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Nathan Smith Davis

Oil on canvas portrait of Dr. Nathan Smith Davis by artist George P. A. Healy. Photo of framed portrait, measuring 91 cm H x 80 cm W x 8 cm D, housed in Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. Nathan Smith Davis, M.D., A.M., LL.D. was a Founder and Dean of the Medical School 1872-1898. The portrait was unveiled at the dedication of the Montgomery Ward Memorial Building in June 1927 and added...

American Original: John Benjamin Murphy, MD

Ronald H Sims
Galter Library website article written in 2011 to describe a library exhibit that highlighted items in a December 2010 donation of various materials from Barbara Miller, the great granddaughter of Dr. J. B. Murphy. Highlights of Dr. Murphy's life and professional activities were included.

Angle of repose

Austin Byron Isner
2016 Third Place

A slow march through the desert

Karna Gowda
2016 Fourth Place

Nano Nebula

Michael Lynn Whittaker
Honorable Mention

Neural cell looking for friends

Mark Trosper McClendon
2016 Fifth Place

Brief History of Northwesterns Dispensaries and Outpatient Clinics: Part 2, 1926-1975

Ronald H Sims
The information in this article (and its Part 1) was part of the exhibit, Photographing Pediatrics, which began mid-June 2011 in Dollie's Corner, on Level 2 of the Galter Health Sciences Library, a collaboration of Ron Sims, Dr. Paula Summerly, post-doc in Medical Humanities and Sue Sacharski, Northwestern Memorial Hospital Archivist. The exhibit included a pictorial history of the dispensary and clinics at Northwestern. (Another version of this two-part article was published in Northwestern Medicine...

Celebrating African-American Graduates of the Medical School

Ronald H Sims
Article prepared for the Galter Library's website during Black History Month that features African American graduates of Northwestern University's Medical School.

Core Informatics Competencies for Clinical and Translational Scientists: What do our customers and collaborators need to know?

Justin B Starren
Preprint version.

How to rest, or modes of recreation - Combined

Lee County Texas fossil woods - Combined

Man, a representative of the universe - Combined

The mechanic arts of 1776 and 1876 - Combined

Our police system - Combined

McKay to G.V. Black (Feb. 17, 1909) - Combined

Frederick Mckay

G.V. Black to McKay (Feb. 23, 1909) - Combined

G.V. Black to McKay (May 24, 1909) - Combined

McKay to G.V. Black (June 17, 1909) - Combined

Frederick Mckay

McKay to G.V. Black (Oct. 26, 1909) - Combined

Frederick Mckay

McKay to G.V. Black (Dec. 23, 1909) - Combined

Frederick Mckay

G.V. Black to McKay (Sept. 27, 1911) - Combined

McKay to G.V. Black (Feb. 25, 1913) - Combined

Frederick Mckay

G.V. Black to McKay (Mar. 18, 1913) - Combined

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