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Upper-Rhine Graben Geothermal Network


San Bernardino Basin (USGS) - Jan 2017 nodal deployment

Patricia Persaud

WIsconsin, new Zealand, And Rpi Deployment, Deep Fault Drilling Project

John Townend Cliff Thurber

Large -n Seismic Survey in Oklahoma

Elizabeth S Cochran Sara L. Dougherty

Southern Great Basin Network

University Of Nevada (UNR Reno)

Collaborative Research: East Antarctic Outlet Glacier Dynamics

Paul Winberry


Michelle Salmon & Brian Kennet
As part of a wider AuScope project 35 short-period (Lennartz 3D-Lite MkII) seismometers were deployed across the Gawler Craton in South Australia. Station spacing was approximately 60 km and covers the area of over 118000 square km encompassing the Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, Stuart Shelf and Torrens Hinge zone. Stations recorded continuous three component data for a period of 6-8 months. The instruments are capable of recording data from both local and distant earthquakes. The...

Retreating-Trench, Extension, and Accretion LTectonics: A Multidisciplinary Study of the Northern Apennines

Vadim Levin



Mount Erebus Observatory

Philip Kyle Rick Aster

Seismic Experiment Active Caribbean Andesitic Lava Island Perscison Seismio-Geodetic Observatory

Barry Voight Eylon Shalev

Mapping the Rivera Subduction Zone

Jim Ni Steve Grand

IPY POLENET-Antarctica: Investigating links between geodynamics and ice sheets

Andy Nyblade Douglas Wiens

West Bohemia Local Seismic Network

Academy Of Sciences Of The Czech Republic Institute Of Geophysics

Seismicity of East Coast Submarine Landslides

John A. Collins Jeffrey J. McGuire

COOL (Crust of the Oman Ophiolite and its Lithosphere) seismic network

Philippe Agard Christian Weidle

Southern Alps microearthquake Borehole Array- part 2

Tim Stern, Carolin Boese, Calum J Chamberlain, Konstantinos Michailos & John Townend
We have installed Passcal instrumentation at four sites in addition to the SAMBA borehole array or 10 seismometers in New Zealand's Southern Alps. These data have allowed for detailed microseismicity studies in the region of the Alpine Fault. The 4 further sites have provided data to help us better locate and study the tremor under the Alps.

Romanian Seismic Network

National Institute For Earth Physics (NIEP Romania)

2009 Malawi Earthquake RAMP Response

Donna Shillington Jim Gaherty

Arizona Broadband Seismic Network

Arizona Geological Survey

Nanometrics Research Network

Nanometrics Seismological Instruments

Tomography Under Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Karen M. Fischer Geoffrey A. Abers

Deep crustal structure of the northernmost Basin and Range and its relation to extensional faulting

Kate Miller Joseph Colgan

Prince Islands Real-time Earthquake monitoring System (PIRES)

BU-Kandilli GFZ Potsdam

Geothermal Exploration Arkansas Valley

Mike Batzle Kasper Van_Wijk

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