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Dataset on simulated maize and winter wheat yields in Switzerland under current and future climate conditions

Stéphanie Schmid & Robert Finger
The data collection contains datasets on simulated maize and winter wheat yields under current and future climate conditions based on the crop yield simulation model CropSyst. The data collection belongs to the following article: Finger, R., Schmid, S. (2008). Modeling Agricultural Production Risk and the Adaptation to Climate Change. Agricultural Finance Review 68 (1), 25-41. CropSyst was used simulate experiments considering different levels of nitrogen fertilization, irrigation strategies under various realizations of weather (years). We...

Monthly price data for milk processed into cheese in Switzerland (2000-2012)

Robert Finger, Giulia Listorti & Axel Tonini
Price data for milk processed into cheese in Switzerland (2000-2012). Milk price for Industry cheese, Emmentaler cheese and Gruyere cheese Data used in Finger, Listorti, Tonini: The Swiss payment for milk processed into cheese: ex-post and ex-ante analysis. Agricultural Economics Monthly milk prices, start month of price observations: January 2000 - August 2012. Source: Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture, OFAG, secteur Observation du marché


Daniel Guggisberg
Site: Different sample plots (30 m x 30 m) in the city of Zurich.

Differentiation between mechanically loose and fixed press-fit implants using quantitative acoustics and load self-referencing: A phantom study: Dataset

Florian Vogl
Contains measurement data and analysis scripts for the publication "Differentiation between mechanically loose and fixed press-fit implants using quantitative acoustics and load self-referencing: A phantom study"

Ambient vibration characterization and monitoring of a rock slope close to collapse: seismic data

Jan Burjánek, Valentin Gischig, Jeffrey R. Moore & Donat Fäh
seismic data acquired on the Preonzo (Switzerland) rock slope instability

Lake overturn as a key driver for methane oxidation

Matthias Zimmermann
Many seasonally stratified lakes accumulate substantial amounts of the greenhouse gas methane in the anoxic zone. Methane oxidizing bacteria in the water column act as a converter, oxidizing methane into carbon dioxide and biomass before it reaches the atmosphere. Current observations and estimates of this methane oxidation efficiency are diverging, especially for the lake overturn period. Here we combine a model of turbulent mixing, gas exchange and microbial growth with a comprehensive data set for...

Mapping of the calving front of Bowdoin Glacier, Northwest Greenland, by UAV photogrammetry (2015)

Guillaume Jouvet & Yvo Weidmann
These data contain photogrammetrical data collected by unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in July 2015 at Bowdoin Glacier, Northwest Greenland. The calving front of the glacier was surveyed by the means of a UAV (Fixed-Wing-UAV, based on SkyWalker X8 frame) several times during the two-week long field campaign. The data include raw data consisting of a folder of aerial images together with geo-locations of camera locations (either in the exif of image file, or separatly in...

Dataset - Mapping fracture aperture changes with displacement

Quinn Wenning, Claudio Madonna, Takeshi Kurotori & Ronny Pini

Sewer Terrain Inspection Knowledge (STINK) - Dataset

Hendrik Kolvenbach, Giorgio Valsecchi, Ruben Grandia, Antoni Ruiz, Fabian Jenelten & Marco Hutter
Matlab, libSVM library

Inhibiting mGluR5 activity by AFQ056/Mavoglurant rescues circuit-specific functional connectivity in Fmr1 knockout mice

Valerio Zerbi, Marija Markicevic, Fabrizio Gasparini, Aileen Schroeter, Markus Rudin & Nicole Wenderoth

Instrumental evidence of normal mode rock slope vibration: seismic data

Jan Burjánek, Jeffrey R. Moore, Freddy X. Yugsi Molina & Donat Fäh
seismic data acquired on the Walkerschmatt (Switzerland) rock slope instability

Dataset on a Meta‐Analysis on the Elasticity of Demand for Pesticides

Thomas Böcker & Robert Finger
This dataset summarizes data collected in a meta‐analysis based on 31 studies that have estimated pesticide demand elasticities in Europe and North America. (Böcker, T., Finger, R. (2017). A Meta-Analysis on the Elasticity of Demand for Pesticides. Journal of Agricultural Economics 68(2): 518-533) From the selected studies, we obtained the following information, as available: (i) the year of publication, (ii) the period of analysis/data collection period, (iii) the country/region that was the subject of the...

Band and Correlated Insulators of Cold Fermions in a Mesoscopic Lattice

Martin Lebrat, Pjotrs Grišins, Dominik Husmann, Samuel Häusler, Laura Corman, Thierry Giamarchi, Jean-Philippe Brantut & Tilman Esslinger

A flood risk oriented dynamic protection motivation framework to explain risk reduction behaviours

Elena Mondino, Philippe Weyrich, Frederike Albrecht, Giacomo Bernello, Giulia Bisoffi, Marco Borga, Viviana Bort, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Johanna Mård, Elena Poli, Federico Professione & Anna Scolobig

Dataset on a meta-regression analysis on willingness to pay for local food

Iryna Printezis, Carola Grebitus & Stefan Hirsch
Dataset belonging to the paper Printezis, Grebitus, Hirsch (2019). The price is right!? A meta-regression analysis on willingness to pay for local food. PlosOne https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0215847. We study the literature on willingness to pay (WTP) for local food by applying meta-regression analysis to a set of 35 eligible research papers that provide 86 estimates on consumers’ WTP for the attribute “local.”

A comparative study between a miniaturized liquid junction built in a capillary gap and semi-open capillaries for nL sample infusion to mass spectrometry

Sahar Ghiasikhou
This study introduces a novel design for the microfluidic element used in a high throughput screening (HTS) mass spectrometer autosampler. The original design of the sampler consists of a liquid bridge formed by a micrometer gap between two capillaries. This liquid bridge is used to receive the sample, which downstream is ionized and analyzed by mass spectrometry. The improvement described here consists in replacing the liquid bridge that is difficult to establish and maintain for...

Drosophila suzukii in Swiss plum production- Data from a survey on risk management strategies in 2016, 2017, 2018

Ladina Knapp, Esther Bravin & Robert Finger
The here presented dataset is based on a survey that was conducted with Swiss plum growers in 2016,2017 and 2018, with the specific aim to identify risk management strategies taken in response to Drosophila suzukii as well as to survey perceived infestation levels and harvest losses.

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