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Infiltration modeling breakthrough

Fred L. Ogden
We developed an efficient solution method to the one-dimensional partial differential equation (PDE) for unsaturated porous media flow attributed to Richards [1931]. Our solution is a set of three ODE's that was derived by starting from the same equations used to derive Richards' [1931] PDE. We used a change of dependent variable hodograph transformation, employed a finite water-content discretization and the Method of Lines to produce an ODE, which in its various forms accurately simulate...

Simulated coastal river otter movement data for Prince William Sound, AK.

Shannon E. Albeke
Simulated coastal river otter movement data for Prince William Sound, AK. These data are the raw values associated with the PLoS ONE publication titled: “Modeling behavior by coastal river otter (Lontra canadensis) in response to prey availability in Prince William Sound, Alaska: a spatially-explicit individual-based approach”. Within the zipped file you will find 20 tab-delimited text files containing the raw simulated data, 1 Excel spreadsheet describing the content with each data table, 1 PDF describing...

Seismic and Resistivity Data for Boulder Creek CZO, Colorado, Calhoun, CZO, South Carolina, and Pond Branch, Maryland

James St. Clair
These are the raw seismic and electrical resistivity data presented in the publication "Geophysical imaging reveals topographic stress control of bedrock weathering." There is one directory for each site and within each directory there is an excel spreadsheet describing the relation of the files to their associated geophysical transects. The raw data are stored in the subdirectories "Seismic" and "Resistivity."

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