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Tomography Under Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Karen M. Fischer Geoffrey A. Abers

Geometrics Atoms 1-/3-C & Other Instruments Comparisons

Alan Yong
An initial plan to demo of the Geometrics Atoms 3Cs by Koichi Hayashi has evolved to an opportunity to informally compare records from the Geometrics Atoms (with 1C & 3C receivers: 1 Hz?), Geometrics MT-Neo, current- & older-generation Trominos, & the USGS Trillium120/RT130. I”m crossing my fingers (& toes) as I have asked IRIS-PASSCAL to send a Fairfield 3C Nodal, which if luck holds, is expected to arrive on Friday before 8:30 a.m.

Ocean Seismic Network Exp.

Ralph Stephen John A. Collins


Red Sismica Volcan Baru

ITSAK Strong Motion Network

(ITSAK) Institute Of Engineering Seimology Earthquake Engineering

Czech Regional Seismic Network

Academy Of Sciences Of The Czech Republic Institute Of Geophysics

PSLNET, permanent seismic network operated by the University of Patras, Greece

Geology Department University Of Patras

Cascadia Initiative

Anne Trehu


Institute Of Physics Of The Earth Masaryk University (Czech)


Michelle Salmon
As part of a wider AuScope project 35 short-period (Lennartz 3D-Lite MkII) seismometers were deployed across the Curnamona Craton in South Australia. Station spacing was approximately 60 km and covers the area of over 100000 square km encompassing the Curnamona Craton and the Adelaide Geosyncline. Stations recorded continuous three component data for a period of 6-8 months. The instruments are capable of recording data from both local and distant earthquakes. The primary aim of this...

2016 Pedernales Earthquake Aftershock Deployment Ecuador

Anne Meltzer & Susan Beck
RAMP deployment to record aftershocks in the wake of the April 16 2016 Pedernales earthquake in the subsection zone offshore Ecuador.

Central Mongolia Seismic Experiment

Anne Meltzer
112-station temporary regional broadband network deployed in two phases in Central Mongolia to determine lithospheric and upper mantle structure. From 2012-2014 a 72-station network was deployed across the Hangay dome in central Mongolia. From 2014-1026 a 26 station network was deployed around the Lake Khövsgöl and a 14 station network was deployed in the Gobi-Altai.

Taku Glacier

Timothy Bartholomaus Jason Amundson

Side Edge of Kamchatka Subduction

Vadim Levin

Seismicity of East Coast Submarine Landslides

John A. Collins Jeffrey J. McGuire

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