ in the ways they divide the world. This study applies cluster analysis to understand how and why languages differ in the way they express motion events. It further lays out what the parameters of the structure of the semantic space of motion are, based on data collected from participants who were adult speakers of Danish, German, and Turkish. The participants described 37 video clips depicting a large variety of motion events. The results...

Language policy and language learning in Macedonia. Which lessons may be adopted from the Swiss model?

Gëzim Xhaferri
This paper also investigates Switzerland's multilingual and multicultural society, which serves as a successful and positive example of how a nation can deal with a multilingual population and the integration of its population. With this in mind, the question is raised here whether the model of Switzerland's language policy and national language instruction can perhaps also serve as an example for the Republic of Macedonia.

Fluctuations of Glaciers Database

World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)
Internationally collected, standardized dataset on changes in glaciers (length, area, volume, mass), based on in-situ and remotely sensed observations, as well as on reconstructions.

Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. 722.3 : Cetius Faventinus: Artis architectonicae privatis usibus adbreviatus liber (fragment)

Marcus Cetius & Niklaus Henzi
Fragment of a manuscript that originated in Fulda around the second quarter of the 9th century, containing Cetius Faventinus’ (late 3rd/early 4th century) extracts from Vitruvius’ De Architectura. It cannot be determined when the codex left Fulda. Two Fulda library catalogs from the beginning and the middle of the 16th century still list a Faventinus manuscript.

Glacier Thickness Database (GlaThiDa)

I. Gärtner-Roer
Internationally collected, standardized dataset on glacier thickness from in-situ and remotely sensed observations, based on literature review and airborne data from NASA's Operation IceBridge.

Pension Reform

Alexi Gugushvili & Zareh Asatryan

Political Country Rankings

Anar Mammadli & Heiko Pleines
Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD), 63

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