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Site Effect on Portoviejo City, Ecuador

Pablo Palacios Hugo Yepes

Austrian Seismic Network

ZAMG-Zentralanstalt Für Meterologie Und Geodynamik

Source Physics Experiment Phase 1 Large-N Array

Catherine Snelson Ting Chen

UEA STAK project

University Of East Anglia Jessica Johnson


Marc Regnier Gabriela Ponce

Hole 1256D VSP

Ralph Stephen


Mario Ruiz Andrea Cordova

ITSAK Strong Motion Network

(ITSAK) Institute Of Engineering Seimology Earthquake Engineering


Michelle Salmon
As part of a wider AuScope project 35 short-period (Lennartz 3D-Lite MkII) seismometers were deployed across the Curnamona Craton in South Australia. Station spacing was approximately 60 km and covers the area of over 100000 square km encompassing the Curnamona Craton and the Adelaide Geosyncline. Stations recorded continuous three component data for a period of 6-8 months. The instruments are capable of recording data from both local and distant earthquakes. The primary aim of this...

Rattlesnake Ridge 2018

Amanda Thomas

Servicio Sismologico IN3, UMG

Servicio Sismologico IN3

Large -n Seismic Survey in Oklahoma

Elizabeth S Cochran Sara L. Dougherty

Eritrea Seismic Project

Berhe Goitom James Hammond

Fort Boise passive seismic water-recharge monitoring experiment

Zongbo Xu Dylan Mikesell

EUROSEISTEST Strong Motion Network

Research Unit Of Soil Dynamics

Seismo Acoustic Study of Rocket Launches from Kennedy Space Center

Jochen Braunmiller Glenn Thompson

Red Sismologica Nacional

Universidad De Chile

Los Angeles Basin Seismic Experiment

Patricia Persaud


James O.S. Hammond Derek Keir

Marine Observations of Anisotropy near Aotearoa

Anne Sheehan John Collins

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