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Matching of Ikonos stereo and multitemporal GEO Images for DSM Generation

Li Zhang, Maria N. Pateraki & Emmanuel Baltsavias
Investigations on the use of stereo GEO and multitemporal GEO Ikonos images for DSM generation are reported. Both an own d e - veloped matching algorithm and the digital photogrammetric systems LH Systems DPW770 and VirtuoZo were used. In our own matching method, we start with quasi-epipolar image generation, and derivation of approximations using grid point matching based on relaxation. The final matching is a modified multi-image geometrically constrained method. Test results on both methods...

The application of robust regression to a production function comparison: The example of Swiss corn

Robert Finger & Werner Hediger
The adequate representation of crop response functions is crucial for agri-environmental modeling and analysis. So far, the evaluation of such functions focused on the comparison of different functional forms. The perspective is expanded in this article by considering an alternative regression method. This is motivated by the fact that exceptional crop yield observations (outliers) can cause misleading results if least squares regression is applied. We show that such outliers are adequately treated if robust regression...

Biophysical studies on the interaction of cell-penetrating peptides with model membranes

Michael Edgar Herbig
The ability of cell penetrating peptides (CPP) to translocate a therapeutic cargo, particularly peptide, protein and nucleic acid biopharmaceuticals, across the plasma membrane of mammalian cells renders them of broad interest in cell biology, biotechnology and drug delivery. This thesis is primarily concerned with studies involving human calcitonin (hCT) derived CPP and CPP from the pVEC family, which derives from the murine vascular endothelium cadherin. The major focus will be on fundamental biophysical aspects of...

Influence of updrafts and embedded convection on the microphysics of riming

Björn Baschek
The connection between on one hand updrafts favoring condensation and prolonged residence times of hydrometeors in clouds and on the other hand riming – the accretion of supercooled cloud droplets onto pre-existing ice particles – is generally acknowledged. However, experimental observations of the riming degree of ice crystals together with a quantification of updrafts or embedded convective cells are scarce. Several questions could so far not be answered satisfactorily, for example: What are suitable means...

Systemkopplung zur komponentenorientierten Simulation digitaler Produkte

Stefan Dierssen
Fortschritt-Berichte VDI. Reihe 20, Rechnerunterstützte Verfahren, 358

Pulsed and modulated photoacoustic and transmission spectroscopy on trace gases employing continuously tunable CO₂-and diode-lasers

Albert Romann
This thesis reports on laser-based spectroscopy for trace gas sensing in the mid- and near-infrared spectral region. The fundamental absorptionregion in the mid-infraredis accessed by a photoacousticspectrometer, which is based on a home-built,continuously tunable, high-pressure C02 laser employing periodically poled GaAs as non-linearmaterial in first-orderquasi-phase matching for second harmonic generation. Both, the fundamental 10 /xm- and the second harmonic 5 ^tm-radiations are used, either individually, or, as a novel approach to trace gas sensing, simultaneouslyto...

Geokodierung von Adressen: Methodik und Erfolgsquoten bei unterschiedlichsten Datenquellen

Urs Jakob Waldner, Simon Simonet, Horst Machguth & Kay W. Axhausen
Dieser Bericht umfasst eine praxisnahe Beschreibung der Methodik der Geokodierung von Adressen. Basierend auf den Resultaten bei unterschiedlichsten Datenquellen können Angaben zu den Geokodierungsquoten in Abhängigkeit des Bezuges zur Auskunftsperson und der Anzahl Adressdatenfelder gemacht werden. Empfehlungen zur optimalen Anzahl Adressfelder bei unterschiedlichen Geokodierungszielen runden den Bericht ab.

The genetic architecture of susceptibility to parasites

Lena Wilfert & Paul Schmid-Hempel
Background. The antagonistic co-evolution of hosts and their parasites is considered to be a potential driving force in maintaining host genetic variation including sexual reproduction and recombination. The examination of this hypothesis calls for information about the genetic basis of host-parasite interactions - such as how many genes are involved, how big an effect these genes have and whether there is epistasis between loci. We here examine the genetic architecture of quantitative resistance in animal...

Toward sustainable rural land use planning practices in Botswana: the concept for an

Blanko I. Cavric & Marco Keiner
Due to a number of emerging problems with the current practice of using a partial approach to Botswana’s rural planning and development, it is gradually becoming necessary to move towards the adoption of an integral approach, which focuses on both rural settlement and its countryside, as a unique territory and functional entity. Currently, the rural areas are experiencing three processes: (a) depopulation, ageing of population and reduction of its most productive cohort because of rural–urban...

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