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Building Security Protocols Against Powerful Adversaries

Iris Safaka
As our sensitive data is increasingly carried over the Internet and stored remotely, security in communications becomes a fundamental requirement. Yet, today's security practices are designed around assumptions the validity of which is being challenged. In this thesis we design new security mechanisms for certain scenarios where traditional security assumptions do not hold. First, we design secret-agreement protocols for wireless networks, where the security of the secrets does not depend on assumptions about the computational...

Tailoring thermal properties of functional materials

Xavier François Mettan
Thermal conductivity (k) plays an essential role in functional devices. In some cases, high value is required to transfer heat efficiently. In others, low k assists in maintaining a temperature gradient necessary for device operation. It is profitable to design materials where one can tune k in a broad range according to its function. Beyond functionality, k is a fundamental property of matter, and a fantastic probe to assess vibrational dynamics and electronic structure in...

Crosslinking Allosteric Sites on the Nucleosome Core Particle

Lucinda Kate Batchelor
Designing compounds that bind to the acidic patch of the nucleosome core particle (NCP) is an emerging therapeutic approach that can inhibit the binding of key chromatin factors. Pretreatment of human ovarian carcinoma, A2780, cells with RAPTA-T, an antimetastic agent which also binds to the acidic patch, sensitises the cells to auranofin, an antiarthritic agent, resulting in a three-fold increase in gold(I)-chromatin adducts. This synergism is accompanied by an allosteric relationship between RAPTA-T and auranofin....

Corrosion mechanisms and durability models for historical tinplate food cans

Fabio Cova Caiazzo
Since the early of the 19th century, canning is one the most efficient ways to preserve foods. Tinplated steel has been used since the beginning for this purpose and it is still one of the most used materials for cans production because it combines the good mechanical strength of steel with the corrosion resistance of tin. Nowadays, historically relevant cans enrich the collections of several museums around the world. However, these collections are threatened by...

Non-linear modelling of saturated internal and external MHD instabilities in tokamaks

Andreas Kleiner
Macroscopic instabilities and their unfavourable effects on plasma confinement pose a central challenge for the development of reactor relevant tokamak scenarios. Some promising operation scenarios feature extended regions of low magnetic shear. These are in the core region for hybrid scenarios, and in the pedestal-edge region for e.g. the ELM-free quiescent H-mode (QH-mode). This thesis presents a non-linear study of macroscopic magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) instabilities with a focus on plasmas with regions of low magnetic shear....

Compliant control of Uni/ Multi- robotic arms with dynamical systems

Seyed Sina Mirrazavi Salehian
Accomplishment of many interactive tasks hinges on the compliance of humans. Humans demonstrate an impressive capability of complying their behavior and more particularly their motions with the environment in everyday life. In humans, compliance emerges from different facets. For example, many daily activities involve reaching for grabbing tasks, where compliance appears in a form of coordination. Humans comply their hands’ motions with each other and with that of the object not only to establish a...

A Well-Defined Ni Pincer Catalyst for Cross Coupling of Non-Activated Alkyl Halides and Direct C-H Alkylation

Oleg Vechorkin
Carbon-carbon bond forming reactions are among the most important and useful methods for organic synthesis. During the last years, significant progress has been made in this field. Whereas many catalysts were developed for the coupling of aryl, alkenyl, and alkynyl halides, non-activated alkyl halides remain challenging substrates, mainly due to unproductive β-hydride elimination and difficulty in oxidative addition of alkyl halides. This dissertation is devoted to the development of a well-defined nickel catalyst for cross...

Phonetic aware techniques for Speaker Verification

Subhadeep Dey
The goal of this thesis is to improve current state-of-the-art techniques in speaker verification (SV), typically based on “identity-vectors” (i-vectors) and deep neural network (DNN), by exploiting diverse (phonetic) information extracted using various techniques such as automatic speech recognition (ASR). Different speakers span different subspaces within a universal acoustic space, usually modelled by “universal background model”. The speaker-specific subspace depends on the speaker’s voice characteristics, but also on the verbalised text of a speaker. In...

Privacy-Enhancing Technologies for Mobile Applications and Services

Thi Van Anh Pham
Over a third of the world€™'s population owns a smartphone. As generic computing devices that support a large and heterogeneous collection of mobile applications (apps), smartphones provide a plethora of functionalities and services to billions of users. But the use of these mobile apps and services often introduces privacy risks for users. First, app developers often fail to take into account the fact that as smartphones are generic computing devices, they do not provide adequate...

Quantitative single cell dynamics of signaling and transcriptional response in mammalian cells

Onur Tidin
Cells live in ever-changing environments, thereby facing a variety of dynamic environmental signals. Environmental stimuli elicit intracellular responses through signaling pathways, which converge on transcriptional activation or repression of target genes. Despite intensive research, dissecting the complex interactions between pathway components that modulate mRNA and protein production still remains a difficult task. To this end, single-cell approaches provide unique insights into intracellular processes and cell responses to environmental stimuli, otherwise inaccessible with traditional bulk studies....

Manipulation of the Two-Dimensional States at Titanates Surfaces studied by ARPES

Stefan Peter Muff
The transition metal oxides are known for their versatile physical properties and are therefore an active field of research towards possible new functionalities and applications. This thesis focuses on the subgroup of titanates with perovskite structure that shows a wide range of interesting bulk properties, ranging from para-, ferro-, and antiferroelectric orders to superconductivity. Since the finding of a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) at the interface and surface of titanates, the interaction of the bulk...

Logement de masse:Vienne et Francfort

Alessandro Porotto
This research has investigated the urban policies about mass housing at the beginning of 20th century. This was a unifying and crucial issue of several modern experiences to which many European cities developed adequate answers showing a wide range of distinguishing design approaches and solutions in terms of city planning and architecture. Given the concrete qualities and significant quantity of housings built, this research assumes Vienna and Frankfurt as the more convincing results: Hof and...

Architecture and field test of a RESTful web service for the optimization of space heating in a commercial office

Jean VIAENE, Mohammad ALISAFAEE, Pierluca BORSÒ, Xavier MOCELLIN, Jayant BISWAS, Hossein AFSHARI & David LINDELÖF

Auto-ajustement de régulateurs PID robustes dans le domaine fréquentiel

Daniel Garcia
This work considers the adjustment of proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers. Because of their very simple structures, this kind of controllers are very appreciated, and used abundantly by the industrial community. The restricted number of the controller parameters often implies moderate performances, compared to those that can be obtained by high order control structures. In compensation, it is highly desired to use simple and fast procedures for the tuning of PID controllers. In practice, the methods using...

Characterisation and hydration of ye'elimite containing cements

Frank Bullerjahn
Calcium sulphoaluminate cements (CSA) with the main phase ye’elimite are a promising class of non-Portland cements which are gaining increasing interest from the cement industry. However, the hydration kinetics of CSA cements varies strongly, even for cements with similar composition and fineness. Understanding the origin of this variation was the main motivation for this thesis. Earlier studies indicated that the type and composition of ye’elimite was related to the different hydration kinetics. Iron-rich CSA cements...

Pôles de développement économique et logistique d'entreprise

Aymeric Sevestre
Economic development policies such as the Enterprise Zone have been pursued with different designs by state and local governments in many countries. These programs can be defined by a double objective: to promote and control economic growth. This thesis investigates the compatibility of these public policies with the location strategies of the private companies based on their logistical needs. The first step of this research gives a global view on the key elements of the...

Single Molecule Sensing

Claudio Dellagiacoma
Living organisms consist of cells, the elementary components of which are proteins providing cellular structures and functionality. Nowadays, proteins of the size of one to a few tens of nanometers can be efficiently monitored by fluorescence microscopy and/or spectroscopy reaching the necessary single molecule sensitivity. However, for a more complete understanding of biological processes, the combined investigation of both cellular structures and function at the single molecule level is essential. This work extends the possibilities...

"Palladium-Catalyzed Diamination of Alkynes in Synthesis of Tetracycles" and "Copper-Catalyzed Cyanoalkylation of Unactivated Alkenes"

Minh Tu Ha
The thesis deals with the development of transition metal-catalyzed difunctionalization of alkenes and alkynes, which can be categorized into two major topics: (1) palladium-catalyzed diamination of alkynes for the synthesis of tetracycles; (2) copper-catalyzed cyanoalkylation-initiated double functionalization of alkenes. The first part of this thesis describes the synthesis of free NH tetracyclic indoles by palladium-catalyzed diamination of triple bonds. In the presence of palladium catalyst, 1,2-diarylethynes bearing an N-methyl-N-[2-(methoxy-carbonyl)ethyl]amino and an aminocarbonyl/aminosulfonyl group at the...

Automobility Beyond Car:Introducing a New Coordinate System for Transforming Urban Mobility

Farzaneh Bahrami
How is the future of automobility imagined today? What has structured such imaginary ? And what levers can steer its evolution towards a Post-Car World? These very three questions form the foundational motivations of this thesis.
First, through a historical overview, I explore and analyze a selected corpus of verbal and visual discourses that have contributed to how we think of car, how we think of a transition from it, and interrelatedly how it is...

New roles of the lymphatic endothelium in modulating adaptive immunity: implications for immune tolerance and cancer immunotherapy

Lambert Charles François Potin
Lymphatic vessels have traditionally been considered as passive conduits for interstitial fluid drainage and for immune cell trafficking to lymph nodes. In the last two decades, many studies have challenged this classical dogma: lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs) were shown to actively interact with immune cells by secreting chemokines and cytokines, and presenting antigens to T cells. These newly described functions pinpoint a multi-faceted role of LECs in orchestrating the immune response through both passive and...

Novel non-invasive techniques for hemodynamic monitoring

Orestis Vardoulis
The monitoring of hemodynamic parameters is crucial for optimal patient management and treatment. However, established methods are often invasive and possibly inapplicable to sensitive age groups. Novel, non-invasive techniques have the potential to transform cardiovascular (CV) assessment, offering reduced hospitalization periods, lower infection risk and decreased staff-to-patient ratio. Cardiac output (CO) monitoring provides valuable insight on global tissue perfusion. To overcome limitations of traditional methods, a novel technique was proposed. Taking into account the basic...

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