45 Works

Dataset: Misty stories

Julia Round

Dataset: Tourism and Travel Collaboration Questionnaire

Janet Dickinson, Julia Hibbert & Viachaslau Filimonau

Virtual Avebury Project - Public Engagement at Avebury final data set

Liz Falconer, Kate Welham & Neil Slawson

How 274 red flags changed perceptions of sexual violence in a university campus

Peter Arabaci Hills, John McAlaney, Liam Wignall & Rachel Skinner

Covertly instructing participants to focus of diagnostic features reduces the own-ethnicity bias in face recognition

Peter Arabaci Hills & Alejandro Estudillo

In pursuit of visual attention: SSVEP frequency-tagging moving targets

Peter De Lissa, Roberto Caldara, Sebastien Miellet & Victoria Nicholls

Colonial consumption and Imperial Measures

Sam Goodman

Low-frequency rTMS to the frontal lobe increases eye-movement carryover

Peter J Hills, Louise Canter & Jodie Fagg

BA Leverhulme Food Waste Interview Data

Juliet Memery & Rob Angell

Workshops materials: Helping programmers get what they want

Gail Ollis

Footprint data

Jeremy Walker, Shelby Barefoot, Matthew Bennett & Marcin Budka

Environmental DNA as a non-invasive sampling tool to detect the spawning distribution of European anadromous shads (Alosa spp.)

Caterina Antognazza, Robert Britton, Caitlin Potter, Elizabeth Franklin, Emilie Hardouin, Catherine Gutmann Roberts, Miran Aprahamian & Demetra Andreou

Responses to an online questionnaire on technology enhanced learning (TEL) in UK Higher Education Institutions

David Biggins

Developing attentional control in naturalistic dynamic road crossing situations

Geraldine Jean-Charles, Roberto Caldara, Sebastien Miellet & Victoria Nicholls

Environmental factors are stronger predictors of primate species' distributions than basic biological traits

Amanda Korstjens, Helen Danielle Slater & Katherine Williams

'Hybrid Modelling of Heterogeneous Volumetric Objects' by Alexander Tereshin (2020), implementations

Alexander Tereshin

Procedural Generation of Features for Volumetric Terrains using a Rule-Based Approach Dataset

Rahul Dey

Representation of Foreseeable Choice Outcomes in Orbitofrontal Cortex Triplet-wise Interactions (Balaguer-Ballester et al 2020, Plos Comput Biol)

Emili Balaguer-Ballester, Ramon Nogueira, Juan Abofalia, Ruben Moreno-Bote & Maria Victoria Sanchez-Vives

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