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The VizieR database of astronomical catalogues

Francois Ochsenbein
VizieR provides the most complete library of published astronomical catalogues --tables and associated data-- with verified and enriched data, accessible via multiple interfaces.

Paprika - Preshine hydrology data sets in the Everest Region (Nepal). 2010-2018

P. Chevallier, F. Delclaux, P. Wagnon, L. Neppel, Y. Arnaud, M. Esteves, D. Koirala, Y. Lejeune, F. Hernandez, R. Muller, Chazarin J-P., Boyer J-F. & I. Sacareau
The successive Paprika (2010-2013) and Preshine (2014-2018) projects, funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche - France, have installed and managed several hydrometerological stations in the Upper Solukhumbu district (Nepal), including the West and South Faces of Mount Everest. Both projects aimed to improve knowledge on the water resources and their uses by local populations, the Paprika project being interested in regional scale and the Preshine project in local scale. The database provides discharge...

Atlas of top predators from French Southern Territories in the Southern Indian Ocean

K. Delord, C. Barbraud, C.A. Bost, Y. Cherel, C. Guinet & H. Weimerskirch
This Atlas of top predators from the French Southern Territories in the Southern Indian Ocean is a summary of information on the use of the southern Indian Ocean by 22 seabirds and seals species: king penguin, gentoo penguin, Adlie penguin, eastern rockhopper penguin, northern rockhopper penguin, macaroni penguin, Amsterdam albatross, wandering albatross, black-browed albatross, Indian yellow-nosed albatross, light-mantled albatross, sooty albatross, southern giant petrel, northern giant petrel, southern fulmar, Cape petrel, snow petrel, white-chinned petrel,...

Liège -7000 ans, les derniers chasseurs préhistoriques de Wallonie : Archéologie du Mésolithique et Expérimentation ; Rapports d'études préliminaires des zones 19 et 20 des fouilles de Tivoli

Eva DAVID & René-Ginouvès Prod. Maison Archéologie Et Ethnologie
Exhumé par le Service Public de Wallonie, un matériel archéologique inédit a été retrouvé à l’archéoforum de Liège (Tivoli). Daté de la transition Mésolithique-Néolithique, il pose la question du mode de vie des derniers chasseurs-cueilleurs à l’arrivée des premiers colons agro-pasteurs, il y a environ 7000 ans. Les premiers résultats de l’étude sont livrés, ainsi que ceux des tests expérimentaux conduits au Préhistosite de Ramioul. Ces derniers ont notamment permis de retrouver des techniques préhistoriques...

Bureau Gravimetrique International

The International Gravimetric Bureau (BGI) is the scientific service of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) for gravimetry. It has been created in 1951 by the IUGG (International Union in Geophysics and Geodesy) with the aim to collect on a world-wide basis, all gravimetric measurements on Earth and to establish the global digital database of gravity data for scientific use. Its main task is to collect, validate and archive all types of gravity measurements (relative...

Histoire 25 : tChWXpri

Guillaume Jacques

CETA 2010 cruise,L'Astrolabe R/V

Etudier l'abondance et la distribution des cétacés au large de la Terre Adélie.

Testing the new D20 monochromator

RITTER Clemens

A novel passive defrost system for a frozen retail display cabinet with a low evaporator.

An energy efficient thermo-siphon method of defrosting the air coils on a commercial half glass door (HGD)/well retail display cabinet has been developed (FrigescoTM) and the performance compared with the existing electric defrost system under EN ISO 23953 test room conditions. Previous work by (Foster et al, 2013) used a passive thermo-siphon to defrost the top evaporator inside the top (glass door) section and a pump assisted thermo-siphon to defrost the well section. This was...



Geometric recursion

Jorgen Ellegaard Andersen
Geometric Recursion is a very general machinery for constructing mapping class group invariants objects associated to two dimensional surfaces. After presenting the general abstract definition we shall see how a number of constructions in low dimensional geometry and topology fits into this setting. These will include the Mirzakhani-McShane identies, mapping class group invariant closed forms on Teichmüller space (including the Weil-Petterson symplectic form) and the Goldman symplectic form.

Experimental Evaluation of the Pollutant and Noise Emissions of the GTCP 36-300 Gas Turbine operated with Kerosene and with a Low NOx Micromix Hydrogen Combustor

Harald H.W. FUNKE, Jan KEINZ & Patrick HENDRICK
Auxiliary and Ground Power Units are major sources of noise and pollution at airports. Aachen University of Applied Sciences researches low-emission combustion of hydrogen and has developed the Micromix technology with proven low emission properties. The paper presents the exhaust gas and noise emission analysis comparing kerosene with MMX hydrogen combustion in the GTCP 36-300. The MMX combustor with hydrogen reduces the exhaust gas emissions significantly. The overall noise of the core engine is reduced,...


Endothelial dysfunction and activation of the immune system are the two major pathophysiological mechanisms responsible for the fibrosis of the skin and internal organs in systemic sclerosis. The diffuse interstitial lung disease (PID) has become the main cause of the disease mortality. Pulmonary inflammation is the result of activation of the immune system, which stimulates the inducible NO synthase and increases cellular production of nitric oxide (NO). Increasing alveolar NO concentration (CANO) was significantly correlated...

ISMB application, Biological Sciences, Birkbeck; Structural and Molecular Biology, School of Pharmacy & NPP, UCL; Biological and Chemical Sc

Gabriel WAKSMAN, Tien-Chye TAN, Giulia MONTINI, James IRVING & Sandeep K TALAPATRA

The Role of Advanced Practice Nurses in Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention

B. Fougère
To the editor, Worldwide, the population of older adults is increasing. The global population aged 60 years or over numbered 962 million in 2017, more than twice as large as in 1980 when there were 382 million older persons worldwide. The number of older persons is expected to double again by 2050, when it is projected to reach nearly 2.1 billion (1). The United Nations reports that by the year 2045, the number of individuals...

Dimensionalité intrinsèque dans les espaces de représentation des termes et des documents.

Vincent Claveau
RÉSUMÉ. L'examen des propriétés des espaces de représentation des documents ou des mots en RI (typiquement, R navec n très grand) fournit de précieuses indications pour aider la recherche. Récemment, plusieurs travaux ont montré qu'il était possible d'étudier la dimensionalité réelle des données, appelée dimensionalité intrinsèque, en certains points de ces espaces (Houle et al., 2012a). Dans cet article, nous proposons de revisiter cette notion de dimension intrinsèque sous la forme d'un indice noté dans...

Quatre discales récoltées sur feuilles de Rubus fructicosus, en photographies et dessins

René Dougoud
The author presents some photographs and drawings of four species collected, during 2010, on bramble dead leaves, Rubus fructicosus. Bibliographical references refer the reader to the main or recent descriptions

A sufficient condition for a balanced bipartite digraph to be hamiltonian

Ruixia Wang
We describe a new type of sufficient condition for a balanced bipartite digraph to be hamiltonian. Let $D$ be a balanced bipartite digraph and $x,y$ be distinct vertices in $D$. $\{x, y\}$ dominates a vertex $z$ if $x\rightarrow z$ and $y\rightarrow z$; in this case, we call the pair $\{x, y\}$ dominating. In this paper, we prove that a strong balanced bipartite digraph $D$ on $2a$ vertices contains a hamiltonian cycle if, for every dominating...

Investigating Extra-solar Planetary System Qatar-1 through Transit Observations

Parijat Thakur, Vineet Kumar Mannaday, Devendra Kumar Sahu, Swadesh Chand & Ing-Guey Jiang
We report the results of the transit timing variation (TTV) analysis of the extra-solar planet Qatar-1b using thirty eight light curves. Our analysis combines thirty five previously available transit light curves with three new transits observed by us between June 2016 and September 2016 using the 2-m Himalayan Chandra Telescope (HCT) at the Indian Astronomical Observatory (Hanle, India). From these transit data, the physical and orbital parameters of the Qatar-1 system are determined. In addition...

New cardiovascular risk markers in spondyloarthrites.

Imad Ghozlani
Cardiovascular involvement in spondyloarthritis (SpA) is not uncommon. Indeed, cardiovascular pathologies represent the leading cause of death in 40% of SpA. While the traditional risk factors including lipid profile, metabolic syndrome, smoking and treatment effects are increasingly well understood, other markers have recently been discovered and their complicity in the occurrence of cardiometabolic comorbidity is currently established. However, the detection of these new markers must remain a center of interest in the management of patients...

Référentiel Régional Pédologique de Midi-Pyrénées : Département de l’Ariège

Maritxu Guiresse, Elsa Yken, Emilie Cambou, Benoît Toutain, Sébastien Lehmann & Bertrand Laroche
Les données recueillies concernent les sols, produits de l'altération, du remaniement et de l'organisation des couches supérieures de la croûte terrestre sous l'action de la vie, de l'atmosphère et des échanges d'énergie qui s'y manifestent (Aubert et Boulaine). Les besoins en informations sur les sols sont croissants. Les propriétés des sols présentant une forte variabilité spatiale, il est en effet important de disposer de données d’inventaire à une échelle adaptée pour les gérer au mieux....

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