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Evaluating charge equilibration methods to generate electrostatic fields in nanoporous materials

Daniele Ongari, Peter G. Boyd, Ozge Kadioglu, Berend Smit, Amber K. Mace & Seda Keskin
Charge equilibration (Qeq) methods can estimate the electrostatic potential of molecules and periodic frameworks by assigning point charges to each atom, using only a small fraction of the resources needed to compute density functional (DFT)-derived charges. This makes possible, for example, the computational screening of thousands of microporous structures to assess their performance for the adsorption of polar molecules. Recently, different variants of the original Qeq scheme were proposed to improve the quality of the...

The Swiss Glaciers 2001/02 and 2002/03

Evelyne Ruth Herren

Swiss Glacier Length Change (release 2018)

GLAMOS-Glacier Monitoring Switzerland
Glacier length changes are measured annually at the tongues of all larger and on many of the smaller Swiss glaciers and provide an overview of their long-term variations. The dataset contains all available observations up to present and is delivered as a .csv file.

CHTM: Area-mean temperature of Switzerland

An area-mean temperature for the territory of Switzerland for climate monitoring. The mean is estimated through a linear combination of temperature measurements at 19 stations for the periode 1864-today. Monthly values as well as seasonal and yearly aggregates are provided and regularely updated with the latest measurements.

Indirekter Gegenentwurf zur Konzernverantwortungs­initiative - Haftungsnorm im Einklang mit der schweizerischen Tradition

Franz Werro
Die Konzernverantwortungsinitiative wie der Gegenentwurf bauen mit der Geschäftsherrenhaftung auf einer allgegenwärtigen und in ihrer schweizerischen Ausgestaltung im internationalen Vergleich zurückhaltenden Haftungsnorm auf. Die Übertragung dieser Haftung auf Konzernverhältnisse folgt sodann einem klaren in- wie ausländischen Trend. Beide Vorlagen erweitern hingegen den geltenden Haftungsrahmen auch im vorliegend menschenrechtlichen Zusammenhang nicht, sondern konkretisieren ihn lediglich. Die im Gegenentwurf verankerte Haftungsregelung fällt zudem auffallend einschränkend aus. Zu nennen ist neben dem Entscheid für den unternehmerischen Entlastungsbeweis auch...

Making the best of a bad situation: a multiscale approach to free energy calculation

Michele Parrinello & Michele Invernizzi
Many enhanced sampling techniques rely on the identification of a number of collective variables that describe all the slow modes of the system. By constructing a bias potential in this reduced space one is then able to sample efficiently and reconstruct the free energy landscape. In methods like metadynamics, the quality of these collective variables plays a key role in convergence efficiency. Unfortunately in many systems of interest it is not possible to identify an...

Income imputation in the Swiss Household Panel 1999-2007

Oliver Lipps
FORS Working Paper Series, N° 2010-01

The Swiss Glaciers 2007/08 and 2008/09

Andreas Bauder

Swiss Glacier Inventory 1973

Fritz Müller, Gerhard Müller & Toni Caflish
The Swiss Glacier Inventory 1973 provides areas and outlines of all glaciers in Switzerland referring to the year 1973. The data are based on aerial imagery and are delivered as a shapefile.

Measurement of income in surveys

Ursina Kuhn
FORS Guide N° 02

Der Thurm der Winde zu Athen. Pl. XI

Eberhard, Heinrich Wilhelm (Sc.)
Sonnenuhren vom Turm der Winde in Athen; Datum geschätzt; signiert: HWE sc.; Pl. I, Lief. III

Innovations and new technologies in panel research

Annette Scherpenzeel
FORS Working Paper Series, N° 2009-01

The Swiss Glaciers 1999/00 and 2000/01

Max Maisch, Andreas Bauder, Martin Hoelzle & Evelyne Ruth Herren

Refusal conversion

Marieke Voorpostel
FORS Guide N° 04

Swiss Glacier Inventory 2010

Chloe Barboux, Mauro Fischer, Matthias Huss & Martin Hoelzle
The Swiss Glacier Inventory 2010 provides areas and outlines of all glaciers in Switzerland referring to the years 2008-2011. The data are based on aerial imagery and are delivered as a shapefile.

RB436, RB437 and RB439 antibodies recognize a Dictyostelium Nup133 peptide by ELISA

Wanessa C Lima & Philippe Hammel
The recombinant antibodies RB436, RB437 and RB439 detect by ELISA a synthetic peptide from the Dictyostelium Nup133 protein.

Index of Manuscripts

William Duba
Index Manuscriptorum for Fragmentology 1(2018)

Glaciological Report No. 127/128

Andreas Bauder

Swiss Glacier Volume Change (release 2018)

GLAMOS-Glacier Monitoring Switzerland

Mobile web surveys

Jessica M.E. Herzing
FORS Guide N° 01

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