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Targeting Phage and Antibiotic Resistance 2018

International Society Of Microbiota
The 5th World Congress on Targeting Infectious Diseases: Targeting Phage & Antibiotic Resistance 2018 was organized in Florence, Italy in May 17-18, 2018. During two days, more than 100 oral & poster communications were highlighted different axes and topics related to the recent advances and challenges in phage therapy, and to all innovations related to the antibiotic resistance in general. The 5th edition was an excellent platform which gathered more than 200 participants from 33...

Archive of International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition & Health, Vol 6, No 1 (2017): Skin Ageing and Challenges 2018 congress abstract archive

International Society Of Antioxidants In Nutrition & Health
This volume 6 (issue 1) is contains all extended abstracts published for Skin Challenges and Ageing 2018 which was be held in Porto, Portugal from February 26 to June 27, 2018. Conference site: http://www.skin-challenges.com

Green Tea Polyphenols Affect Invasiveness of Human Gastric MKN-28 Cells by Inhibition of LPS or TNF-alpha Induced Matrix Metalloproteinases-9/2

PAGLIARA Valentina ARCONE Rosaria
Green tea polyphenols have been identified as molecules responsible for the beneficial effects showed by the green tea against oxidative stress and cancer risk. We investigated the effects of green tea polyphenol extracts (GTPs) on oxidative stress and cell invasiveness in human gastric MKN-28 cancer cells. The pre-treatment with 10–4 M catechin equivalents of GTPs exerts a protective effect on xanthine-xanthine oxidase induced cell cytotoxicity, thus confirming the anti-oxidant properties of GTPs. The effect of...

Co-crystallization of Dihydroquercetin

Dihydroquercetin (DHQ) is a bioflavonoid from the larch wood with the wide range of pharmacological activity. There are certain restrictions in the creation of drugs on basis of DHQ, because the industrial DHQ is characterized by a poor water-solubility at room temperature. Co-crystallization was realized to obtain the new forms of DHQ with improved water solubility. Cooling, lyophilisation, solvent evaporation and sonocrystallization were used. It has been shown that co-crystals of DHQ with vanillin, nicotinic...

Effects of resveratrol on 8-OHdG levels and endogenous antioxidants evaluated simultaneously with micronucleus and apoptosis frequencies in peripheral blood of mice treated with hexavalent chromium

Cr(VI) compounds generate reactive oxygen species during reduction to Cr(III) leading to DNA damage such as 8-hydroxydeoxyguanine (8-OHdG). Resveratrol (RV) has received much attention for its ability to reduce stress-induced cellular injury. The effects of RV on superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, 8-OHdG and glutathione (GSH) levels, as well as on micronucleus (MN) and apoptosis frequencies, were evaluated simultaneously. Groups of five Hsd-ICR mice were treated as follows: i) vehicle only; ii) RV (50 mg/kg) by...

Polyoxometalates as inhibitors of P-type ATPases and the role of polyphenols

Polyoxometalates (POMs) have been described to exhibit anti-tumor, anti-bacterial and anti-virus activity, although their mechanisms of action are still to be determined. POMs’ mechanisms of action as anti-cancer and anti-bacterial activities were linked, at least in part, to the inhibition of P-type ATPases, such as the Ca2+-ATPase. In the present study, we analyzed the effects of W-based POMs (P2W18) in the activity of Ca2+-ATPase from the sarcoplasmic reticulum in the presence of polyphenols (quercetin) and...

Feasibility study on the use of UV-VIS and FT-IR spectroscopies for the classification and quality control of food-grade tannins

PARPINELLO Giuseppina Paola RICCI Arianna
In this study, fifty botanical extracts commonly referred as 'food-grade tannins' and currently allowed in foods and beverages as coloring agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers (E181) were analyzed for their botanical origin, content in bioactive compounds and extent of the polymeric fraction. Selected spectroscopy approaches, including UV-visible (UV-VIS) and mid-infrared (MIR), were tested as fast tools for discrimination and classification. The MIR region of the electromagnetic spectrum enabled the discrimination between condensed and hydrolyzable structures by means...

Polyphenol - enriched grape pomace extract and lactobacilli combination restores epithelial integrity in LPS-induced inflammation in intestinal Caco-2 cells

MARIN Daniela Eliza PISTOL Gina Cecilia
Inflammatory bowel disease is a chronic pathology resulting from uncontrolled inflammation that ultimately leads to mucosal disruption and ulceration. Nutritional therapy using biologically active compounds was taken into account as alternative to medical treatment of intestinal inflammation. The aim of our study is to investigate the role of polyphenol-rich grape pomace extract and Lactobacilli sp on the genes associated with epithelial integrity using LPS-treated intestinal Caco-2 cells. After induction of intestinal inflammation, cells were cultured...

Valorization of tomato wastes: influence of ohmic heating process on polyphenols extraction time

Current extraction treatments may cause degradation of biocompounds hampering their added value. Phenolic compounds extraction of Lycopersicon esculentum (tomato) by-products was optimized using ohmic heating (OH) as an alternative extraction technology. Design of experiments was applied to evaluate the effect of extraction time, temperature and ethanol concentration and further optimized by a desirability function. The antioxidant activity and characterization of phenolic compounds was performed. A significant increase of phenolics content and antioxidant activity were obtained...

Pork patties enriched with vegetal ingredients to enhance health benefits for consumers

The aim of this study was to improve pork patties from Porc Negre Mallorquí (PNM, Majorcan Black Pig), with vegetal ingredients. This is an endangered autochthonous breed from Mallorca Island. The objective was to have high sensory quality products, with enhanced health benefits for consumers. To achieve this, bioactive compounds such as polyphenols and beta-glucans, present in the bilberries and mushrooms added to the patties, were determined. Five types of patties (120 g) were prepared:...

Saliva interacts with hawthorn juice to reduce its antioxidant capacity

Hawthorn juice (HT), produced from the flowers, leaves and fruit of the hawthorn tree (Crataegus spp.), is easily available to purchase as a dietary agent. The aim of this study was to investigate the antioxidant capacity (AC) of HT in saliva using the Folin-Ciocalteu assay, both in vitro and following consumption. Healthy volunteers were recruited and gave informed written consent. Volunteers (n = 12) drank 10mL HT and provided saliva samples over 3 hours. There...

Inhibition of breast cancer cell proliferation by Annurca apple polyphenols

Apples are among the most consumed fruits worldwide, and several studies suggest that apple polyphenols could play a role in the prevention of degenerative diseases. The present study is aimed at evaluating the effects of Annurca apple polyphenol extract (APE) on proliferation on MCF-7 cells. The data indicated that apple polyphenolic compounds had significant antiproliferative action on MCF-7 cells inducing a cell cycle arrest at G2/M phase. APE was also capable of provoking morphological changes...

Sirtuins, a promising target in slowing down the ageing process: regulatory role of polyphenols

Anna Bielak-Zmijewska
We live longer and longer. Ageing however, is associated with increased incidence of age-related diseases. Fortunately, it is a plastic process and can be successfully modulated. There are some defined promising anti-aging interventions, which can postpone the age-related pathologies and improve the healthspan in animal models. These interventions can be partially transferred to humans. One of the most promising anti-ageing targets are proteins belonging to the sirtuin family. They are called “the enzymes of youth”....

Nrf2-ARE signaling pathway associated to antioxidant response in rat brain after acute iron and copper overloads

ACOSTA Juan Manuel REPETTO Marisa G
The Nrf2-ARE (nuclear factor erythroid 2 (NFE2)-related factor 2- antioxidant responsive element) signaling pathway is involved in detoxification and elimination of reactive oxidants through antioxidant and conjugation reactions and by enhancing cellular antioxidant content. The molecule that seems to be the signal for the genomic transcription is a soluble phospholipid hydroperoxide (ROOH). Rats (220 ± 8 g) were given single doses of 30 mg/kg iron (Fe) or 5 mg/kg copper (Cu). The activities and expressions...

Nigella sativa oil effects on the non-enzymatic defense statute and the histopathological changes induced by smokeless tobacco in a model of allergic asthma in wistar rats

In our present study, we aimed to investigate the non-enzymatic defense system, as well as the histopathological changes, induced by ST at the dose of 40 mg/kg. Furthermore, the preventive and ameliorating effects of oral administration of Nigella sativa oil (NSO) at a dose of 4 ml/kg/day are evaluated. The rats were immunized by an intraperitoneal injection of 10 μg ovalbumin (Ova) adsorbed to 1 mg aluminum hydroxide. The administration of ST to Ova-sensitized rats...

Oxidative stress: Novel insights on red blood cells as redox modulators

FIBACH Eitan Adams
Oxidative stress adds to the pathologies of diseases, including hemolytic anemia. In thalassemia it is attributed to iron-overload due to red blood cell (RBC) transfusions and increased ron absorption. Free intracellular iron catalyzes the generation of cytotoxic reactive oxygen species (ROS). RBCs, functioning as oxygen transporters, contain efficient mechanisms against oxidizing substances. In hemolytic anemia, RBC transfusions ameliorate the chronic anemia, but contribute excess iron. Little attention has been given to these opposing effects. To...

Effect of cyclodextrins on the physical properties and stability of crude olive pomace extracts

BUĈELA Ines RADIĆ Kristina
Poor technological properties of raw olive pomace extracts (OPE) significantly limits its utilization as nutraceutical and functional food ingredient. Increasing the share of the main olive pomace biophenols (OPB) and improving physical properties of crude OPE are prerequisites for obtaining a usable extract. To achieve that, we examined encapsulation of OPE with different types and amounts of cyclodextrins (CDs). To determine physical parameters of freeze-dried OPE, CIE LAB color and particle size distribution were analyzed....

Phenolic contents of pasteurised and ozonated camel milk

RHEE Michelle AJLOUNI Said
Due to the negative impact of heat treatment on milk quality, this study examined ozonation as an alternative pasteurisation technique to maintain quality, acceptable shelf life, and high nutritional value of camel milk. Total polyphenol content (TPC) reported as Gallic Acid Equivalent (GAE) in Australian raw camel milk was 12.09±;0.4 mg GAE /100 ml. Ozonation for 5 and 10 min at room temperature significantly (P<0.05) reduced the TPC by 0.66 mg GAE/100 ml and 0.72...

Comparison of polyphenols composition between red and white wines of some native Campania region grape varieties

MASULLO, Mariorosario; ARCONE Rosaria; D’ANGELO Stefania; GELZO Monica; CORSO Gaetano; DELLO RUSSO Antonio
In this work, we have determined and compared polyphenols and elements compositions of four wines obtained from native Campania region white grape varieties (Greco di Tufo, n = 32; Fiano di Avellino, n = 35) and red grape varieties (Taurasi, n = 15; Irpinia Aglianico, n = 10). The obtained results point to a higher content of resveratrol in red wines than in white ones and a higher levels of other healthy polyphenols, such as...

Antioxidant status of the brain in a glutamate excitotoxicity model and the effect of N-acetyl-cysteine

L LESUY , Susana; H VOZDA ARANA, Ailen; J ANEZIC, Natasha; P EVERINI, Agustina; R EIDES, Claudia; L ASAGNI V ITAR , Romina; WEISCHLER, Nath Alie; F ERREIRA, Sandra;
The aims were to evaluate changes in antioxidant status in brain of rats subjected to a model of glutamate excitotoxicity and to identify modifications when an antioxidant therapy was given. Four groups were performed: Glutamate group (GG) was injected with 1g/kg of monosodium glutamate, Control Group (CG) was injected with saline solution, Treated Glutamate Group (TG) was supplemented with 150 mg/kg of N-acetyl cysteine and with 1 g/kg of monosodium glutamate and Treated Control Group...

Imbalance of the REDOX state in dominant Optic Atrophy:the way of mathematical modeling

Autosomal dominant optic atrophy (DOA) is a common cause of inherited visual failure affecting at least 1 in 50,000 of the general population. OPA1 mutations are the main genetic cause of DOA, causing bilateral optic atrophy due to specific loss of retinal ganglion cells. Although optic nerve degeneration remains the hallmark of DOA, syndromic form of the pathology, including deafness, ataxia, myopathy, peripheral neuropathy and progressive external ophtalmoplegia, was reported to affect up to 20%...

Oxidative damage of brain structures in a glaucoma rat model and the protective role of lipoic acid

FERREIRA Sandra María; REIDES, Claudia Gabriela; PEVERINI, Agustina; HVOZDA ARANA, Ailen Gala; JANEZIC, Natasha; LASAGNI VITAR, Romina Mayra; BRUNZINI, Ricardo; LERNER, Fabián; LLESUY, Susana Francisca
Evidence of oxidative process was found in glaucoma brain. The purpose was to evaluate the role of lipoic acid (LA) in oxidative damage of geniculate nucleus (GN) and visual cortex (VC) in glaucoma model. Four groups of Wistar rats (n=20) were used: Glaucoma(G) rats operated by cauterized episcleral veins, glaucoma treated with LA 100 mg/kg(LG), Control(C) received a sham procedure and Control treated with LA 100 mg/kg (LC). At seven days brain were removed. Thioredoxin...

Low Risk, Non-Invasive Means to Achieve Wellness in Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia affects up to 15 million Americans and 3.6% the world population. It produces intense body pain, is much more common in women than men (9:1) and often associated with excessive sitting. The latter produces harmful, oxidative stress. Fibromyalgia responds to physical activity but patient compliance is low. Accordingly, we administered passive physical activity with a horizontal, motorized platform that rapidly and repetitively moved the body back and forth in a head to foot direction....

Increased Survival in Septic Mice Using Whole Body Periodic Acceleration ( pGz )

Jose A. Adams
Sepsis constitutes a major cause of mortality and healthcare expenditure. Whole body periodic acceleration (pGz) is the repetitive motion of the body in the head to foot axis using a motion platform. pGz induces pulsatile shear stress to the vascular endothelium, which increases constitutive nitric oxide, prostacyclin, and adrenomedullin, all which stabilize endothelial cellular junctions and are cytoprotective. We hypothesized that treatment with pGz prior to sepsis, would reduce mortality in mice given a lethal...

Archive of International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition & Health, Vol 5, No 1 (2017): Paris Redox 2017 World congress abstracts archive

International Society Of Antioxidants In Nutrition & Health
This volume 5 (issue 1) is contains all extended abstracts published for Paris Redox World Congress 2017 which was be held in Paris, France, from June 26 to June 27, 2017. Conference site: http://www.isanh.net

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