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Dataset: Misty stories

Julia Round

Dataset: Tourism and Travel Collaboration Questionnaire

Janet Dickinson, Julia Hibbert & Viachaslau Filimonau

Virtual Avebury Project - Public Engagement at Avebury final data set

Liz Falconer, Kate Welham & Neil Slawson

How 274 red flags changed perceptions of sexual violence in a university campus

Peter Arabaci Hills, John McAlaney, Liam Wignall & Rachel Skinner

Covertly instructing participants to focus of diagnostic features reduces the own-ethnicity bias in face recognition

Peter Arabaci Hills & Alejandro Estudillo

Low-frequency rTMS to the frontal lobe increases eye-movement carryover

Peter J Hills, Louise Canter & Jodie Fagg

Colonial consumption and Imperial Measures

Sam Goodman

In pursuit of visual attention: SSVEP frequency-tagging moving targets

Peter De Lissa, Roberto Caldara, Sebastien Miellet & Victoria Nicholls

Age-related changes in visual encoding strategy preferences during a spatial memory task

Vladislava Segen, Jan Wiener & Tim Slattery


Jian Chang, Jian Jun Zhang, Yang Xiaosong, Stephanie Farmer, Ehtzaz Chaudhry, Maral Khosravi, Nagiel Manuella, Tingting Li, Elysha Cullen, Stefano Feltre, Andrew Robinson, Greta Gilaudyate, Lorenzo Solari, Doriana Re, Sophie Buchner, Darryl Dempsey & Alexander McClelland

Supplementary material to Climate change impacts on non-human primates: What have we modelled and what do we do now?

Isabelle C. Winder, Brogan Mace & Amanda H. Korstjens

Factors concerning the effective use of life saving equipment in Uganda and low-middle income countries.

Robert Mills

Ageing and executive function decline lead to performance decline in challenging naturalistic road crossing situations

Victoria Nicholls, Jan Wiener, Sebastien Miellet & Andrew Meso

Responses to an online questionnaire on technology enhanced learning (TEL) in UK Higher Education Institutions

David Biggins

Developing attentional control in naturalistic dynamic road crossing situations

Geraldine Jean-Charles, Roberto Caldara, Sebastien Miellet & Victoria Nicholls

Procedural Generation of Features for Volumetric Terrains using a Rule-Based Approach Dataset

Rahul Dey

Measuring spinal and trunk shape using an electromagnetic sensor

E. S Daniel

Environmental factors are stronger predictors of primate species' distributions than basic biological traits

Amanda Korstjens, Helen Danielle Slater & Katherine Williams

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