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Karen E Gutzman

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Patty Lauren Smith

G.V. Black to G.H. Cushing (Dec. 1, 1892) - Combined

Black, G. V. (Greene Vardiman), 1836-1915.

Adverse effects on hemostatic function of drugs used in hematological malignancies

Anaadriana Zakarija & Hau C Kwaan

Pragmatic Reproducible Research Guide

Luke Rasmussen, Eric Whitley, Abigail Shubat Baldridge & Leah J Welty

Pragmatic Reproducible Research Worksheet

Luke Rasmussen, Eric Whitley, Abigail Shubat Baldridge & Leah J Welty

Meaningful Metrics & More

Kristi Lee Holmes
Slides from SSP 2018; Session: Books, Metrics and Research Evaluation

Mining for gems: gathering research impact metrics with a DIY approach

Karen E Gutzman, Pamela L Shaw & Stacy Konkiel
Presentation given at the Medical Library Association Annual Conference, Toronto, ON. Presented on 05/15/2016.

The CTSA Program Center for Data to Health: Leveraging Library Expertise

Kristi Lee Holmes, Karen E Gutzman, Matthew Brandon Carson, Pamela L Shaw, Patty Smith, Robin Champieux, Rose Relevo & Melissa Haendel
Presented at the 2018 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA


Kristi Lee Holmes
A postcard that publicizes the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine's institutional repository, DigitalHub.

Herman L. Kretschmer: Alumnus, Distinguished Physician, Medical Researcher, Author, and Philanthropist

Ronald H Sims
This article is part of an occasional series prepared by Galter librarians on the history of and highlights about various Northwestern University health education programs' graduates. This article, first published in the Galter Library's website in 2014, featured highlights about a Galter Health Sciences Library exhibit featuring the pharmacy and medical school student notebooks of Dr. Herman L. Kretschmer (pharmacy degree was obtained in 1900 and medical degree was obtained in 1904).

American Original: John Benjamin Murphy, MD

Ronald H Sims
Galter Library website article written in 2011 to describe a library exhibit that highlighted items in a December 2010 donation of various materials from Barbara Miller, the great granddaughter of Dr. J. B. Murphy. Highlights of Dr. Murphy's life and professional activities were included.

Oil painting of Jack and Dollie Galter

Katherine Ann Lattal
Edited photograph of oil-painting of Jack and Dollie Galter.

"Publish or Perish:" how metrics can validate or diminish an old paradigm

Karen E Gutzman & Patty Lauren Smith
Presented on June 28, 2018 for the InCites Midwest User Group Meeting held at Galter Health Sciences Library & Learning Center.

If This Then That: digital repositories re-imagined

Karen E Gutzman
Presentation given to Galter Health Sciences Library on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 from 11:00 -11:45 am.

The Transforming Landscape of Cultural Diversity in the Biomedical Literature

Karen E Gutzman, Diana Almader-Douglas, Brenda Linares, Annabelle V Nunez, Bredny Rodriguez & Medical Library Association Latino Special Interest Group
Poster presented at the Medical Library Association Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA 2018. Presented on 05/20/2018 on behalf of the MLA Latino Special Interest Group.

Altmetrics: Real-Time Measurement of Your Scholarly Impact

Patty Smith

Altmetrics: Real-Time Measurement of Your Scholarly Impact

Patty Lauren Smith

FoodSwitch USA Usability Test Instructions

Joshua David Bundy, Abigail Shubat Baldridge & Mark D Daniel Huffman

Internet Archive: ideas for proactive and patron-friendly use

Susan J Wishnetsky
Powerpoint slide show presented at the ALCTS Collection Management and Electronic Resources Interest Group (CMERIG) meeting, held at the American Library Association 2017 conference at McCormick Place on Sunday, June 25, 3:00-4:00 pm.

Ethical Considerations for Molecular HIV Surveillance in the United States

Nanette Dior Benbow & David Evans

An overview of research and evaluation designs for dissemination and implementation

C Hendricks Brown, Geoffrey Curran, Lawrence A. Palinkas, Gregory A. Aarons, Wells, Kenneth B., 1948-, Loretta Jones, Linda M. Collins, Duan, Naihua, 1949-, Brian S. Mittman, Andrea Wallace, Rachel G. Tabak, Lori Ducharme, David Chambers, Gila Neta, Tisha Wiley, John Landsverk, Ken Cheung & Gracelyn Howell Cruden

Stuart Rich, M.D., Curriculum Vitae

Stuart Rich MD

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