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Community, Arts, and Environmental Setting of Fly Geyser, Nevada

John Louie & Ronald Breitmeyer
To investigate the environmental and hydrologic setting of the much visited and photographed human-induced Fly Geyser, an Applied Geophysics class will conduct seismic reflection, refraction, ReMi, and deep ReMi surveys of Hualapai Playa, adjacent to the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada. The area is owned by the Burning Man arts and cultural foundation, and they desire that participants and artists develop a deeper understanding of the geyser, including its geological and hydrological underpinnings. The...

Surface-wave characterization of the SHOAL nuclear blast cavity and rubble chimney

John Louie
In 1963 the 15 kT SHOAL nuclear detonation east of Fallon, NV blasted a cavity 25 m in radius at 400 m depth in hard granite. A few months after the blast, drilling found the top of the rubble collapse chimney at 250 m depth. The 2018 Applied Geophysics course at the University of Nevada, Reno will conduct geophysical surveys over the SHOAL ground zero to attempt to identify the blast cavity and rubble chimney...

Yosemite Valley Deep Refraction Microtremor

John Louie
A Univ. of Nevada Applied Geophysics class will install four to eight 30-element refraction microtremor arrays 1 to 10 km long on the floor of Yosemite Valley, California. Recording of microtremor noise such as traffic will take place during daylight hours between March 19 and 22, 2017. The shear-velocity cross sections resulting from interpretation by the students will show the depth to basement and constrain the geometry of the aquifer below the Valley, informing water-supply,...

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