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Lake surface temperatures (in "State of the Climate in 2015")

J.A. Rusak, K. Cinque, B. Vigneswaran, E. De Eyto, M. Schmid, A.M. Paterson, P. Verburg, S. Watanabe, C.J. Merchant, S.G. Schladow, G.A. Weyhenmeyer, L. May, K. Teubner, C.L. DeGasperi, A. Rimmer, J. Korhonen, M.T. Dokulil, Michael Riffler, W. Marszelewski, S.C. Maberly & R.I. Woolway

Serological diagnosis of echinococcosis: the diagnostic potential of native antigens

K. Bertogg, A. Schweiger, Norbert Müller, F. Grimm, P. Deplazes, B. Müllhaupt & I. Tanner
PURPOSE: Human alveolar (AE) and cystic echinococcosis (CE) caused by the metacestode stages of Echinococcus multilocularis and E. granulosus, respectively, lack pathognomonic clinical signs. Diagnosis therefore relies on the results of imaging and serological studies. The primary goal of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of several easy-to-produce crude or partially purified E. granulosus and E. multilocularis metacestode-derived antigens as tools for the serological diagnosis and differential diagnosis of patients suspicious for AE or...

An fMRI pilot study to evaluate brain activation associated with locomotion adaptation

Laura Marchal Crespo, C. Hollnagel, M. Brugger, S. Kollias & Robert Riener
The goal of robotic therapy is to provoke motor plasticity via the application of robotic training strategies. Although robotic haptic guidance is the commonly used motor-training strategy to reduce performance errors while training, research on motor learning has emphasized that errors are a fundamental neural signal that drives motor adaptation. Thus, researchers have proposed robotic therapy algorithms that amplify movement errors rather than decrease them. Studying the particular brain regions involved in learning under different...

Rethinking ERP-Outsourcing Decisions for Leveraging Technological and Preserving Business Knowledge

Armin Horst Heinzl, Jens Dibbern & Lars Brehm
During the selection, implementation and stabilization phases, as well as the operations and optimization phase of an ERP system (ERP-lifecycle), numerous companies consider to utilize the support of an external service provider. This paper analyses how different categories of knowledge influence the sourcing decision of crucial tasks within the ERP lifecycle. Based on a review of the IS outsourcing literature, essential knowledge-related determinants for the IS outsourcing decision are presented and aggregated in a structural...

Forecasting Intraday Stock Price Trends with Text Mining Techniques

Marc-André Mittermayer
In this paper, we describe NewsCATS (news categorization and trading system), a system implemented to predict stock price trends for the time immediately after the publication of press releases. NewsCATS consists mainly of three components. The first component retrieves relevant information from press releases through the application of text preprocessing techniques. The second component sorts the press releases into predefined categories. Finally, appropriate trading strategies are derived by the third component by means of the...

Mice deficient in interleukin-4 (IL-4) or IL-4 receptor alpha have higher resistance to sporozoite infection with Plasmodium berghei (ANKA) than do naive wild-type mice

Andreas Krueger, Achim Hoerauf, Paul Racz, Frank Brombacher, Michael Saeftel, Volker Heussler, Bernhard Fleischer & Sandra Arriens
BALB/c interleukin-4 (IL-4(-/-)) or IL-4 receptor-alpha (IL-4ralpha(-/-)) knockout (KO) mice were used to assess the roles of the IL-4 and IL-13 pathways during infections with the blood or liver stages of plasmodium in murine malaria. Intraperitoneal infection with the blood-stage erythrocytes of Plasmodium berghei (ANKA) resulted in 100% mortality within 24 days in BALB/c mice, as well as in the mutant mouse strains. However, when infected intravenously with the sporozoite liver stage, 60 to 80%...

Integrating MRI-based geometry, composition and fiber architecture in a finite element model of the human intervertebral disc

Ghislain Bernard Maquer, Peter Vermathen, Ron N. Alkalay, Philippe Zysset, Benjamin Voumard, Aaron Grant, Marc Stadelmann & David B. Hackney

Character strengths, their valuing and their association with well-being in middle and older age (An exploratory research study)

Katja Margelisch
Positive psychology provides a framework for studying the determinants of successful aging. This study investigated how character strengths in middle and older age may relate to subjective and physical wellbeing. Additionally, subjective importance of different character strengths in both age groups was investigated. Two hundred seventeen persons (50% female) aged 46–94 participated. Results revealed that gratitude and appreciation of beauty were given significantly more value in older age than in middle age. Hope and zest...

Virtopsy -- noninvasive detection of occult bone lesions in postmortem MRI: additional information for traffic accident reconstruction

Andreas Christe, Silvio Naether, Steffen Ross, Ursula Buck & Michael J Thali
In traffic accidents with pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists, patterned impact injuries as well as marks on clothes can be matched to the injury-causing vehicle structure in order to reconstruct the accident and identify the vehicle which has hit the person. Therefore, the differentiation of the primary impact injuries from other injuries is of great importance. Impact injuries can be identified on the external injuries of the skin, the injured subcutaneous and fat tissue, as well...

Radiographic and safety details of vertebral body stenting: results from a multicenter chart review

Gosia Perler, Peter Diel, Soren Eiskjaer, Christoph Röder, Robert Rotter, Sebastian Fürderer, Gianluca Maestraetti, Frank Kandziora, Matti Scholz, Lorin Michael Benneker, Paul Friedhelm Heini & Thomas Vordemvenne
BACKGROUND Up to one third of BKP treated cases shows no appreciable height restoration due to loss of both restored height and kyphotic realignment after balloon deflation. This shortcoming has called for an improved method that maintains the height and realignment reached by the fully inflated balloon until stabilization of the vertebral body by PMMA-based cementation. Restoration of the physiological vertebral body height for pain relief and for preventing further fractures of adjacent and distant...

Validation of a magnetic resonance imaging guided stereotactic access to the ovine brainstem.

Daniela Gorgas, Anne Staudacher, Anna Oevermann & Michael Hubert Stoffel
BackgroundAnatomical differences between humans and domestic mammals preclude the use of reported stereotactic approaches to the brainstem in animals. In animals, brainstem biopsies are required both for histopathological diagnosis of neurological disorders and for research purposes. Sheep are used as a translational model for various types of brain disease and therefore a species-specific approach needs to be developed. The aim of the present study was to establish a minimally invasive, accurate and reproducible stereotactic approach...

Linking Ah receptor mediated effects of sediments and impacts on fish to key pollutants in the Yangtze Three Gorges Reservoir, China – A comprehensive perspective

Tilman Floehr, Helmut Segner, X Yuan, J Hou, H Hollert, B Scholz-Starke, H Hercht, Heike Schmidt-Posthaus, L Wu, A Schäffer, H Xiao, U Kammann & M Roß-Nickoll
The Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR), created in consequence of the Yangtze River's impoundment by the Three Gorges Dam, faces numerous anthropogenic impacts that challenge its unique ecosystem. Organic pollutants, particularly aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) agonists, have been widely detected in the Yangtze River, but only little research was yet done on AhR-mediated activities. Hence, in order to assess effects of organic pollution, with particular focus on AhR-mediated activities, several sites in the TGR area were...

Learning a locomotor task: with or without errors?

Laura Marchal Crespo, Lukas Jaeger, Jasmin Schneider & Robert Riener
Background Robotic haptic guidance is the most commonly used robotic training strategy to reduce performance errors while training. However, research on motor learning has emphasized that errors are a fundamental neural signal that drive motor adaptation. Thus, researchers have proposed robotic therapy algorithms that amplify movement errors rather than decrease them. However, to date, no study has analyzed with precision which training strategy is the most appropriate to learn an especially simple task. Methods In...

Dementia in patients with atrial fibrillation and the value of the Hachinski ischemic score.

Marcello Di Nisio, Michele Prisciandaro, Ilaria Russi, Anne WS Rutjes, Luisa Maiorini & Ettore Porreca
AIM To assess the prevalence of vascular dementia, mixed dementia and Alzheimer's disease in patients with atrial fibrillation, and to evaluate the accuracy of the Hachinski ischemic score for these subtypes of dementia. METHODS A nested case-control study was carried out. A total of 103 of 784 consecutive patients evaluated for cognitive status at the Ambulatory Geriatric Clinic had a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. Controls without atrial fibrillation were randomly selected from the remaining 681...

Metabolic profiling of apples from different production systems before and after controlled atmosphere (CA) storage studied by 1H high resolution-magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) NMR.

Daniel Baumgartner, Peter Vermathen, Martina Vermathen, Mattia Marzorati, Franz Gasser, Gaëlle Diserens & Claudia Good
Determination of metabolic alterations in apples induced by such processes as different crop protection strategies or storage, are of interest to assess correlations with fruit quality or fruit disorders. Preliminary results proposed the metabolic discrimination of apples from organic (BIO), integrated (IP) and low-input (LI) production. To determine contributions of temporal metabolic developments and to define the type of metabolic changes during storage, 1H high resolution-magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) NMR spectroscopy of apple pulp was...

Science in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation: Case Studies from the Peruvian Andes

Pierluigi Calanca, Boris Orlowsky, Christian Huggel, Norina Andres, Fabian Drenkhan, Mario Rohrer, Nadine Salzmann, Christine Jurt, Luis Vicuña & Raphael Neukom

Lattice simulations of technicolour theories with adjoint fermions and supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory

Stefano Piemonte, Pietro Giudice, Istvan Montvay, Gernot Münster & Georg Bergner
Theories with fermions in the adjoint representation have several interesting applications in extensions of the standard model. The conformal window for these theories is of particular interest for technicolour extensions. We present here our newest results for the spectrum of Nf = 2 adjoint QCD and compare them with the predictions for a conformal behaviour. The comparison with supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory, investigated with the same methods, will help to distinguish more clearly the conformal and...

Surgical management of urolithiasis - a systematic analysis of available guidelines.

Valentin Zumstein, Hans-Peter Schmid, Cedric Michael Panje, Dominik Abt, Paul Martin Putora & Patrick Betschart
BACKGROUND Several societies around the world issue guidelines incorporating the latest evidence. However, even the most commonly cited guidelines of the European Association of Urology (EAU) and the American Urological Association (AUA) leave the clinician with several treatment options and differ on specific points. We aimed to identify discrepancies and areas of consensus between guidelines to give novel insights into areas where low consensus between the guideline panels exists, and therefore where more evidence might...

Do relocated villages experience more forest cover change? Resettlements, shifting cultivation and forests in the Lao PDR

Sébastien Boillat, Joan Bastide, Corinna Stich, Michael Epprecht, Sithong Thongmanivong & Andreas Heinimann
This study explores the relationships between forest cover change and the village resettlement and land planning policies implemented in Laos, which have led to the relocation of remote and dispersed populations into clustered villages with easier access to state services and market facilities. We used the Global Forest Cover Change (2000–2012) and the most recent Lao Agricultural Census (2011) datasets to assess forest cover change in resettled and non-resettled villages throughout the country. We also...

Talent development in football: The specialised sampling model

Achim Conzelmann, Roland Sieghartsleitner, Marc Zibung & Claudia Zuber

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