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INL Seismic Monitoring Program

Idaho National Laboratory
The INL Seismic Monitoring Program provides earthquake data and staff expertise in support of requirements set forth by Presidential executive orders, Department of Energy (DOE) directives, orders and standards, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for seismic safety of workers and the public with regard to nuclear related operations at INL. The program supports safety of operations through continuous monitoring of earthquake activity, the development of INL seismic design criteria, assessments of seismic hazards for existing...

SIR-MIUR Project INSIEME - broadband seismic network in Val d'Agri (southern Italy)

Tony Alfredo Stabile
The aim and scope of the experimental temporary seismic network is to study the natural and the induced/triggered seismicity in Val d'Agri (southern Italy). The seismic network is composed by 8 stations. Six stations are equipped with 20s-100Hz broadband sensors installed at 6 m depth. Two stations are equipped with 120s-100Hz broadband sensors installed at 50 m depth. The sampling frequency is 250 Hz.

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  • 2016

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