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Gender differences in AMPK activation in the heart and white quadriceps muscle following exercise training in mice

Matthew Peterson
AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) mediates glucose uptake through expression of GLUT-4 on cell membranes and its use as a fuel, thus preventing injury and apoptosis. Mice were randomly assigned to be trained (T), sedentary and resting (SR), or sedentary and exercised to exhaustion (SE) immediately prior to sacrifice. Samples were taken from the heart and quadriceps. Males had higher activation of AMPK among all groups in the heart. TE groups had higher activation than SR...

Study of the Niobrara Formation in the Borie Field

Abdulaziz Muhanna Alhubil, David Scadden, Joe Lawson, Rachael Molyneux & Gabrijel Grubac
The Niobrara formation has been a promising area of interest for exploration and drilling in the last few years. As technology has reached a point where producing from shales is both possible and profitable, this study looked at the Borie Field as an example for the Niobrara within Wyoming. By looking at log data for a series of wells, maps for formation thickness, porosity and water saturation are created and a range for oil in...

Fear or Safety? How the United States Ordnance has Evolved Warfare and Society

Jade Schmitt
The United States has been in conflict to a degree since its establishment in 1776. During that time there have been numerous developments in weapons, technology, and intelligence all aimed at maintaining a power advantage over our enemies. The United States Ordnance Corps continues to develop weapons that change the warfare tactics and strategies used against America's enemies. When the development of new ordnance is authorized on the battlefield, they prompt new tactics, techniques and...

Life on the rocks: A portrait of the American Mountain Goat

Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith’s three years studying and photographing mountain goats in Montana’s Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area began a 40-year fascination with our continent’s premier mountaineer. In a beautiful and informative presentation, Bruce will provide a continental perspective of the animal’s life and ongoing conservation challenges across the West’s great mountain ranges. As a charismatic exemplar of the alpine ecosystem, the mountain goat illustrates how the rules of survival are changing for a biological community that lives on...

Methanol to Aromatics

Gabrianna Ruskowsky
Methanol is a compound containing one carbon, three hydrogens, and one hydroxyl-group, or an oxygen-hydrogen group. Due to the single carbon, also known as the methyl-group, methanol can be used to build up other, larger carbon chains ranging from a two carbon chain to an eight carbon chain or larger. Using a special type of catalyst called a zeolite, these carbon chains can be built up and can form rings, or what are referred to...

Enhanced Oil Recovery Planning for the Luckey Ditch Field

Blake Robinson, Rebecca Roskowski, Christopher Siebert, Hamilton Smith & Whitney Smith
This project has been prepared by Team 5 to satisfy the requirements of the Petroleum Engineering Senior Design course. The design plan will be described for the Luckey Ditch Field in southwestern Wyoming, which will undergo an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) simulation of this team's design. The problem statement given to the team required the selection of a field in the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) database with appropriate data to characterize the reservoir. Additionally,...

Glycerol to 1,3-Propanediol Through Anaerobic Fermentation

Rex Bagley, Christian McWorkman, Spencer Nelson & Graham Wallace
1,3-Propanediol (1,3-PDO) is a common building block for some of the most widely used polymers and composite materials. It can also be used to make adhesives, sealants, laminates, coatings, paints, perfumes, fragrances, personal care products and laboratory-scale chemicals. Due to the increase in bio-diesel production, Glycerol-a byproduct of this process-is available in excess. Because of this excessive amount of Glycerol in the chemical marketplace, the price of Glycerol has subsequently dropped by a significant amount....

Bionanotechnology as a Novel Treatment for Brain Tumors

Claire Korpela
Glioma brain tumors account for 49% of all primary brain tumors in the US every year and greater than 60% of all gliomas diagnosed are Glioblastoma Mulitforme (GBM). Patients with GM have an average survival time of 15 months after diagnosis with treatment. After recurrence, the survival period is only three to five months. The current treatment method for GM patients is to use a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy delivered to the tumor...

Dialogue and Design: Teaching Shelley's Frankenstein

Derek Peil
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein presents many challenges to Junior and Senior high school students in terms of its intricate plot, diction, and frequent allusions to other works of literature. Through focusing on three critical stages in the instructional process (planning, delivery, and assessment), I present the ways in which research principles intersect with practice to help students overcome conceptual barriers, as documented in my edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) – the capstone project in the Department of...

Analysis of Archean Quartzite, Granite Mountains, Wyoming

Christopher Shelton
The Granite Mountains contain a narrow belt of Paleoarchean and Mesoarchean crust that extends approximately 70km east-west across central Wyoming. This belt is referred to as the Sacawee block and is composed of granitic and tonalitic orthogneisses and supracrustal rock including pelitic schists and quartzites. For this project 18 quartzite samples were collected from various locations within the Sacawee block. Quartzite samples were chosen due to a blue hue in hand sample. Once the samples...

Dental and Oral Health in Wyoming

Young Wang
Oral health is a global issue that affects every living person. The mouth can be considered the beginning of overall health since all ingested foods must first go through the mouth, except in very unique circumstances. Oral health does not operate in a vacuum. It is interconnected with many different aspects of life, such as chronic diseases, the quality of life, and other social factors. This holds true for even the least populated state in...

Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG)

Bhagya Gunatilleke, Chris Robinson, Sarah Scott, Andrew Arambel & Dhari Alotaibi
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an efficient and effective method of transporting natural gas overseas. There is an abundance of natural gas in the United States that can be processed and exported. The LNG process involves removing acid gas components, a demethanizer, and nitrogen removal to meet specifications. The LNG product is cooled to -261°F for the natural gas to stay in liquid form. By liquefying the natural gas the volume of the gas is...

Empowering Women: An Analysis of Language and Autonomy

Sara O'Donnell
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy and The Purple Line by Priyamvada Purushotham are both contemporary novels written by Indian women that examine the lives and experiences of the female Indian characters they create. Both of these novels represent a response to the silencing of subaltern, marginalized voices because of colonialism. The purpose of the study is to identify the ways in which women respond to subjugation and continued oppression in India because...

Transnationalism of Mediated Communication Analyzing The Overlapping Matrices of Cultural Influence Intersections of Laramie, Wyoming & Its Connection To The Greater World, The

Sven Lundell
The purpose of this study is to investigate the literary and communicative trends that go a step beyond colonialism within Laramie, Wyoming to develop a greater understanding of how the world has adapted its mediated communicative needs. There is a deep and rich history within the city of Laramie from the early development of the railroad onwards. The developments and global standards reflected within Laramie, Wyoming reflect a vivid history of the development of mediated...

Lattice-points enumeration in polytopes: study of the coefficients of the Ehrhart quasi-polynomial

Helene Rochais
A very important problem in discrete geometry is counting points with integer-coordinates (also called "lattice-points") in polytopes. A polytope is a geometric shape that is the smallest convex set containing the vertices defining the polytope. For instance, in two dimensions, a polytope would simply be a convex polygon. Lattice-point enumeration has applications in a lot of different areas of mathematics, including combinatorics and operations research. Our goal is to study the function that counts the...

Sage, Speed, and Steel: The Dynamic Interplay between Sagebrush, Pronghorn, and Natural Gas Development

Patrick A. Rodgers & Maggie Bourque
The pronghorn (Antilocapra Americana) has long been an icon of the American West and a major presence in western ecosystems. Its primary home biome, the sagebrush steppe, is host to a gamut of environmental and anthropogenic factors that have significant observable and potential impacts on pronghorn ecology. Among these are vegetation cover and type, food sources and availability, and the abiotic growing presence of energy development. I studied the relationship between pronghorn and sagebrush (Artemisia...

Prevalence of Secondary Traumatic Stress in PrimaryCaregivers of Children in the Wyoming Foster Care System

Michaela Tratos
Secondary traumatic stress is a subject that has been researched in medical and social work professions immensely. One specific area of interest has been in the effects of working with foster care children on clinical professionals. Although many studies have found high levels of self-reported secondary trauma in case workers and therapists who work with foster children, prevalence rates of secondary traumatic stress in primary caregivers of foster children have not been determined. However, as...

Strategies in the Game F-Saturator

Roy Oursler
In mathematics, a graph is a set of vertices and a set of edges which connect pairs of vertices. A subgraph is graph that is a subset of vertices of a graph and a subset of the edges connecting those vertices. Some example graphs can be made drawing dots (vertices) on a piece of paper and drawing lines (edges) between those dots. Let F be a graph. The game F-Saturator is played by two players...

Linking Neuroanatomy to the Performance of Learned Behaviors: An Investigation of the Neural Basis of Disordered Vocal Performance

David A. Wilson
Experience-driven changes in brain structure are the essence of the learning, and learning is the basis of nearly every form of human behavior. For example, through the experience of hearing and rehearsing music to learn an instrument, sensory and motor pathways are built, refined and preserved as a novice becomes an expert. Those processes also underlie how we learn the sounds we use to communicate using speech: we gradually become expert in imitating the sounds...

2012 Moonbuggy Senior Design Project

Davis Fay, Alisa Frohbieter, Lesley Young & Ryan Williams
The National Aeronautic Space Administration, NASA, holds an annual student design competition in Huntsville, Alabama called the Great Moonbuggy Race. Students are required to design and build a vehicle that focus on a series of engineering problems similar to those faced by the original Moonbuggy team. The vehicles are raced by two students, one male and one female, around a course including simulated moon terrain. This senior design project includes the complete design of a...

Raman Dye Library for Multiplex Bioassay

Sharlee Mahoney
A surface enhance Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy reference library was created for over ten Raman active dyes. Dye concentrations ranging from 1 mM to 1 pM were studied using a 785 nm wavelength Raman spectrometer, and the unique Raman spectra were recorded. Surface enhancement was achieved by adsorbing the dye molecules to 60 nm gold particles and the characteristics peaks were identified for each of the Raman active dyes. The dye library has aided with...

Implementation of Organosolv Pretreatment Into a Cellulosic Ethanol Plant, The

Alyssa Hughes, Neil Neuberge & Shuai Tan
In recent years an emphasis has been placed on the research and development of new technologies for the production of fuel and energy alternatives. One alternative is the production of ethanol from biomass. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has constructed a feasible computer simulated model for an industrial ethanol plant that has the cap abilities to produce fuel grade ethanol from corn-stover. Our project aims to optimize the NREL plant model through the implementation...

Impact of diet reduction in obese ewes during early pregnancy on placentomal type and cotyledonary vascularity in the ewe

Tori Walsh
An ovine model of over-nutrition during pregnancy is currently in development at the Center for the Study of Fetal Programming at the University of Wyoming. In 2007, an estimated 54.5% of women of childbearing age (20-39 years) are overweight or obese. This model examines the effects of maternal obesity on the health and lifespan of the offspring. Sheep were used to examine these health risks and effects, as fetal development sheep and humans is similar....

Plugging Ruby 43-15-4674BG With Bentonite

Eid Mubarak N. Al Hajri, Peter Lemke, Allan Tainsh, Shawn David Cody & Yao Yao
The conventional method for plugging and abandonment of coal bed methane wells utilizes concrete which is pumped down the well casing and sets to form a permanent plug. An alternative method for plugging wells is to replace concrete with bentonite. The benefits of using bentonite as a replacement for concrete include lower material costs, no need for specialized pumping equipment, as well as the flexibility and self-healing capabilities of hydrated bentonite. One issue encountered with...

Multi Object Tracker via G.P.S. through Wireless Communication

Jeremy Siedschlag & Jonathan Stackhouse
In Woodsball, a variant of paintball, players form teams and attempt to accomplish various objectives while in the middle of wooded areas. Since the area of play can be vast, team members have the potential to get lost or take a suboptimal route that leads them the longer way to an objective, thus making it hard for strategies to be executed properly. This can be avoided if every team member knows where each other is...

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