64 Works

Easy-Going: The Treatment of Written Records in the Ancient Syropalestine

Pavel Čech

Provincial Administration in Babylonia: A Case of Kassite Nippur

Marina Redina-Thomas

Some new Linear Elamite inscriptions

Michael Mäder

marble architecture power. A construction material with a history

Martine Vernooij Heuberger & Katja Burzer Hänsli

Towards a Definition of the Sumerian Sergida

Anna Glenn

Visualizing the Provenance of Sumerian Literary Texts

Sebastian Borkowski

Polymorphic iconography common influences or individual features in the Near Eastern perspective

Grzegorz First

Women in Neo-Assyrian Palaces: The case of the ekal mašarti in Nimrud/Kalḫu

Eva Schmalenberger

Evidence for early sedentism at Körtik Tepe, southeastern Turkey, during the Younger Dryas

Corinna Rössner, Simone Riehl, Kurt W. Alt, Kathleen Deckers, Benz, Marion; Universität Freiburg Im Breisgau & Vecihi Özkaya

Linking a rural sanctuary with ancient metallurgy at Kataliondas Kourvellos (Cyprus)

Patrizia Birchler Emery, Julien Beck, Bertrand Merminod, Vasiliki Lysandrou, Dragos Constantin, Athos Agapiou & Kyriakos Themistocleous

Open Access. Wissenschaftliches Publizieren im Wandel

Barbara Hirschmann & Ulrich Fischer

A Review of Pottery Cultures in Central Anatolia during the Middle Iron Age, taking Yassıhöyük (Kırşehir) as a Case Study

Nurcan Küçükarslan

Importing the law? Possible elements of the Mesopotamian legal tradition in New Kingdom Egypt (1549-1064BCE)

Loktionov, Alexandre; Cambridge University

The Treatment of Troublesome Regions

Boaz Stavi

Loom weights as a research tool

Boertien, Jeannette; Groningen University

Visualization of heated coaxial jet flow and its noise radiation

Leonhard Kleiser, Michael Gloor & Jean Favre

The motive of Hieros Gamos in Jesus’s Baptism in the Jordan River and in Jewish Kabballah

Ofir Jacobson

The Tell 'Uqair temple (4th mill.BC) : colours and iconography

Sarah Dermech

Following the Collapse: Regeneration or Transformation of the Urban Societies?

Mohammed Alkhalid

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