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Metric analysis of basal sphenoid angle in adult human skulls

Dante Simionato Netto, Sergio Ricardo Rios Nascimento & Cristiane Regina Ruiz
Objective To analyze the variations in the angle basal sphenoid skulls of adult humans and their relationship to sex, age, ethnicity and cranial index. Methods The angles were measured in 160 skulls belonging to the Museum of the Universidade Federal de São Paulo Department of Morphology. We use two flexible rules and a goniometer, having as reference points for the first rule the posterior end of the ethmoidal crest and dorsum of the sella turcica,...

Influence of different frequencies of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on the threshold and pain intensity in young subjects

Adriana De Oliveira Gomes, Ana Caroline Silvestre, Cristina Ferreira Da Silva, Mariany Ribeiro Gomes, Maria Lúcia Bonfleur & Gladson Ricardo Flor Bertolini
Objective To investigate the effects of different transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation frequencies in nociception front of a pressure pain threshold and cold in healthy individuals. Methods Twenty healthy subjects were divided into four groups, all of which have gone through all forms of electrical stimulation at different weeks. Assessments were pre and post-therapy, 20 and 60 minutes after stimulation. To evaluate the pressure pain threshold, an algometer was used with one tapered tip, pressing the...

Cystic adventitial disease of the popliteal artery: an infrequent cause of intermittent claudication

Paulo Kauffman, Sergio Kuzniec, Roberto Sacilotto, Marcelo Passos Teivelis, Nelson Wolosker & Adriano Tachibana
Intermittent claudication is frequently associated with atherosclerotic disease, but differential diagnosis must be sought in patients with no traditional risk factors. Cystic adventitial disease, of unknown etiology, most frequently affects the popliteal artery, and occasionally presents as intermittent claudication. We report a case of this disease and the surgical treatment, and discuss some aspects related to etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

Subdeltoid lipoma causing shoulder impingement syndrome – a case report

Mario Lenza, Miguel Vicente Lenza, Eduardo Da Frota Carrerra & Mario Ferretti
The impingement syndrome is defined by the compression of the rotator cuff tendons against the coracoacromial arch. Several factors contribute to this condition and they are classified as structural or functional factors. The former are changes in the coracoacromial arch, proximal humerus, bursa and rotator cuff, and the latter are related to the mechanism of the upper limb by means of synchronized activity and balanced between the rotator cuff and scapular girdle muscles. The authors...

Sleeve gastrectomy with anti-reflux procedures

Sergio Santoro, Arnaldo Lacombe, Caio Gustavo Gaspar De Aquino & Carlos Eduardo Malzoni
Objective Sleeve gastrectomy is the fastest growing surgical procedure to treat obesity in the world but it may cause or worsen gastroesophageal reflux disease. This article originally aimed to describe the addition of anti-reflux procedures (removal of periesophageal fats pads, hiatoplasty, a small plication and fixation of the gastric remnant in position) to the usual sleeve gastrectomy and to report early and late results. Methods Eighty-eight obese patients that also presented symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux...

Nosocomial infections by Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase producing enterobacteria in a teaching hospital

Gabriela Seibert, Rosmari Hörner, Bettina Holzschuh Meneghetti, Roselene Alves Righi, Nara Lucia Frasson Dal Forno & Adenilde Salla
Objective To analyze the profile of patients with microorganisms resistant to carbapenems, and the prevalence of the enzyme Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase in interobacteriaceae. Methods Retrospective descriptive study. From the isolation in bacteriological tests ordered by clinicians, we described the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of patients with enterobacteria resistants to carbapenems at a university hospital, between March and October 2013. Results We included 47 isolated patients in this study, all exhibiting resistance to carbapenems, including 9...

Creating and validating an instrument to identify the workload at an oncology and hematology outpatient service

Lelia Gonçalves Rocha Martin & Raquel Rapone Gaidzinski
Objective Construct and to validate an instrument for measuring the time spent by nursing staff in the interventions/activities in Outpatient Oncology and Hematology, interventions based on Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC), for key areas of Pediatric Oncology and Oncology Nursing. Methods Cross-sectional study divided into two steps: (1) construction of an instrument to measure the interventions/Nursing activities and (2) validation of this instrument. Results We selected 32 essential interventions from NIC for Pediatric Oncology and Oncology...

Transcriptional expression study in the central nervous system of rats: what gene should be used as internal control?

Ana Carolina De Moura, Virgínia Meneghini Lazzari, Grasiela Agnes, Silvana Almeida, Márcia Giovenardi & Ana Beatriz Gorini Da Veiga
Objective A growing number of published articles report the expression of specific genes with different behavior patterns in rats. The levels of messenger ribonucleic acid transcripts are usually analyzed by reverse transcription followed by polymerase chain reaction and quantified after normalization with an internal control or reference gene (housekeeping gene). Nevertheless, housekeeping genes exhibit different expression in the central nervous system, depending on the physiological conditions and the area of the brain to be studied....

Left colectomy with intracoporeal anastomosis: technical aspects

Sérgio Eduardo Alonso Araujo, Victor Edmond Seid, Sidney Klajner & Alexandre Bruno Bertoncini
Oncologic laparoscopic colectomy represents a fully validated surgical approach to the management of colorectal cancer. However, laparoscopic surgery for distal transverse and descending colon lesions remains a challenging procedure. A total laparoscopic approach to the left colectomy is an interesting option for critically ill patients although reports in the literature on this subject are scarce and its approach still not standardized because of its selective nature for indication. There are several advantages associated with conduction...

Obesity versus osteoarthritis: beyond the mechanical overload

Angélica Rossi Sartori-Cintra, Priscila Aikawa & Dennys Esper Correa Cintra
Obesity is currently considered a major public health problem in the world, already reaching epidemic characteristics, according to the World Health Organization. Excess weight is the major risk factor associated with various diseases, such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia and osteometabolic diseases, including osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent rheumatic disease and the leading cause of physical disability and reduced quality of life of the population over 65 years. It mainly...

Hematological change parameters in patients with pressure ulcer at long-term care hospital

Giselle Protta Neiva, Julia Romualdo Carnevalli, Rodrigo Lessa Cataldi, Denise Mendes Furtado, Rodrigo Luiz Fabri & Pâmela Souza Silva
Objective To assess factors associated with the development of pressure ulcers, and to compare the effectiveness of pharmacological treatments. Methods The factors associated with the development of pressure ulcers were compared in lesion-carrying patients (n=14) and non-carriers (n=16). Lesion-carrying patients were treated with 1% silver sulfadiazine or 0.6IU/g collagenase and were observed for 8 weeks. The data collected was analyzed with p<0.05 being statistically relevant. Results The prevalence of pressure ulcers was about 6%. The...

Prevalence of renal insufficiency in elderly cancer patients in a tertiary cancer center

Lucíola De Barros Pontes, Yuri Philippe Pimentel Vieira Antunes, Diogo Diniz Gomes Bugano, Theodora Karnakis, Auro Del Giglio & Rafael Aliosha Kaliks
Objective To estimate the prevalence of abnormal glomerular filtration rate in elderly patients with solid tumors. Methods A retrospective study with patients aged >65 years diagnosed with solid tumors between January 2007 and December 2011 in a cancer center. The following data were collected: sex, age, serum creatinine at the time of diagnosis and type of tumor. Renal function was calculated using abbreviated Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) formulae and then staged in...

Rhino facial zygomycosis: case report

Juliana Miguita E Souza, Antonio José Sproesser Junior, Alexandre Felippu Neto, Florencia Barbero Fuks & Carlos Augusto Cardim De Oliveira
Zygomycosis is an invasive disease that affects both immunocompetent and immunocompromised, depending on the type of strain. This disease diagnosis is clinical and histopathological, and its treatment is based on antifungal therapy and surgical cleaning. This paper reports a case of a boy with invasive zygomycosis rinofacial who final treatment was successful after underwent antifungal and surgical therapies.

The use of external event monitoring (web-loop) in the elucidation of symptoms associated with arrhythmias in a general population

Hindalis Ballesteros Epifanio, Marcelo Katz, Melania Aparecida Borges, Alessandra Da Graça Corrêa, Fátima Dumas Cintra, Rodrigo Leandro Grinberg, Ana Cristina Pinotti Pedro Ludovice, Bruno Pereira Valdigem, Nilton José Carneiro Da Silva & Guilherme Fenelon
Objective To correlate arrhythmic symptoms with the presence of significant arrhythmias through the external event monitoring (web-loop). Methods Between January and December 2011, the web-loop was connected to 112 patients (46% of them were women, mean age 52±21 years old). Specific arrhythmic symptoms were defined as palpitations, pre-syncope and syncope observed during the monitoring. Supraventricular tachycardia, atrial flutter or fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, pauses greater than 2 seconds or advanced atrioventricular block were classified as significant...

Evolution of post-deployment indicators of oral health on the Family Health Strategy

Danielle Da Costa Palacio, Fabiana De Lima Vazquez, Danielle Viana Ribeiro Ramos, Stela Verzinhasse Peres, Antonio Carlos Pereira, Luciane Miranda Guerra, Karine Laura Cortellazzi & Jaqueline Vilela Bulgareli
Objective To evaluate the evolution of indicators after the implementation of 21 Oral Healthcare Teams in the Family Health Strategy. Methods We used data from outpatient services of Oral Healthcare Teams to evaluate efficiency, access, percentage of absences and emergencies of oral healthcare professionals who worked in the partnership between the Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Hospital Albert Einstein and the Secretaria Municipal de Saúde de São Paulo, during the period 2009-2011. Results Percentages of emergencies,...

Real-life use of vitamin D3-fortified bread and milk during a winter season: the effects of CYP2R1 and GC genes on 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations in Danish families, the VitmaD study

Janna Nissen, Ulla Vogel, Gitte Ravn-Haren, Elisabeth Andersen, Bjørn Nexø, Rikke Andersen, Heddie Mejborn, Katja Madsen & Lone Rasmussen
Abstract Common genetic variants rs10741657 and rs10766197 in CYP2R1 and rs4588 and rs842999 in GC and a combined genetic risk score (GRS) of these four variants influence late summer 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) concentrations. The objectives were to identify those who are most at risk of developing low vitamin D status during winter and to assess whether vitamin D3-fortified bread and milk will increase 25(OH)D concentrations in those with genetically determined low 25(OH)D concentrations at late...

White adipose tissue reference network: a knowledge resource for exploring health-relevant relations

Thomas Kelder, Georg Summer, Martien Caspers, Evert Schothorst, Jaap Keijer, Loes Duivenvoorde, Susanne Klaus, Anja Voigt, Laura Bohnert, Catalina Pico, Andreu Palou, M. Bonet, Aldona Dembinska-Kiec, Malgorzata Malczewska-Malec, Beata Kieć-Wilk, Josep Del Bas, Antoni Caimari, Lluis Arola, Marjan Erk, Ben Ommen & Marijana Radonjic
Abstract Optimal health is maintained by interaction of multiple intrinsic and environmental factors at different levels of complexityâ from molecular, to physiological, to social. Understanding and quantification of these interactions will aid design of successful health interventions. We introduce the reference network concept as a platform for multi-level exploration of biological relations relevant for metabolic health, by integration and mining of biological interactions derived from public resources and context-specific experimental data. A White Adipose Tissue...

Interactions between meat intake and genetic variation in relation to colorectal cancer

Vibeke Andersen & Ulla Vogel
Abstract Meat intake is associated with the risk of colorectal cancer. The objective of this systematic review was to evaluate interactions between meat intake and genetic variation in order to identify biological pathways involved in meat carcinogenesis. We performed a literature search of PubMed and Embase using “interaction”, “meat”, “polymorphisms”, and “colorectal cancer”, and data on meat–gene interactions were extracted. The studies were divided according to whether information on meat intake was collected prospectively or...

Geographical and ethnic distribution of single nucleotide polymorphisms within genes of the folate/homocysteine pathway metabolism

Aristea Binia, Alejandra Contreras, Samuel Canizales-Quinteros, Victor Alonzo, M. Tejero & Irma Silva-Zolezzi
Abstract High levels of plasma homocysteine are associated with an increased risk of many health conditions influenced by both environmental and genetic factors. The objective of this study was to provide the geographical distribution of folate pathway genetic polymorphisms in Mexico and the comparison with the reported frequencies in different continental populations. This study included the analysis of the genotypic frequencies of eight polymorphisms in genes of the folate/homocysteine metabolic pathway in 1,350 Mestizo and...

Genetic associations with micronutrient levels identified in immune and gastrointestinal networks

Melissa Morine, Jacqueline Monteiro, Carolyn Wise, Candee Teitel, Lisa Pence, Anna Williams, Baitang Ning, Beverly McCabe-Sellers, Catherine Champagne, Jerome Turner, Beatrice Shelby, Margaret Bogle, Richard Beger, Corrado Priami & Jim Kaput
Abstract The discovery of vitamins and clarification of their role in preventing frank essential nutrient deficiencies occurred in the early 1900s. Much vitamin research has understandably focused on public health and the effects of single nutrients to alleviate acute conditions. The physiological processes for maintaining health, however, are complex systems that depend upon interactions between multiple nutrients, environmental factors, and genetic makeup. To analyze the relationship between these factors and nutritional health, data were obtained...

A Waste Supply-Use Analysis of Australian Waste Flows

Christian Reynolds, Julia Piantadosi & John Boland
Abstract In this paper we apply the Lenzen and Reynolds (2014) Waste Supply Use Table extension of Nakamura and Kondo’s (2002a) Waste Input–Output (WIO) framework to the 2008 Australian economy. This is the first application of any WIO-style method to Australia as a nation. We find that the Services sector has the largest direct and indirect waste generation for an intermediate sector. This is followed by the Forestry sector, for direct waste generation, and the...

Utility of 18 F-FDG and 11C-PBR28 microPET for the assessment of rat aortic aneurysm inflammation

Sean English, Jose Diaz, Xia Shao, David Gordon, Melissa Bevard, Gang Su, Peter Henke, Virginia Rogers, Gilbert Upchurch & Morand Piert
Abstract Background The utility of 18 F-FDG and 11C-PBR28 to identify aortic wall inflammation associated with abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) development was assessed. Methods Utilizing the porcine pancreatic elastase (PPE) perfusion model, abdominal aortas of male Sprague-Dawley rats were infused with active PPE (APPE, AAA; N = 24) or heat-inactivated PPE (IPPE, controls; N = 16). Aortic diameter increases were monitored by ultrasound (US). Three, 7, and 14 days after induction, APPE and IPPE rats were imaged using 18 F-FDG microPET (approximately...

Gradient index lens based combined two-photon microscopy and optical coherence tomography

Taejun Wang, Qingyun Li, Peng Xiao, Jinhyo Ahn, Young Eun Kim, Youngrong Park, Minjun Kim, Miyeoun Song, Euiheon Chung, Wan Kyun Chung, G-One Ahn, Sungjee Kim, Pilhan Kim, Seung-Jae Myung & Ki Hean Kim
We report a miniaturized probe-based combined two-photon microscopy (TPM) and optical coherence tomography (OCT) system. This system is to study the colorectal cancer in mouse models by visualizing both cellular and structural information of the colon in 3D with TPM and OCT respectively. The probe consisted of gradient index (GRIN) lenses and a 90° reflecting prism at its distal end for side-viewing, and it was added onto an objective lens-based TPM and OCT system. The...

Gradient index lens based combined two-photon microscopy and optical coherence tomography

Taejun Wang, Qingyun Li, Peng Xiao, Jinhyo Ahn, Young Eun Kim, Youngrong Park, Minjun Kim, Miyeoun Song, Euiheon Chung, Wan Kyun Chung, G-One Ahn, Sungjee Kim, Pilhan Kim, Seung-Jae Myung & Ki Hean Kim
We report a miniaturized probe-based combined two-photon microscopy (TPM) and optical coherence tomography (OCT) system. This system is to study the colorectal cancer in mouse models by visualizing both cellular and structural information of the colon in 3D with TPM and OCT respectively. The probe consisted of gradient index (GRIN) lenses and a 90° reflecting prism at its distal end for side-viewing, and it was added onto an objective lens-based TPM and OCT system. The...

Three-dimensional structured illumination microscopy using Lukosz bound apodization reduces pixel negativity at no resolution cost

Christiaan H. Righolt, Sabine Mai, Lucas J. Van Vliet & Sjoerd Stallinga
The quality of the reconstructed image in structured illumination microscopy (SIM) depends on various aspects of the image filtering process. To optimize the trade-off between resolution and ringing artifacts, which lead to negative intensities, we extend Lukosz-bound filtering to 3D SIM and derive the parametrization of the 3D SIM cut-off. We compare the use of the Lukosz-bound as apodization filter to triangular apodization and find a tenfold reduction in the most negative pixel value with...

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