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Ensinar a "cidade" no ensino básico

Maria Helena Esteves
Este artigo procura analisar o estudo da cidade nos actuais programasde Geografia e nalguns manuais escolares em vigor. Com a reorganização curricular daGeografia verificamos que, agora, a dimensão mais valorizada, é o desenvolvimento decompetências essenciais e menos a memorização de conteúdos. Os novos manuais escolares editados vão responder ao desafio de fazer uma Geografia capaz de contribuir paraa formação de cidadãos geograficamente competentes. O estudo da cidade continua afazer parte importante do novo currículo da...

Por une releture du Marco Polo de Paul Vidal de La Blache

Guy Mercier
RE-READING PAUL VIDAL DE LA BLACHE'S MARCO POLO - Although Paul Vidal de La Blache's work has been widely commented upon, his first works are barely known. This is the case, for instance, of his first book, "Marco Polo. Son temps et ses voyages", published in 1880. My purpose is to analyse the geographical content of that book and to elaborate a hypothesis as to its role in the institutionalisation of Vidalian thought.

Planteamientos críticos y alternativos en Geografía

Paz Benito Del Pozo
This paper is a product of the reflection on geographic thought carried out in the defence of the author’s teaching material at the University of León, Spain. Reviewed and adapted for publication, this summarised version analyses the contribution of so-called radical or critical geographies to the construction of current human geography, as well as other influential approaches derived from the limitations and the wearing-down of radical discourse, paying special attention to humanistic geography. Lastly, some...

Minorias étnicas e segregação nas cidades - uma aproximação ao caso de Lisboa, no contexto da Europa Mediterrânica

Jorge Macaísta Malheiros
ETHNIC MINORITIES AND SEGREGATION IN CIIES. AN ASSESSMENT OF THE CASE OF LISBOA WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF MEDITERRANEAN EUROPE - The present paper offers an analysis of the socio-ethnic spatial segregation process that has taken place in the Lisbon Metropolitan Region throughout the last 25 years. This process is analysed within the framework of the contemporary chages affecting the European metropolis and particularly those located in the Southern zone of the EU. The first part...

Da experiência geográfica à construção identitária dos lugares: espaço de vida, espaço vivido e violência urbana

Isabel Pato Silva
Neste artigo expõe-se um estudo exploratório realizado no âmbitodo projecto de doutoramento da autora, levado a cabo nas periferias das metrópolesde Lisboa e Bordéus. Apresenta-se sumariamente a metodologia aplicada para estudar a experiência urbana de um grupo de estudantes de uma escola de Santo Adrião(na periferia da metrópole de Lisboa) explorando as interconexões entre esta experiência e a identidade dos lugares que configuram os seus espaços de vida.A natureza exploratória deste estudo é dupla. Por...

1520 kb Culture, innovation and periphery: a theoretical sketch and some evidence from different portuguese contexts

Eduardo Brito Henriques
The present paper tries to look at the culture-innovation nexus in periphery. Starting with a theoretical discussion on this issue, in which the role of culture in current capitalism is analysed, we raise the question whether the increasing imporance of culture in the present economic context has been creating new opportunities for peripheral regions to innovate, namely by the valorization of tradition.The paper will highlight the results of four case studies from the handicraft pottery...

Mediterranean Migrations: Regionalisms Versus Globalisation

Martin Baldwin-Eduards
This paper challenges the claim of globalisation as a cause ofimmigration into Southern Europe and, on an empirical basis, identifies regionalisation as being the primary issue, along with networked migratory patterns. However, the changing patterns of immigration do present challenges to both state and society. It is argued here that recent policy responses in Portugal, Italy and Spain have been inconsistent and irrational – reflecting more the ‘securitisation’ of migration than European reality. Earlier policy...

Paisagem e geografia

Teresa Barata Salgueiro
LANDSCAPE AND GEOGRAPHY – The word landscape was first applied to renaissance paintings, but the concept really emerged during the scientific revolution that replaced the theological explanation of the world and was part of the events that led to the making of the modern world. Landscape has a central place in classical geography because of the importance romantic aesthetics attached to nature in the early 19th century. It was then seen as a piece of...

A Geomorfologia e a datação de gravuras de Foz Côa. Metodologia e desenvolvimento de um caso de investigação científica

Fernando Rebelo & Rochete Cordeiro
THE GEOMORPHOLOGY AND THE DATING OF THE ENGRAVINGS OF FOZ CÔA - METHODOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT OF A SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CASE - Several alternative interpretations of the age of the engravings at Foz Côa are presented. One derivation is based on the climatic and paleo-climatic characteristics of the area as well as the hydrological characteristics of the Côa River, especially its propensity for flooding. This interpretation involves the assumption that the smooth rock surface on which...

'Greenfields' and 'Brownfields': automotive industrial development in the UK and in Portugal

Andrew Pike & Mário Vale
The industrial policy in the UK and in Portugal, as in most EU countries, seeks to attract new investment capacity, to create jobs and to promote the impact of the so-called "demonstration efect" of "greenfield" development strategies pursued in the new plants of inward investors on existing or "brownfield" plants. This industrial policy focus is particularly evident in the automobile industry.This paper compares the industrial policy oriented towards the automobile industry in the UK and...

As cheias no sul de Portugal em diferentes tipos de bacias hidrográficas

Catarina Ramos & Eusébio Reis
THE FLOODS IN THE SOUTH OF PORTUGAL IN DIFFERENT KINDS OF DRAINAGEBASINS – The regime of the Portuguese rivers depends on the space and time variation of rainfall. Portugal has clear regional contrasts in the geographical distribution of rainfall. The NW and the Central Mountain Range (Cordilheira Central) are the regions with more rainfall. The NE and the south are the driest regions. Therainfall regime is very irregular. The monthly rainfall regime is clearly Mediterranean...

Inundações na Cidade de Lisboa durante o Século XX e os seus factores agravantes

Pedro Elias Oliveira & Catarina Ramos
INUNDATIONS IN LISBON DURING THE 20TH CENTURY AND THEIR URBANAND PHYSICAL CAUSES. Lisbon often suffers inundations, which must be classified as urban inundations, because the flooded areas involved are impermeable due to urban development. These inundations are not related to the overflow of watercourses, but can be classified as flash inundations because of the speed with which they form and spread. The present study covers a time period from 1918/19 to 1997/98, during which 420...

A importância do sector informal na economia urbana em países da África Subsariana

Ilídio Amaral
In this paper, presented as a tribute to CARLOS ALBERTO MEDEIROS, the author begins by evoking some of the most important moments in the brilliant academic career of his former student and collaborator, as well as the feelings of mutual friendship and respect that bind the two. The subject of the importance of the informal sector in the urban economy of Sub-Saharan African countries is then addressed in two parts – 1. On the informal...

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