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Signalling adaptor TRAF1 modulation, as a therapeutic target, to restore HCV-specific cytotoxic T cell response reactivity during chronic infection

Juan-Ramón Larrubia & Elia Moreno-Cubero
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) worldwide infects around 170 million people. Two thirds of primo-infections develop a chronic disease that could lead to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. This infection can be cured with direct acting anti-virals (DAA) but there are still difficult to treat cases relapsing after treatment, in which immunotherapy could play a role in curation. A successful immune response against HCV depends on virus-specific CD8+ T cells. During chronic infection, these cells are functionally...

A Python program to reduce electrical networks

Pablo Ledesma Larrea
Modern transmission networks may contain tens of thousands of busbars. Joint studies involving transmission and distribution grids pose the problem of large size of the resulting system, which may make them unmanageable. This work presents a program that reduces an electrical network, keeping only those busbars where electrical energy resources are connected. The program is written in Python and can be executed by a free-software interpreter. It can by applied to distribution networks to obtain...

An ecosystem services approach to the ecological effects of salvage logging: valuation of seed dispersal

Alexandro B. Leverkus & Jorge Castro
Data used to calculate the replacement cost of the natural regeneration of the Holm oak under three post-fire management scenarios in Leverkus and Castro (Ecological Applications, 2017). The data consist of a) the densities of natural regeneration in each replicate of the three treatments (“Seedling densities"), and b) the cost of reforestation with Holm oaks (“Reforestation cost data”). The calculation of the average values presented in the manuscript is reproduced in “Table 1” (for the...

Experiment STAbility of liquid COlumns (STACO) on the Advanced Fluid Physics Module (FPM) aboard Spacelab-D2

Isidoro Martínez Herranz, José Manuel Perales Perales, José Meseguer Ruiz & Ulrich Walter
During the second German Mission of Spacelab (1993, Spacelab D-2) an experiment on the mechanical stability of liquid columns was performed. A liquid column is a liquid mass held between to solid (circular) supports. A 30 mm in diameter and 90 mm long liquid drop was stablished in the Advanced Fluid Physics Module (AFPM) and was subjected to different mechanical stimuli (rotation of the supports, oscillation of one of the supports, change in volume and...

Transient Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow GAMS model generator on Python

Pablo Ledesma Larrea
Transient Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow (TSCOPF) is a nonlinear optimization problem used to perform economic dispatches while ensuring transient stability. This paper proposes a multi-contingency TSCOPF model that retains the dynamics of all generators and includes a transient synchronous generator dq-axis model. Program write_tscopf.py automatically reads the system data from standard PSSE raw files, builds the TSCOPF model tscopf.gms on high-level modelling system GAMS and solves it using a non-heuristic Interior Point algorithm. This...

Informe sobre calidad de las revistas en el área de Comunicación. Versión 2015

Lola Santonja & Inmaculada Muro
El objetivo de este informe es establecer un listado de las revistas más valoradas en los diferentes sistemas de evaluación de calidad, nacionales e internacionales. Se trata de comparar los grupos de revistas que obtienen las máximas puntuaciones en cada uno de ellos para establecer los títulos coincidentes. Aunque el resultado puede dejar fuera revistas importantes consideradas individualmente, el consenso refuerza la valoración positiva del grupo resultante. Este sistema entraña no obstante algunas dificultades, por...

Prices and real wages in seventeenth-century Madrid

José Ignacio Andrés Ucendo & Ramón Lanza García
Datos de investigación generados por José Ignacio Andrés Ucendo (Universidad del País Vasco) y Ramón Lanza García (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) y utilizados en la elaboración del artículo "Prices and real wages in seventeeth-century in Madrid" que se ha publicado en la revista Economic Historic Review 67.3 (2014): 607-626

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