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Data underlying the publication: A global Budyko model to partition evaporation into interception and transpiration

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This model calculates total evaporation on the basis of simple interception and transpiration thresholds in combination with measurable parameters like rainfall dynamics and storage availability from remotely sensed data sources.

Data underlying the research of: Thin-plies in adhesively bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymers

Single lap bonded joints with three different ply thicknesses of 200 micron, 100 micron and 50 micron were tested under quasi-static tensile loading. Acoustic Emission and Digital Image Correlation were used to monitor the damage and strain evolution of the overlap area during testing. 3D post-mortem failure analysis of the fracture surfaces were performed using a 3D profiling microscope.A non-linear finite element analysis up to damage initiation of the single lap joint under static loading...

Data underlying the research of: Snowfall enhances secondary inorganic aerosol formation

The data were conducted from January 15, 2019 to March 6, 2019. Those data include NR-PM2.5, PM2.5, meteorological variables, and gaseous pollutants.

Data underlying the article: Eddy Heat Transport in the South China Sea as Estimated from In Situ Data and an Assimilated Ocean Model

This data belongs to the paper entitled "Eddy Heat Transport in the South China Sea as Estimated from In Situ Data and an Assimilated Ocean Model"

Data accompanying the master thesis \"Wall-Modelled Large Eddy Simulation of fully rough non-uniform flow for the purpose of predicting stone stability\"

In this msc thesis work, a 3-D eddy resolving modelling technique is presented that could help in formulation of a new stability formula to tackle erosion-related problems. It is the aim of this thesis to build a hydrodynamic numerical tool, able to predict governing mechanisms in stone stability. Special attention is paid on the way of representing a rough boundary and predicting wall and free turbulence. A Wall-Modelled Large Eddy Simulation (WMLES) is build using...

Orientation of the arm used for Gesture Recognition

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Gesture recognition enables a natural extension of the way we currently interact with devices. Commercially available gesture recognition systems are usually pre-trained and offer no option for customization by the user. In order to improve the user experience, it is desirable to allow end users to define their own gestures. This scenario requires learning from just a few training examples if we want to impose only a light training load on the user. To this...

Low frequency measured data for tight rocks

This dataset includes a VpVs and extensional attenuation of a tight sandstone and a carbonate samples, which is measured by using forced oscillation technique in the seismic frequencies of 1 - 1000 Hz at varying water saturation levels

Mud Motor Sedimentation Erosion bars dataset

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Data of the sedimentation and vegetation at the Mud Motor salt marsh and a control site. The data is collected from 2015 - 2019. The sedimentation is collected with a Sedimentation Erosion Bar every two months, the presence and cover of plants species is recorded every year in August/September.

Index of images and text of Het Verheerlykt Nederland

The most substantial historical-topographical description of the Dutch Republic in the eighteenth century is De Tegenwoordige Staat der Vereenigde Nederlanden (The Current State of the United Netherlands, 23 volumes, 1738–1803). Augmenting this was a richly illustrated publication, Het Verheerlijkt Nederland (The Netherlands Exalted, 9 volumes, 1745–1774). Because of their encyclopaedic approach these publications can be regarded as typical products of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment. So far, I have collected a rich data set, mainly concerning the...

Codebook for Qualitative Data Analysis of Factors and Conditions of Citizen Engagement with Open Government Data

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The dataset contains the codebook used in an article titled "Citizen Engagement with Open Government Data: Lessons learned from Indonesia’s Presidential Election" submitted to the Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy journal.

KUSTGENESE2.0/SEAWAD Frame-Mounted High Resolution Velocity Profiler

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High resolution Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler measurements.

KUSTGENESE2.0 Vessel-Mounted Velocity Profiler

ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) measurements on a transect for discharge determination, measured from a vessel.

KUSTGENESE2.0 X-band Radar

Xband radar from the lighthouse Brandaris on Terschelling.

Data of Case Study on KasKantine Cooperative

The dataset gives brief information on the KasKantine cooperative in Amsterdam (NL). This cooperative is an off-the-grid experiment and restaurant run by volunteers. It is supported by local communities who regularly come at its events: pizza night, brunch, concerts, discussions and multiple workshops. It does not live on governmental subsidies, although land is "given" for a limited period of time by the municipality. KasKantine's internal functioning principles relate it to the gift culture: either material...

Atmospheric observations IDRA, Cabauw

Faculty Of Civil Engineering TU Delft
Detailed observation of the spatial and temporal distribution of rainfall and drizzle, measured by IDRA (IRCTR Drizzle Radar) at Cabauw, Lopik, Netherlands.

Data underlying the research of the Influence of Geometrical Parameters on the Strength of Hybrid CFRP-Aluminium Tubular Adhesive Joints

Tubular adhesive joints, used in truss structures to join pultruded carbon fibre-reinforced polymer members to aluminium nodes, are modelled with varying dimensions. The mechanical properties of the adhesive, in tension (bulk adhesive specimens) and in shear (Thick Adherend Shear Test), were determined experimentally. The numerical model for the joints uses a Cohesive Zone Modelling formulation with a trapezoidal traction-separation law for the adhesive layer, and experimental tensile tests are carried to validate it. Additionally, CT-scan...

Data resulting from the research for P concentrations in PM2.5 at Mt. Gongga, China

Atmospheric deposition is considered as an important source of phosphorus (P) to P- limited ecosystems. The PM2.5 samples were collected from a high alpine P-limited forest of Gongga Mountain (Mt. Gongga), eastern Tibetan Plateau from May 2015 to May 2016 to study the concentrations and identify the sources of total P (TP) and total dissolved P (TDP) in the atmosphere in a forest region at Mt. Gongga, China;

Protein function prediction using pre-trained ELMO embeddings

This dataset includes the data for training the protein function prediction models at github.com/stamakro/GCN-for-Structure-and-Function.For each protein, a pickle file is provided, containing its sequence, ELMo embedding and labels.It also includes the weights of the trained models that can be applied directly.README file at github.com/stamakro/GCN-for-Structure-and-Function

Dataset used to correct for topographic and BRDF effects over rugged planetary terrain by coupling modified Sandmeier model with Hapke model

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The purpose of this research paper is to develop a physical model-based approach to correcting for both BRDF and topographic effects over a rugged planetary surface (submitted to JGR planets). This data set contains all the data used in figure 4 to figure 15, including 12 folders in total. The parameter files from figure 4 to figure 15 are stored in the folders named as figure4 to figure15, respectively, which is convenient for readers to...

Data accompanying the research on Effect of resveratrol on intestinal tight junction proteins and the gut microbiome in high-fat diet-fed insulin resistant mice

High-fat diet (HFD)-feeding induces changes in the microbiome and increases intestinal permeability by impairing tight junction (TJ) protein function, which may explain the insulin resistance (IR) and associated pathologies. We aimed to determine the effects of resveratrol (RES) on the gut microbiome and intestinal TJ proteins. Results showed that RES administration improved the lipid profile, and ameliorated the endotoxemia, inflammation, intestinal barrier defect and glucose intolerance in the HFD-fed mice. Furthermore, it modified the gut...

Real-world MDVRP data with realistic constraints

This dataset contains 9 Excel (xls) files that can be used as a new benchmark data for the solving of real-world multi-depot vehicle routing problems (MDVRP) with realistic constraints. All data are real and obtained experimentally by using MDVRP algorithm on production environment in one of the biggest distribution company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Simulated thoughts in virtual reality for negotiation training enhance self-efficacy and knowledge

This dataset is the result of a study on the effects of providing simulated thoughts in virtual reality for negotiation training, conducted in Interactive Intelligence Group, Department of Intelligent Systems, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, TU Delft. It included four types of files: the data collected in this study, the R scripts file of data analysis, the output of the analysis, and a readme file.

Data accompanying the research on CGL Scheduling Problem

These instances are the real cost matrices of a continuous galvanizing line of a Spanish steel company. The element (i,j) of the matrix represent the cost of producing coil i right before coil j. If a value (i,j) is equal to -1, it means that the transition from coil i to coil j is forbidden. The problem consists in finding the minimun cost hamiltonian path (i.e. a minimun cost feasible sequence)

Data underlying the research into Experimental study on seismic performance of lightweight steel-desert sand lightweight aggregate concrete composite shear wall

Gao Y(Yueyue)
The dataset includes the experimenta and numerical simulation data of Experimental Study on Seismic Performance of Lightweight Steel-Desert Sand Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Composite Shear Wall

KUSTGENESE2.0/SEAWAD Multiprobe Suspended Sediment Concentration and Chlorofyl

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Suspended Sediment Concentration and Chlorofyl.

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