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Development of an educational research software with advisory role in the clinico-biochemical evaluation of hyponatremia

Ioannis Delimaris & K Delimaris
Background: Τhe diagnosis of hyponatremia is not always easy due to the diversity of underlying disease states associated with the condition. Objectives: The aim of the present study was to develop a novel, free, simple stand alone educational research software (ERS) to assist students of medicine and healthcare sciences in understanding the diagnostic evaluation of hyponatremia. Μaterials and methods: The software was designed using: a) Microsoft Windows as operating system, b) C# .NET (4.0) as...

COVID-19 and the Libraries: What is left for Private Copying Exception? - A Greek Copyright Law approach

Theodoros Chiou
The present paper deals with copying, which is a tool that renders users’ access in library’s physical material more efficient as it allows users to repeatedly access, i.e., study the copied material portably, without the need of repeated physical presence within opening hours of libraries’ premises and without reserving the physical medium during their presence. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, what is left for private copying except for the library’s physical material, when the only...

The Nature and the Characteristics of Museum Theater: A quality research among Greek specialists

Fani Giannakopoulou
Purpose - The aim of the research is to investigate the nature and characteristics of museum theater in Greece, as they have been formulated in the opinions of experts related to the specific topic. Design / methodology / approach - To investigate the topic, qualitative research is utilized which is structured in five thematic axes. The data were collected by the method of structured interview which included five main questions (axes) and one or two...

Citation indexes integrated management for Institutional Repositories data enrichment

Dimitrios Kouis, George Veranis, Marios Zervas, Petros Artemis, Andreas Giannakopoulos, Christos Bellas & Konstantina Christopoulou
Purpose – An important problem for researchers and for agencies (e.g., Quality Assurance Units) that are responsible for evaluating the research activity of academic entities (e.g., laboratories, departments, entire institutions, etc.) is to locate and retrieve the bibliographic records (e.g., scientific papers) and their citations automatically from the various citation indexes. Design/methodology/approach - To calculate uniform bibliometric indicators, the deduplication of the documents collected from the different citation indexes is required. In addition, such a...

Chalkida in the literacy writing of Scariba

Maria Manola, Anna Eirini Tsatalbasoglou & Georgios Koltsikoglou
The city of Chalkida is today a close and beloved destination for Athenians but also foreigners with many pleasures both delicious, natural and cultural. Sights such as the old bridge of 1962 that still attracts attention with its picturesqueness and beautiful views, the well-known phenomenon "of the waters of Chalkida", which change direction every 6 hours and is associated with the position of the moon and the effect in the water volume keep alive the...

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