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History and Memory Ways: UERJ’s Open University for Studies on the Elderly

Sandra Regina Sahb Furtado & Neusa Cardim Da Silva
ABSTRACT This paper presents the Memory Project, of the Open University for Studies on the Elderly, Rio de Janeiro State University (UnATI/UERJ) developed by the Reference and Documentation on Ageing Center (CRDE). The Project’s main goal is to organize and preserve UnATI’s memory and the specific aims are to bring back historical documents and create a database with indexed and registered informational material, besides collecting oral depositions to compose the collection. The paper brings historical...

Evolution of the comprehensive level of the Quoridor game: a comparison between elderly women and adolescents

Claudimara Chisté Santos & Antonio Carlos Ortega
ABSTRACT The cognitive aspects related to ageing need a more thorough investigation, in view of the need of creating preventive or maintenance strategies for an active and healthy ageing. This research aimed to compare the evolution of the comprehension level of a game of rules between elderly women and adolescents. Two groups of four participants for each age group were formed: one aged 65-75 years, and the other, 16-17 years. The study was based on...

Effect of aerobic physical exercise on the lipid profile in type 2 diabetic elderly women attended in a basic health unit in Maringá, Paraná State, Brazil

Carlos Alexandre Molena-Fernandes, Idalina Diair Regla Carolino, Rui Gonçalves Marques Elias, Nelson Nardo Junior, Raquel Soares Tasca & Roberto Kenji Nakamura Cuman
ABSTRACT This study aims to evaluate the influence of a physical exercise program on the lipid profile in type 2 diabetic elderly women. The patients were selected from a Basic Unit of Health (Mandacaru - NIS II, Maringá, Paraná), that attends 200 type 2 diabetic subjects. Among these patients, 40 women aged 60 years or more were randomically selected. The sample was distributed in two groups of 20 patients each: the Trained Group (TG), that...


Luana Mann, Julio Francisco Kleinpaul, Clarissa Stefani Teixeira, Angela Garcia Rossi, Luis Felipe Dias Lopes & Carlos Bolli Mota
ABSTRACT As people grow old, the human body undergoes for a long period of changes that cause a decline in some physical abilities, such as balance. This study aimed to compare the corporal balance of adult people who practice hydrogymnastics and sedentary elderly people in different support basis, with visual manipulation. It assessed 20 elderly people who practice hydrogymnastics and 15 sedentary adults. The balance was collected through a force platform AMTI. The support basis...

Immunosenescence: the association between leukocytes, cytokines and chronic diseases

Audrey Cecília Tonet & Otávio De Tolêdo Nóbrega
ABSTRACT The aging process and its natural consequence – oldness – are one of the major concerns of modern society, especially due to the rapid growth of the elderly population when compared to other age groups. This particular growth brings about significant changes in our civilization and also challenges society in several aspects, especially in those concerning health issues. This latter aspect is probably the most emphasized and worrisome, since a large proportion of older-adults...

Safety evaluation in the use of fitness equipment by the elderly

Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves Simas, Henrique Riera De Farias, Marcio Michel Gil, Renato Landim & Homero Da Silva Nahum Junior
Abstract This study aimed to evaluate the safety of elders during the use of fitness equipment. Ninety subjects were interviewed, 64 women (71.11%) and 26 men (28.89%). Data were collected through a questionnaire. Answers were treated with frequency analysis and then compared by Qui-squared test (a = 0.05), allowing to conclude that fitness practice’s primary goal was to improve health conditions (60.83%), and hydro-gymnastics was the second activity that most interested subjects (80.00%). Among the...


Tânia R. Bertoldo Benedetti, Maria Angélica Binotto, Edio Luiz Petroski & Lúcia Hisako Takase Gonçalves
Abstract This study aimed to investigate the relation between the physical activities level and falls prevalence among elderly people in the city of Florianopolis, state of Santa Catatina, Brazil. It is an epidemiological , cross-sectional and descriptive study, carried out in the city of Florianópolis, Brazil. The sampling, of statistical type and stratified by census section and sex, resulted in a sample of 875 senior citizens. The instruments adopted for data collection were the Questionnaire...

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